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Catawba Participates in 2015 Salisbury Sculpture Show

March 20, 2015

Category: Events

"Creatures of the Sky Arch II" by Jim Gallucci

 "Cubes in Motion" by Hannah Jubran

Catawba, along with the three other higher education institutions in Salisbury, is participating in the 2015 Salisbury Sculpture Show thanks to generous donor gifts. This is the seventh year of the Salisbury Sculpture Show, but the first year that Catawba has participated.

In all, 19 sculptures are installed as part of the show in the Salisbury downtown and on the higher education institutions' campuses within the city. These sculptures will be on display from March 2015 through January 2016.

At Catawba, four of the 19 sculptures are located on the Chapel side of the campus so visitors can see all four within a short walking distance. This side of Catawba's campus also gets the majority of the visitors' traffic.

These four sculptures include "Cube in Motion" by Hanna Jubran; "Creatures of the Sky Arch II" by Jim Gallucci; "Dancing Milkweed V" by David Boyajian; and "Fighting for Alpha" by Todd Frahm.

Catawba President Brien Lewis said Catawba's participation this year in the Salisbury Sculpture Show is "a way to be more robustly involved in the life of the community and as a way to move us toward fully realizing another goal outlined in Catawba's strategic plan."

Lewis explained that Catawba's strategic plan calls for the college to develop opportunities "to display and incorporate public art on our campus." He added that if these temporary installations prove successful, the college "may be able to continue participating in the community sculpture program in subsequent years."