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Catawba President Asks Trustees to "Dream for Us"

October 23, 2008

Category: Staff

TurnerCatawba College's President, Dr. Craig Turner, asked college trustees to "dream for us" during remarks he made at that group's semi-annual meeting held October 20 and 21 on campus. The meeting marked Turner's first official one with trustees since joining the institution as its 21st president on June 1.

He said, "I came to Catawba College full of hope and enthusiasm and when I retire from Catawba, I want to leave with hope, enthusiasm and satisfaction."

Turner queried trustees: "What is your dream for Catawba College?" and then encouraged them to commit one hour each week just to dreaming for the institution about "what we can do to make it reach its full potential."

He noted four key areas, which he called "simple and straightforward," that the institution needs to focus on over the next five years.  These included financial stability, increasing and stabilizing enrollment, improving faculty salaries and faculty development opportunities, and improving the college's marketing efforts.

Turner said the board of trustees is the group which "sets policy to guide the direction of the institution." He likened his charge to the board to Walt Disney's charge to his Imagineers when Disney asked them to 1) free up your imagination; 1) have sticktuitivity; 3) make today pay off tomorrow; 4) build for lasting quality; and 5) have fun.