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Catawba President Brien Lewis Statement on Facebook Page Calling for Rescinding of Honorary Degree – April 1, 2016

April 01, 2016

Category: Academics, Alumni

seal-embossed.pngWe have received several comments and messages from alumni and friends of the College since the passage of HB2, some of which have urged the College to rescind the honorary degree awarded to then-Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory in 2001.  To the best of our current knowledge, there has never been an instance of the college rescinding an honorary degree, nor have there been requests for the College to rescind an honorary degree.  We are taking these concerns and this conversation under advisement to look at what process, if any, would be appropriate and under what situation it would be appropriate for the College to rescind an honorary degree.

One of the wonderful things about being part of a learning community and a marketplace of ideas is that we can all share in civil discourse and conversations even on matters where there are strongly held opposing views and principles.