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Catawba Professor Completes Consultation Project with Macmillan Publishers

January 13, 2015

Category: Academics, Faculty, Mathematics

PaulBaker.jpgDr. Paul Baker, a Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Catawba College, recently completed a six-month consultation project with Macmillan Publishers.

In conjunction with Stephen Kokoska’s new edition of Introductory Statistics, Baker developed an extensive question-and-answer data bank for each of the textbook’s 14 chapters. The questions and answers will be made available to professors who adopt the book and can be presented to students using PowerPoints as well as through the new “Clicker” technology.

Baker commented, “My 40 years of teaching introductory statistics (33 of those years at Catawba College) greatly helped me in developing the data bank. However, ensuring that italicization and other formatting features were consistent with the book was a new experience for me. Even more demanding were the requirements that the questions and explanations match the wording style of the book.

“The project was more complex than I at first imagined. I learned a lot, and there’s satisfaction in knowing that the project will be used by students all over the country. There’s also a great sense of relief that the project is completed!”