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Catawba Professor Teaches Theatre Movement Workshop in Germany

November 15, 2015

Category: Academics, Faculty, Theatre Arts



Meredith Fox, an assistant professor of Musical Theatre & Dance at Catawba College, recently returned from teaching a two-week theatre movement workshop in Lennep, Germany. Fox was invited by Creatively Independent and taught alongside that organization's education director, Chris Beaulieu, at Rotationstheater in Lennep.

Fox had performed with Creatively Independent a year and a half ago in a physical theatre adaption of Shakepeare's Henry V, which toured to Rotationstheater for three weeks. She described that experience as "a very positive collaboration."  When Creatively Independent was invited to return to Rotationstheater to teach various theatre movement styles this October, the company asked Fox to join them.

Beaulieu and Fox collaborated in teaching general theatre movement. Individually, Fox taught mask styles, while Beaulieu taught stage combat. Fox said it was a pleasure "to teach some of the mask skills I had acquired in grad school." 


While in Germany, Fox and performers from Creatively Independent were also able to participate in an additional workshop in German Expressionist Tanztheater (Dance-Theatre) taught by a former Pina Bausch company dancer, Chrystel Guillebeaud. Fox said that opportunity was "exciting" for her as a dancer and choreographer.