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Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts Demonstration and Class Sign-Up

May 12, 2009

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Have you ever thought about taking a Martial Arts class? Now is your time to receive course credit while learning the art of Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts.

Mooresville High School is the first and only known high school in the United States to offer a martial arts class for course credit.

Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts ClassChayon-Ryu, "The Natural Way," is a scientific method of teaching martial arts. This system teaches natural body motion as the basis of all techniques found within each of its parent styles. Its purpose is to help you become confident, strong, and independent while defeating the modern day enemies which are internal rather than external. While taking Chayon-Ryu, you will learn character education and gain self-confidence. Chayon-Ryu is a Martial Art that you will carry throughout your life.

Grandmaster Kim SooOn May 22, 2009, there will be a Martial Arts Demonstration at 1:30 p.m. in the Mooresville High School Gymnasium. Grandmaster Kim Soo, the founder of Chayon-Ryu and the youngest 10th degree Black Belt in the world (10th degree is the highest rank) will be here arriving from Houston, Texas where the Chayon-Ryu International Headquarters is located. Also in attendance will be Master David Mitchell (7th degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor in North Carolina), Master John Stephens (6th degree Black Belt), Mr. Robert McClain (4th degree Black Belt), students from Kim Soo Karate of North Carolina, and students from Mooresville High School Chayon-Ryu. Master Stephens and Mr. McClain will be flying in from Texas with Grandmaster Kim Soo to share Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts.

Why is this unique? When is the last time you saw a Grandmaster come to this area to share their knowledge? Grandmaster Kim Soo is known worldwide and is one of the most respected martial artists in the world. Since earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Russian Languages and Literature, Grandmaster Kim Soo founded the karate club at Kon Kuk University and the Korean Taekwon Karate Academy in Seoul, Korea; taught the bodyguards of former Republic of Korea President Syng Man Rhee, members of the Korean Military Intelligence Agency, and personnel of the United States Armed Forces.

Master David MitchellIn addition, Grandmaster Kim Soo has received many honors over the last 40 years. He was selected to be the Taekwondo Coordinator for the 1986 Olympic Festival in Houston, Texas. In 1990, he was named "Best Karate Instructor" in Houston in a three-county Reader's Poll in The Houston Press. He has repeatedly been named Summa Cum Laude Professor by the students at Rice University, an honor presented to outstanding faculty members at this prestigious school. On the 20th anniversary of his arrival in America, Houston Mayor Kathryn J. Whitmire proclaimed January 16, 1988, as "Grandmaster Kim Soo Day" in recognition of his service as an outstanding teacher, community leader, and businessman. Also, in August 1993, President Bill Clinton sent a personal letter from the White House commending Chayon-Ryu and its founder.

For additional information about Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts, please go to or see Mr. JD Haglan (2nd degree Black Belt Instructor for this class) in the Counseling Office at Mooresville High School. If you are interested in this class, please sign up during registration and mark the date of the demonstration on your calendar — May 22, 2009 at 1:30 p.m. in the MHS Gymnasium.

Former Catawba College President, Dr. Robert Knott, helped establish the first Chayon Ryu martial arts classes in the region on the Catawba College campus when he was provost at the College in 1984. He felt the Chayon Ryu system's art and philosophy would be a good fit with the educational mission of the institution. Today, those martial arts classes continue to be offered at Catawba. For additional information about the classes in Salisbury, contact David Mitchell at (704) 636-8809 or by e-mail at


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