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College Employees Help Beautify Catawba’s Campus

July 14, 2015

Category: Events, Faculty, Staff

image1.JPGThe Catawba College Department of Facilities sponsored Faculty/Staff Beautification Day on Friday, July 10. College employees joined forces to work on a number of landscaping and special projects to further beautify Catawba's campus.

Faculty and staff members worked the landscape in and around the Abernethy Village residence halls, pruning, trimming, raising the canopy of trees and pulling weeds. Volunteers also painted bike racks to be used across campus.

Many departments were represented at the beautification day event, which included a picnic for the participants. This year marked the revival of the program, which will again become an annual event.

Participants included: Jenny Cannon, Barry Sang, Ken Clapp, John Zerger, Andie Overbeck, Karen Lucas, Margaret Stahr, Margaret Faust, Cari Price, Christine Walden, Cierra Bailey, Tim Cunius, Vickie Poole, Bill Kluttz, and Kenan Foster.