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Give New, Undesignated Gifts to Catawba before March 15 and Get a 2-to-1 Match

February 17, 2010

Category: Alumni

We Made It
We took advantage of an anonymous donor's offer to match every new, undesignated dollar
raised for the two-to-one matching challenge up to $1,000,000. And we did it by March 15th!

Over 500 donors — alumni, trustees, faculty, staff and friends —
contributed to meet the challenge! Thank you!



Maximize Your Gift
2 to 1 Match ChallengeAn anonymous donor hopes to help Catawba College with a two-to-one matching challenge of up to $1,000,000 for all new, undesignated gifts.

College trustees gathered for their annual meeting learned of the donor's generous offer to match every undesignated dollar raised for the challenge between now and March 15 with a two-to-one match. Undesignated funds made toward the challenge and raised after March 15 and through May 31, the end of the College's fiscal year, will be matched by the donor on a one-to-one basis.

2 to 1 matchAn enthusiastic Ron Smith, who chairs the Trustees' Development Committee, announced the matching challenge at the meeting. To make a point of how quickly dollars raised and matched could accumulate, Smith and other members serving on the Development Committee pooled their "coffee money" and presented it to College President Craig Turner. The $1,000 coffee fund actually translates into $3,000, Smith said, thanks to the donor's matching challenge. Smith encouraged his fellow trustees to make contributions of their own before March 15 so the college can take full advantage of the donor's offer.

Before March 15"This is a wonderful opportunity for alumni and friends of the college to put their gifts to work," explained Senior Vice President Tom Childress. "If they had planned to make a gift to Catawba in the near future, we encourage them to make it before March 15. Every dollar raised helps Catawba free up more of its funds to help provide scholarship assistance and additional services for our students."

Childress encouraged those wanting to make a gift to Catawba during the challenge period to do so online at the secure College giving site or to send their checks made payable to Catawba College to 2300 W. Innes Street, Salisbury, NC 28144. When making your undesignated gift, please specify "2 to 1".

  (Secure, online giving)



Alfieri"If scholarships had not been available to me when I entered Catawba four years ago, I might not have been able to attend. Thanks to scholarships, I am now enjoying my senior year at Catawba and can look back on a college career with pride and a sense of accomplishment rather than being worried about my student debt. Those of you who give to Catawba do it because you want current and future students to be able to enjoy the personal attention and the Catawba experience like you once did. Thank you from all of the students here at Catawba!
Hamilton"I have plans and goals for my future, and my experiences at Catawba are helping me learn what I need to know so that I can make my plans a reality. I'm so glad I have the opportunity to attend Catawba. Most of us students wouldn't be here without scholarship support! When you support Catawba, you're helping provide students with an education that helps us develop our individual abilities so that when we graduate, we're prepared to go out and make a positive difference. All of us thank you!"
Flebbe"Scholarships are essential to the way that our student body affords a college education and the scholarships that Catawba offers enable many people the opportunity and privilege of a private liberal arts experience. On behalf of the current student body and the potential future students, I urge you to make a new, undesignated gift to the College so that we can provide the best funding for the students who desire to fill our classrooms, stages, and athletic fields in the future. Your help enhances the school's purpose in guiding our students to their promise!"