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In Memoriam: Robert Gilmore, Honorary Catawba Football Coach

February 19, 2016

Category: Athletics

gilmore15b.jpgCatawba fondly remembers Robert Gilmore, who passed away peacefully on Sunday, Feb. 14.

Gilmore was a senior at Salisbury High School and had been battling cancer for the third time in his life. He served as the Catawba Indians' Honorary Coach on Saturday, Nov. 14, the date on which Catawba  won the South Atlantic Conference victory. Catawba Coach Curtis Walker said Gilmore's presence with the team served as an inspiration that day, noting that his courage and drive to keep going serve as lessons to us all.

The Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education presented its first ever "Courage Award" to Gilmore in July. He was named prom king by his classmates at Salisbury High last spring and served as a manager of his school's football team, the Salisbury High Hornets.

Gilmore is the son of Wendy Baskins and Travis Hairston, but Catawba still considers him one of our own.