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New Digital Sign PromotesEvents on Campus

February 02, 2010

Category: Events

Digital SignThanks to the generosity of a donor, a new digital sign is in place on Catawba College's campus. The sign, located on West Innes Street in front of the Robertson College-Community Center, became operational January 22nd, replacing a fixed sign that had been installed shortly after the College-Community Center opened in 1964.

The new sign can be programmed remotely by computer and uses LED lighting and is therefore more environmentally friendly.  In keeping with City of Salisbury ordinances, the new sign contains text "that does not shimmer, flicker, intensify or move in any direction" and the electronic text display remains "fixed for a minimum of five minutes" before a new message is displayed.

To share information via the fixed sign, a member of Catawba's Conferences staff had to use static letters and numbers to create a single message about an on-campus event.

Digital Sign"We are very pleased with our new capability that allows us to share information about multipleEvents occurring on campus via the digital sign," said Bridgette Gibbs, director of Catawba Conferences Event Planning.


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