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Piedmont Players Celebrates 50 years

February 27, 2012

Category: Faculty, Theatre Arts

by Katie Scarvey,

Three cheers for ignorance.

An early historian and participant of Piedmont Players Theatre, Betty Anne Stanback wrote in a history of the group that the organizers of PPT back in 1961 were "blissful" in their ignorance — unaware of what challenges lay ahead.

But enthusiasm, it seems, has the power to trump ignorance. Now 50, Piedmont Players is a community treasure, an organization that has touched the lives of thousands of people — and transformed the lives of many. It's become one of the finest community theaters anywhere, and it's helped define Salisbury and Rowan County as a place that does more than just pay lip service to the arts.

Ask the people who have chosen to move into our area, the ones who have really looked into the cultural life here, and almost invariably they'll mention Piedmont Players.

"When you reach a point like this, you need to look back," says Hoyt McCachren, one of the early organizers and first board members Piedmont Players. Read more...


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