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Playing for Keeps: Peer to Peer Review

April 26, 2010

Category: Academics, Faculty

Why we should take fun more seriously
by Barbara Fister,

Recently there has been some heated discussion on Collib-L about the use of new social technologies as tools to promote information literacy.

Some librarians argued we should be involved in Twitter, Facebook, Second Life, and other Web 2.0 spaces to stay relevant. Others retorted, more or less, "relevant to what? Do you really think if you squat down in the sandbox and start building a castle, students will get excited about libraries? And are you sure that sandbox is where the students actually are?" And others argued that trying to make libraries playful and fun sends the wrong message: research takes time and persistence. Students need to realize it's hard work.Keith Engwall

Then Keith Engwall, systems librarian at Catawba College, said: "Play can be just as powerful an instruction tool as work."  

That’s a seriously interesting concept.


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