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Poetry of Catawba College Professor Launched and Featured

March 18, 2008

Category: English, Faculty

London's Troubadour ClubNorth Carolina Poet Laureate Kay Byer has selected Dr. Janice Moore Fuller's third poetry collection Séance to feature for the month of March on her segment of the North Carolina Arts Council website. Fuller is Professor of English and Write-in-Residence at Catawba College.

Fuller launched Séance at London's Troubadour Club during the fall semester of 2007 when she was Visiting Professor of English at Harlaxton College, the British campus of the University of Evansville. Reading with Fuller was Pulitzer Prize-winning poet C.K. Williams. The Troubadour Club is a legendary venue and London institution where Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and Paul Simon all played in the '60s.

London's Troubadour ClubIn a recent review in Pedestal Magazine, JoSelle Vanderhooft writes that "Séance is a beautifully rendered book, and a necessary book in this age of photographic over-stimulation. Through the imagery of photography, Fuller provides not just a meditation upon memory and death, but a meditation upon how coming to terms with these things is essential in living a full life. Fans of the metaphysical poets will find much to like about Séance, as will anyone who has ever resonated with Sontag's famous statement about the nature of photography" [that "All photographs are memento mori."].

In the latest issue of Review Revue, Phebe Davidson notes that "Fuller's poems in Séance insinuate themselves into the reader's mind and mood, resurfacing at odd moments to send that reader scurrying back to the book. They explore with care and a certain deliberation life and (ah, yes!) the possibilities of afterlife that make the title — Séance — resonate throughout." Davidson goes on to say that "these are poems that deny complacency. The poetic sensibility is grounded in sensuous links both to the world now present and to the world remembered. Janice Moore Fuller, in this second full volume of poems, handily fulfills the promise of her earlier work."Seance by Janice Fuller

Séance was published in 2007 by Iris Press.