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Professor of Politics Quoted in 'Huffington Post' Article

February 08, 2012

Category: Faculty, Politics


The state of South Carolina recently filed a lawsuit challenging the Justice Department's blocking of the state's voter identification law, possibly costing taxpayers $1 million or more. According to the Post and Courier, the state has hired high-powered Washington attorneys and other contracted associates and paralegals that will receive high earnings.

Dr. J. Michael Bitzer, Professor of Politics at Catawba College, was featured in an article on The Huffington Post website after being asked to share his thoughts on the topic.

"With states like South Carolina facing budgetary restrictions, it's interesting they can make funds available for this type of activity," Bitzer says. "People will question, 'Why isn't this going to education or other principle public services?' It plays well with (Haley's) base though."

Read the full article below:

InfoFULL STORY: South Carolina Voter ID Law Defended By State In Challenge To Justice Department (


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