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Ralph Ketner No Fan of Waste

February 03, 2010

Category: Business & Economics

Cuss Jarby Mark Wineka,

At the front of his desk, Ralph Ketner keeps a cuss jar.

Every time he utters an expletive — they are mild as swear words go — he fishes into his pants pocket for a quarter to deposit in the jar.

Ralph W. Ketner

Various folks around the Ketner School of Business at Catawba College, where Ketner has an office for as long as he likes, have laid claim to the money when the jar is full.

It's getting there.

Meanwhile, the pinch on his pocketbook has helped the 89-year-old Ketner watch his language a little more closely these days.

Nothing irritates the co-founder and chairman emeritus of the Salisbury-based Food Lion grocery chain more than bad math, waste, inefficiency or the lack of response to one of his letters.



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