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Catawba College Science Clubs Host Meet and Greet

September 15, 2015

Category: Biology, Chemistry, Events

by Shannon Garrick '17

sci-meet15.jpgOn September 3, 2015, both the American Chemical Society (ACS) and Beta-Beta-Beta (Tri-Beta) hosted a first-ever Science Meet and Greet. 

The science meet and greet took place in Shuford Science Building from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The purpose of the Meet and Greet was to allow first-year and other students interested in the science to interact with other science majors and minors, along with some of the professors.  There were up to 50 students that came and mingled.  The meet and greet also included Xbox games and board games to encourage mingling and provided pizza and other snacks.