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STUDENT BLOG: Getting Whipped into Shape (A Day in the Life of Theatre Majors)

October 04, 2012

Category: Students, Theatre Arts

Getting Whipped into Shape
by Katlyn Shaw '15

ShawOMIGOD YOU GUYS! On Monday I started rehearsals for our fall musical, Legally Blonde. I am so unbelievably excited to be apart of this show. Of course this means that I am beyond busy now, but that is something I am completely okay with. Spending my evenings learning music and choreography and blocking is exactly my idea of a perfect night. In the show, which I am sure you will all come see, I am a Delta Nu girl, part of the "Greek Chorus," and a Perfume Saleswoman; along with other things. I get to be in so many facets of the show that my nights are quickly filling up. Read more...

BlogBLOG: Getting Whipped into Shape (Katlyn Shaw '15)


BlogBLOG: A Day in the Life of Theatre Majors 

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