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STUDENT BLOG: Study Abroad in Spain - Are We There Yet?


Are We There Yet? 
by Stephanie Cook  '12 ;

After a long 36 hours of traveling, we made it to our final destination! The jet lag was tough on my body, but I was too excited to focus on my exhaustion. Stepping out of the airport and breathing the cool European air was refreshing. Especially since we had a bit of a stagnant period at the airport after we landed and left the plane. One of the guys from Catawba could not find his luggage at the baggage claim! It got stuck back in New York City at JFK Airport. Although this was a horrible situation, I want to give major respect to Art for not complaining once about not having his suitcase. He was totally relaxed and never complained once. Read more...


BlogBLOG: Study Abroad in Spain