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Financial Aid

  1. How do I receive a merit-based scholarship at Catawba College?
    Students, who are accepted through the admissions process at Catawba College, will be awarded a merit-based scholarship as a result of their high school GPA and, if applicable, their SAT/ACT test scores.  Students also have the option to apply for admissions as a test-optional student, we suggest reaching out to Admissions for additional help in the application process.

  2. Does Catawba College offer athletic scholarships?
    If a student is interested in playing at sport at Catawba College, the student can contact the coach of that sport to see about scholarship opportunities. Visit our Athletics Directory to get the contact information for the coach of the specific sport you are interested in.

  3. How do I qualify for additional Catawba College scholarships?
    All additional Catawba College scholarships have specific criteria, deadlines, and application processes. Learn more about Major-Based Departmental Scholarships and Additional Catawba College Scholarships.

  4. How do I apply for financial aid at Catawba College?
    Students will apply for financial aid at Catawba College by filling out the FAFSA at .

  5. What is a Federal Student Aid ID?
    A Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID is the log in for the FAFSA that both students and parents must create.  Students and Parents can create their FSA ID at

  6. What do I do if I do not want to file a FAFSA?
    If a student does not want to file a FAFSA, the student can fill out the Catawba College FAFSA Waiver.

  7. What is the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA mean?
    The Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) is the number the financial aid office will use from the FAFSA to determine what financial aid a student will qualify for. This is not what a student will have to pay for college.

  8. When will I receive my financial aid award package?
    Once a student is admitted and the financial aid office has received a FAFSA, new students will receive a financial aid award package via email.

  9. Will I get a new financial aid award package when something has changed on my financial aid?
    If something changes on your financial aid, you will receive an email notification prompting you to visit your CatLink account to see your personalized message of what was changed and view your updated awards.

  10. How much does it cost to attend Catawba College?
    Learn more about the cost to attend Catawba College.

  11. What is the difference between direct charges and cost of attendance?
    Direct charges are charges a student will receive based on their program and housing status. These are charges that include, but are not limited to, tuition, room, and board. The Cost of Attendance refers to the maximum amount of financial aid a student can receive based on tuition, room and board (if applicable) and estimates for books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses for an academic year.

  12. How do I get an outside scholarship applied to my financial aid package?
    If you receive an outside scholarship, it should be sent to the Financial Aid Office even if the check is made out to the student. The Financial Aid Office at Catawba College will then list the scholarship on your financial aid and pay it to your student account. If you have not received the check but have a letter acknowledging the scholarship, please provide it to the financial aid office and we will add it as an anticipated award for the upcoming semester or academic year.

  13. Does Catawba College award financial aid and scholarships to DACA students?
    DACA students do qualify for merit-based scholarships, major-based departmental scholarships, and some additional Catawba scholarships but are not eligible for financial aid through the federal and state governments. DACA students should notify the financial aid office of their status to ensure eligibility for all scholarship opportunities.

  14. Does Catawba College award financial aid and scholarships to International students?
    International students do qualify for merit-based scholarships, major-based departmental scholarships, and some additional Catawba scholarships but are not eligible for financial aid through the federal and state governments. International students should fill out the FAFSA Waiver on our website.

  15. Will my financial aid package change year to year?
    Your financial aid package is subject to change every year with your FAFSA application as Financial Aid Awards are based on your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). As long as a new student maintains the required GPA for their merit-based scholarship, the merit-based scholarship should not change. Other awards will be subject to change. As long as income and household information remains the same, most packages should remain fairly similar.

  16. How will my financial aid be adjusted if I move off campus or decide to board on campus?
    Please email the financial aid office to see how your financial aid can be effected based on a change in housing status.

  17. Why is my financial aid not showing on my billing statement?
    If you have received your billing statement for an upcoming semester and no financial aid has been awarded to you, please check your Unsatisfied Requirements on your CatLink account under the money tab. If no unsatisfied requirements are listed, please contact the financial aid office.

  18. What do I do if my parents applied for a Federal Parent Plus Loan and it is not listed on my billing statement?
    If your parents have been approved for the Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan online at but it is not showing on your billing statement, you parent should complete the Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan Request Form and turn it into our office. If your parent was not approved, you will need to fill out the Federal Direct Plus Loan Denial Form and turn it in to the financial aid office before we will add any additional loan to your financial aid.  These forms can be found on our website at

  19. How do I authorize my work-study to be applied to my billing statement?
    If you are awarded work-study or campus employment and want to authorize your semester earnings to go to pay your tuition and other charges on your billing statement, you need to complete the Work-Study Student Account Application Authorization (SAAA) on your CatLink account under the money tab.

  20. What do I do if the State of North Carolina determined my residency and it is incorrect?
    If you believe you are a resident of North Carolina and the state Residency Determination System (RDS) has declared you not a resident, please call 1(844)319-3640. The RDS customer service line will be able to tell you what paperwork you will have to submit to get this issue resolved through their appeal process. Please contact them as soon as possible as this process does have a very quick deadline.  Our Office is not able to fix the residency issue for you.

  21. What do I do if I was selected for Federal FAFSA verification?
    If you have completed the FAFSA and you were selected for Federal FAFSA Verification, please read your Student Aid Report (SAR) to check for any discrepancies that need to be cleared up and view/ complete all the unsatisfied requirements on your CatLink account. Learn more about Federal FAFSA Verification.

  22. How do I know what my financial aid hold is for and how to clear it?
    If you have a financial aid hold, you have unsatisfied requirements that you must complete to have the hold lifted for move-in or registration purposes. Visit your CatLink account and complete all unsatisfied requirements immediately. We will not lift holds without all requirements being satisfied.

  23. How do I reinstate, cancel, increase, or decrease my student loans?
    In order to reinstate, cancel, increase, or decrease your student loans; you will need to fill out a Federal Direct Loan Request Form at and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.

  24. How do I get a private student loan applied to my financial aid?
    If you have applied for a Private Student Loan and do not see it listed under your financial, you need to check to make sure you have completed all appropriate paperwork with the lender you have chosen. Once all paperwork is finalized, the lender will send the Financial Aid Office a certification electronically to complete. This certification process is what will add the Private Student Loan to your financial aid award.

  25. When will I receive my refund check?
    Once your financial aid pays (disburses) to your student account to pay for charges, the business office has 14 days to refund any credit balance. All anticipated refund dates will be sent via email at the beginning of every semester. Once your refund has been processed and is available, you will get an email notification from the Business Office about the money being directly deposited to your bank account or the check being available for pick-up.

  26. How do I waive my insurance charge if I already have insurance through my parents?
    If you have insurance through your parents, spouse, or employer and need to waive the insurance charge. You will need to follow the steps on the back of your billing statement to waive the charge. Learn more about the Insurance Waiver.

  27. When will billing statements on TouchNet be updated if something has changed on my account?
    If you submit payments or have any financial aid changes that will affect your billing statement, the business office will update billing statements on TouchNet every Friday.

  28. How do I apply for financial aid for summer school?
    If you need to apply for financial aid for summer school, you need to fill out a Summer Financial Aid Application that become available under Financial Aid Forms and Applications beginning of May.

  29. What are financial aid policies I need to be aware of to retain my financial aid?
    There are various policies that students should be aware of when receiving Federal, State, and College Financial Aid. Learn more about Financial Aid Policies.