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Features & Policies of TouchNet

Making Online Payments

Students will log into Catawba’s Electronic Statement and Payment Center (Touchnet) via their CatLink login.  Once logged in users can make payments online, view statements, enroll in payment plans, and view current account activity. 

Computers are available in the Business Office Monday through Friday 9 am – 4pm for student use in making online payments.  Staff are available to help students with any questions they may have.

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Business Office will now require you to electronically authorize any third party (parents, guardian, employer, etc.) who wish to view your financial account or make payments on your behalf. This authorization will be available to you through TouchNet’s authorized user’s process. Once this authorization has been completed then the authorized user can make payments online, view statements, enroll in payment plans and view current account activity.


Free Online Payment Options

Effective 12/5/2017, students and authorized users can pay online using E-check (also known as electronic check, bank draft, or ACH transfer) without incurring additional costs.  Students and authorized users will be prompted to enter a valid bank routing and account number and to authorize the payment from the checking or savings account associated with the banking information provided.  Bank drafts returned for Non-Sufficient Funds will result in a returned check charge of $35.00 and this charge will post to the student's account.


Credit Card Payment Options

Effective 1/1/2020 all credit/debit card payments will be charged a 2.85% convenience fee. 


Installment Payment Plans

Catawba offers a 5-pay interest free installment plan each Fall and Spring semester.  The 5 pay plan runs from July through November for the Fall semester and December through April for the Spring semester.  The plans are interest free and a one-time $35.00 installment payment plan fee is due when you enroll for a payment plan each semester.  You will be required to setup auto payments using ACH or credit cards for the installments.  A $20 late fee will be assessed on installment payments made after the due date.   Please keep in mind that Catawba bills tuition by semester and bills are due July 15 for Fall terms and December 15 for Spring terms.  You must return to the TouchNet Bill+Payment website to enroll in a new plan each semester that you use a payment plan. If a student has received financial aid, but not enough to cover the entire account balance, then the account must be paid in full by the due date each semester or the student must enroll in a payment plan that covers the entire balance due. Keep in mind that this is only an estimated plan and any differences between the estimated and actual costs and financial aid will need to be factored into the remaining installments once your plan has been initially created. If the due date(s) for any installments have passed when a student enrolls in a plan, all of those installment amount(s) will have to be paid at the time of enrollment.  After the "last day to add" of each term, installments will be automatically recalculated (up or down) as appropriate due changes in charges or credit. Students will receive notification via email each time installments are recalculated.  A payment plan may be terminated for failure to make an installment payment according to the plan agreement.  


  • If you need assistance with estimating costs and aid, please see your electronic statement of account for reference and or contact the Business Office at 704-637-4388 or before completing the plan.

  • The student (and authorized user if the enrollee was not the student) will receive an email notification each time installments are recalculated. Each day that changes are made to the billing amount for your account, or your student’s account, our system will notify you that the plan installments have changed.

  • If you fail to make an installment payment according to the payment plan agreement, your payment plan may be terminated.  In addition, you or (your student) may be at risk of late fee assessment and or schedule cancellation if payment is not made by the payment deadline(s).


Online Payment Activity on My Account

Online payments will post to the student’s account immediately.  Other than the convenience fee charges that will calculate at payment check out, the change in credit card processor from Catawba to TouchNet should be transparent to users.


Online International Payments

Catawba accepts wire payment or bank transfers from international students online.  The student or authorized user must login to the Catawba Payment Suite and select make payment via wire transfer.  The cost for a wire transfer is $20.00.  When wiring, it is important to realize that specific information is needed to credit your individual account with the payment.  Please include the student’s full name, Banner ID and a notation that the payment is for tuition.

Catawba does not accept electronic checks from a non-United States bank account.  The Business office cannot accept payments online from a foreign bank account or in foreign currency. 


Third Party Payments

Students whose tuition, fees, housing, and dining will be paid by a third party source must notify the Business Office at 704-637-4388 or  To be considered a third party payment, the student must have an authorization form from the third party that must include the student name, student ID, the term (time period covered), the type of charges covered and the total amount the third party will pay.  These types of payments require a billing statement from the College in order to be paid.

Examples include, but are not limited to:  Vocational Rehabilitation, Prepaid Savings Accounts, US Government Military, etc.

Please note students must pay any charges not covered by the third party authorization by the semester due date.  Students also remain responsible for all chargers on their account until payment is received from the third party.  Third parties are expected to remit payment within 30 days of the billing date on the third party billing invoice.  If your third party fails to pay the agreed amount within 90 days of the billing date, you will be responsible for paying all charges on your account.


Pay in Person at the Business Office

Visit our office located in the Hedrick Administration Building to pay in person.


Pay by Mail

Make checks payable to Catawba College and mail to:

Catawba College
Business Office
2300 W Innes St
Salisbury, NC 28144


Pay by Telephone

Call (704) 637-4388 to make a payment over the phone.

Electronic Billing

Catawba’s Electronic Billing (eBill) system is the official means of generating tuition bills to enrolled students.  Students and their authorized users will receive email notifications from to the student email when a new billing statement is available for review online.

Since the delivery method of student bills is through Catawba’s student email, it is the student’s responsibility to check their Catawba email for ebilling notifications so that satisfactory payment arrangements can be made by the deadlines posted in the College’s Tuition and Fee & Payment Policy for each semester.

It is also important to understand that the eBill statement will only reflect the charges and credits applied to a student’s account at the date the eBill was generated.  If additional charges are incurred after an eBill statement has been generated, it is the student’s responsibility to monitor their financial account through the eBill system to ensure that there are sufficient financial aid/resources and/or payment to cover all charges on account.