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Our Catawba: The Forward Path

"It is one thing to be able to see the forward path and another to be able to take it."   - Sir Winston Churchill


Update: Catawba College Raises $73,232,444 in Comprehensive Campaign

As Catawba College implements its new Strategic Plan and Campus Master Plan, it is appropriate to reflect on our history, but more important than ever to look to and plan for the future and map out our forward path.

To continue to sustain and enhance Catawba for generations to come, we have identified the following two key areas for support:

    Through dedicated endowments and unrestricted funds to support academic, athletic, and co-curricular programs and facilities, Catawba will build on its tradition of rigor and high standards, preparing students for real world challenges and success.

    Through scholarships and other funds that provide Catawba experiences to the best and the most promising students, Catawba will increase its ability to serve a greater number of students and provide them access to educational experiences on the campus and across the world.


The Catawba Experience

You probably already know that Catawba is a life-changing and lifelong experience. Have you ever asked yourself: "How does Catawba do this?"

It all starts with - and flows from OUR MISSION STATEMENT:

 Catawba College is committed to providing students an education rich in personal attention that blends the knowledge and competencies of liberal studies with career preparation. Catawba College draws strength from Judeo-Christian values, sustains a dynamic community of learners and seeks to unite a diverse population of students, faculty and staff as active co-participants in scholarship and service. Catawba College prepares students to reach their highest potential while becoming responsible citizens with a zeal to enrich human life.

Let’s examine just some of those key elements:

  • An Education Rich in Personal Attention:
    The faculty and staff here are devoted to the development of the individual. They are truly engaged in learning and enabling a passion for learning.

  • Blends the Knowledge and Competencies of Liberal Studies with Career Preparation:
    As Louis Pasteur once observed, "Fortune favors the prepared mind." We believe deeply in the interconnected values of liberal arts and professional programs that will prepare our students to think critically, communicate effectively, and adapt rapidly. Our students will be ready for the global challenges they will address not only in their first job or career but in the many others that will follow.

  • Prepares Students to Reach Their Highest Potential
    It is at the core of who we are and what we do. We are confident in making this part of our mission because we can point to generations of alumni who stand up and say, "Catawba prepared me — Catawba enabled me — to be the person I am today." They are leaders in their communities and innovators in their fields of endeavor. They are people of exceptional character who truly do enrich human life. Catawba defines its core values through four simple but powerful words that infuse all that we do in providing the fullest, finest college experience possible:

Scholarship. Character. Culture. Service.

Highlighted Mini-Campaigns

We invite you to join the team of people who will create Catawba's Forward Path.

We invite you to be informed, to be involved, and to invest. 

We invite you to make a difference in the continuing journey of our Catawba.

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