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Honor Roll of Donors

Dear Alumni and Friends,

I am pleased to extend sincere appreciation to you on behalf of the entire Catawba College community for your outstanding support during our 2017-18 academic year.

With new academic programs and experiential opportunities for our students, Catawba is poised to grow while staying true to our core values and enduring mission.  Your thoughtful generosity makes all of this possible. 

Thanks for continuing to make a difference! 

Yours at Catawba,

Brien Lewis


Gifts by Constituent


Alumni Honor Roll 


Sustaining Donor

21           Mrs. Olive Bucher Weidman


Guarantor - Cum Laude

22           Mr. J. Keith Borland (d)


Heritage Circle

33           Mrs. Patricia Craig Hoopes

Century Circle

12           Mrs. Dorothy Barber Ellis


Patrons Circle

26           Mrs. Dorothy Williams Moore

Sustaining Donor

2             Ms. Naomi Edna Headinger


Patrons Circle

39           Mrs. Pauline Miller Martin

Sustaining Donor

26           Ms. Evelyn Davis Morgan


Newton Society

44           Mrs. Betty Chapman Eller

Century Circle

51           Mrs. Mary Kluttz McGinnis


Guarantor - Summa Cum Laude

34           Mrs. Juanita Fisher Lagg (d)

Heritage Circle

34           Mrs. Lois Maclay Lacy

Century Circle

25           Mrs. Jean Fisher McCombs (d)


Guarantor - Magna Cum Laude

52*        Mrs. Patricia Proctor Rendleman

Century Circle

52*        Mr. Edward L. Hedrick, Jr.

43           Mr. Hugh D. Young, Jr.

Sustaining Donor

43           Mrs. Martha Patty Zimmerman Seay (d)


Patrons Circle

43           Ms. Mabel P. Barnhardt

44           Mr. R. Paul Propst (d)

44           Mr. Byron C. Taylor

Century Circle

41           Dr. M. Lamar Dorton (d)

41           Mrs. Bettie Sides Dorton

17           Ms. Doris Porth Tuft

19           Mr. Robert L. Van Hoy


Guarantor - Magna Cum Laude

51           Mr. Walter R. Ramseur

Founders Society

37           Dr. Gwen Roberts Sharp

1851 Society

41           Mr. Wilford Leonard

Newton Society

24           Mr. Cecil F. Gilkerson

Patrons Circle

26           Mrs. Nancy Lefever Hampton

Century Circle

22           Mrs. Carolyn Stewart Buffaloe

30           Mr. Roy D. Goodwin

38           Mr. Joe E. Ketner

29           Mrs. Martha Lippard Smith

39           Mrs. Mary Ross Sherrin Woosley (d)

Sustaining Donor

45           Mr. Jack S. Kepley, Sr.


Guarantor - Magna Cum Laude

34           Rev. Paul N. Marsteller

51           Mrs. Hilda Troxell Ramseur

Guarantor - Cum Laude

47           Mr. Wade H. Shuford, Jr.

Sponsors Society

39           Dr. Norman R. Sloop

Newton Society

36           Mrs. Martha Black Sigler

Patrons Circle

52*        Mrs. Loreta Anderson Stover

Heritage Circle

28           Mr. Claude R. Connor, Jr.

25           Mr. James H. White

Century Circle

51           Mr. Troy E. Alexander

24           Mr. Samuel L. Cozart (d)

51           Mrs. Helen Barnhardt Everhart

12           Mr. David W. Faust

39           Mr. Sanford K. Woosley

Sustaining Donor

52*        Mr. Parks I. Berryhill, Jr.


Sponsors Society

21           Mr. Jack S. Ward (d)

Newton Society

34           Mr. Larry P. Graham (d)

Patrons Circle

52*        Mr. Charles Shirley Click

23           Mrs. Nancy Hammond Murfin

44           Mrs. Sara Jean Arey Propst

Heritage Circle

4             Mrs. Lena Buff Kirksey

41           Mrs. Peggy Kleckner Mills (d)

27           Mrs. Juanita Hahn Walters

Century Circle

35           Mrs. Allene Harralson Graves

36           Rev. Dr. William F. Milholland

52*        Mr. Nathaniel B. Patterson

32           Mrs. Rosa Lee Satterwhite Slate (d)

32           Mr. James B. Slate


Guarantor - Cum Laude

46           Mrs. Jo Patterson Coble

1851 Society

39           Mr. William C. Wack

Newton Society

34           Mr. Larry J. Taylor

Patrons Circle

52*        Mr. Victor K. Stover

45           Mrs. Jacqueline Bost Taylor

Heritage Circle

28           Mrs. Mary Jo Fox Connor

43           Rev. Donald B. Orander (d)

46           Dr. Joseph B. Oxendine

43           Mr. Ronald R. Rigby, Jr.

42           Mrs. Helen Smith Wrenn

Century Circle

36           Mrs. Julia Byron Grove

45           Mr. Charles M. Hodgin

38           Mrs. Janet Wolford Hollis

48           Mr. John C. Philips

35           Mrs. Bernice Ribet Robinette

28           Mr. Jack P. Satterfield

Sustaining Donor

17           Mr. William F. Anderson

22           Mr. Gordon A. Beaver

41           Mr. Delmar Sherrill


Guarantor - Summa Cum Laude

45           Mr. Charles G. Potts

Sponsors Society

36           Mrs. Jane Whitener Hamilton

1851 Society

49           Rev. Bobby R. Bonds

Newton Society

52*        Colonel James W. Councill

37           Mrs. Marjorie Abernethy Northcutt

Patrons Circle

43           Mrs. Joan Dellinger Craven

30           Mr. Robert F. Walker, Jr.

Heritage Circle

46           Mrs. Rose Honeycutt Dedmon

43           Mrs. Frances Kerley Fickling

Century Circle

31           Mr. Ralph C. Cole

40           Ms. Jeanne G. Ingold

35           Mr. George A. Noble

30           Mrs. Eleanor LeVan Peeler

9             Mr. Walter R. Peeler

29           Mr. David H. Truitt

18           Dr. Barbara Braxton Wilks

30           Rev. Charles F. Williman

7             Mrs. Anne Harter Wilson


24           Mr. Bobby L. Fesperman

23           Mr. Robert A. Hamilton

38           Mrs. Betty Morgan


Founders Society

46           Ms. Patricia A. Brandt

Newton Society

38           Mr. Charles H. Harris, Jr.

26           Dr. W. Clyde Taylor, Jr.

10           Mrs. Jane Morgan Watson

Patrons Circle

46           Mr. C. Murray Burke, Jr.

15           Ms. Nancy L. Wright

Heritage Circle

43           Mrs. Martha Leonard Bruff

38           Mrs. Montie Hartsell Clem

46           Mr. R. Donald Dedmon

43           Mr. Dwight R. Fickling

33           Mr. Henry L. Forrest, Jr.

47           Dr. Hoyt M. McCachren, Jr.

49           Mr. J. Harvey Stratton

Century Circle

23           Mr. Hoyle H. Edgerton

40           Mr. J. Anthony Houser

33           Mrs. Martha Robeson Meier

36           Mrs. Mary Anne Beaver Milholland

30           Mrs. Joyce Patterson Needham

36           Mrs. Jane Moore Russell

Sustaining Donor

18           Mr. James E. Epting

32           Mr. Bobby G. Whisnant


Sponsors Society

47           Mrs. Anne Councill Dennis

36           Dr. Thomas R. Hamilton

Newton Society

43           Dr. Erma Toomes Scarlette

Heritage Circle

34           Mrs. Mary Sue Haskins Knox

Century Circle

32           Rev. Dr. George S. Fitz

2             Dr. James M. Jung

34           Mr. Samuel W. Pressley

19           Ms. Dorothy G. Snyder

18           Mrs. Anne Murphy Tesh

32           Mr. James P. Waller

Sustaining Donor

28           Mrs. Anne Haldeman Daly

30           Mrs. Carol Kluttz Dunnagan

2             Mr. John R. Middleton

8             Mrs. Jean Hoffner Smith


Founders Society

51           Dr. Bobby A. Lomax

50           Mrs. Mitzi Sanders Wegerek

Sponsors Society

41           Mr. W. Erskine Bankhead

Newton Society

51           Mr. Larry B. Peck

7             Reverend Gary A. Verell

Patrons Circle

32           Mr. James L. Edge, III

47           Mrs. Frankie Brown Snyder

48           Mr. Richard C. Snyder

Heritage Circle

46           Mr. R. Frank Freeman, Jr.

16           Mr. Kennon C. Whittle, Jr.

Century Circle

34           Mrs. Claire Pinkerton Cope

29           Dr. G. William Joyce

Sustaining Donor

18           Mrs. Doris Welch Moore


Sponsors Society

41           Mrs. Patricia Waters Bankhead

1851 Society

48           Colonel Kenneth C. Lingle

Newton Society

26           Mrs. Mary Catherine Miller Taylor

Patrons Circle

13           Mr. Bobby R. Butts

38           Mr. Earl C. Faggert

47           Mr. Charles C. Proctor, Jr.

41           Brig. Gen. Fred E. Sisley

52*        Mr. Jesse L. Williams, Jr.

Heritage Circle

25           Rev. Dr. William M. Johnson, Sr.(d)

49           Mrs. Mary Lou Schultz Paterson

Century Circle

34           Mr. Samuel L. Cope

26           Mrs. Maxine Weaver Crane

15           Mrs. Bonita Troxell Francis

2             Mrs. Patty Ludwig Jung

40           Mrs. Kay Holt McCallum

40           Mr. Gary F. Pruett

42           Mr. Harold D. Shelton (d)

5             Mr. Norris T. Sherrill

42           Mr. William T. Vanderford

Sustaining Donor

7             Mr. William F. Aaron, Sr.

17           Mr. Maurice A. Foltz

45           Mrs. Iris Starr Haislip

23           Mr. William G. Hiatt

33           Mrs. Lois Harkins Paden

26           Mr. Ned G. Parker


Sponsors Society

47           Dr. Bill Dennis

Newton Society

51           Mrs. Margaret Rintz Pedersen

7             Mrs. Phyllis Roseman Verell (d)

Patrons Circle

49           Mr. Gene K. Fleming

34           Ms. Barbara McKee Payne

18           Mr. James A. Thomas

52*        Mrs. Elaine Fisher Williams

Heritage Circle

10           Mr. Earl N. Bowles

27           Rev. Dr. Paul R. Peters

35           Mrs. Sally Hahn Richter

Century Circle

36           Mrs. Carol Lindemuth Lynn

39           Mrs. Nancy Swanson McCachren

39           Mr. William N. McCachren

34           Mr. Donald I. Moss

24           Mr. David T. Page

39           Mrs. Ann Griffin Rowell

23           Mr. W. Glenn Russell

42           Mr. R. Donald Wack

52*        Mr. Philip R. Walsh

Sustaining Donor

16           Dr. Arthur W. Wilhelm


Guarantor - Cum Laude

50           Mr. Harry J. Kloos, Jr.

50           Mrs. Sydney White Kloos

Founders Society

30           Mr. David B. Jordan

52*        Dr. Martha Kirkland West

35           Mr. Arlen G. Yokley

Sponsors Society

52*        Mr. John H. Lewis, Jr. (d)

Newton Society

49           Mrs. Betty Cash Chambers

Patrons Circle

44           Captain Ralph E. Shuping

Heritage Circle

24           Mr. David A. Ragsdale

Century Circle

40           Mrs. Dorothy Crunkilton Brown

51           Dr. Katherine Oxner Conrad

27           Mr. Anthony B. DiPaolo

7             Mrs. Julia Koontz Holland

39           Mr. Donnie R. Hunt (d)

39           Mrs. Paula Carroll Hunt

28           Mr. William R. Inman

19           Mr. Joe J. Lambert

36           Mr. Jerry L. Lynn

31           Mrs. S. Alberta Melton Miller

19           Mr. Jerry L. Satterwhite

22           Mr. Charles E. Waller

50           Mrs. Harriett Hoffa Ziegenfuss

Sustaining Donor

29           Mr. W. Max Hemphill, Sr.


Guarantor - Magna Cum Laude

24           Mr. Donald V. Moore

1851 Society

37           Mr. Carl R. Eagle

Newton Society

32           Mr. C. Douglas Chalk

Patrons Circle

38           Mr. J. Frederick Corriher, Jr.

Heritage Circle

13           Mrs. Avice Tate Bost

43           Ms. Barbara A. Brewer

24           Mr. James Allan Dunn, Jr.

52*        Mrs. Anne Lausch Smeltzer

Century Circle

50           Mr. Clarke H. Bricker

40           Mr. Gary R. Brown

35           Mrs. Reba Fincher Edwards (d)

2             Reverend Kenneth R. Eller

29           Reverend H. Linn Finger

24           Honorable Wayne R. Iskra

50           Mr. Paul H. Kurkowski

36           Mrs. Buena Still Lambeth

28           Mrs. Barbara Greeson Nanney

31           Mr. Jimmy B. Rabon

24           Mrs. Joan Ditzler Rhodes

26           Mr. Robert A. Rickard

13           Mr. Robert S. Shelton

33           Mr. Bill T. Shive

Sustaining Donor

16           Mr. Darryl H. Evans

32           Mr. A. Clifton Hood, Jr.

22           Mr. Lee S. Johnson

6             Ms. Eleanor S. Sandifer

3             Reverend Curtis L. Sides

44           Mrs. Marian Kiser Sours


Guarantor - Summa Cum Laude

51           Dr. William Guy Rich

Sponsors Society

45           Mr. Ray Oxendine

1851 Society

39           Mr. Jacob C. Ludwig, Jr.

8             Mr. David M. Newell

Newton Society

18           Mr. James E. Kelly, Jr.

16           Mrs. Peggy Davis Taylor

Patrons Circle

52*        Ms. Janet E. Yocum

Heritage Circle

24           Mrs. Roxanna Neikirk Andersen

32           Mr. Allen H. Bowers

24           Mrs. Rachel Allen Dunn

48           Mr. Joel S. Hubbard (d)

31           Mr. James E. Lyerly

31           Mr. John D. Martin

52*        Mr. Paul J. McQuade

44           Ms. Linda Burgess Rich

Century Circle

               Reverend Frederick M. Archer

20           Mr. Robert D. Boyd

50           Mrs. Zona Troutman Bricker

20           Mrs. Louanna Ellington Crocker

17           Mr. Robert B. Hill

29           Mrs. Barbara P. Howard

47           Mr. Charles G. Ketcham

47           Mrs. Virginia Sprague Ketcham

38           Mr. Samuel L. Morrow

42           Mr. Thomas H. Pope

33           Mr. James F. Swicegood

Sustaining Donor

15           Mr. Amon E. Bronson

28           Mrs. Gwendolene Templeton Howard

23           Mrs. Sarah Wilhelm Mantel

39           Mr. James D. McCombs

20           Mr. William L. Parker

10           Mr. Clarence L. Spillman

               Mrs. Jean Fenstermacher Zampino


Founders Society

47           Mrs. Darlene Landis Ball

35           Mrs. Florence Breisch Peck

Sponsors Society

52*        Dr. Robert W. Wilson

1851 Society

35           Mrs. Joann Culler Stang

Newton Society

44           Ms. Elinor Ressler Aye

32           Mrs. Hilda Matthews Chalk

48           Mr. Jerry L. Eagle

24           Mr. John T. Graham

25           Rev. June M. Grubb

Patrons Circle

36           Miss Eleanor Ann Link

31           Mr. Alan B. Morton

49           Mrs. Rachel Deal Priddy

26           Mrs. Lois Adams Winsness

Heritage Circle

34           Mr. Jimmy A. Dew

29           Mrs. Deborah Burrison Farrell

44           Rev. Dr. Doyle A. Luckenbaugh

31           Mrs. Bettie Carpenter Lyerly

31           Mrs. Jacquelyn Franck Martin

52*        Mr. David A. McGaha

24           Dr. John E. Siegel

23           Mr. W. Larry Sink

5             Mr. J. Stewart Smith, Sr.

Century Circle

               Ms. Karolyn Janeece Chapman

30           Mrs. Tommie Truesdale Edwards

18           Mrs. Helena Jones Farquharson

37           Mr. Wayne R. Foulk

38           Ms. Joan Barnitt Fuess

26           Mrs. Kathleen Penn Hodl

42           Mrs. Elizabeth Brinkley Holland

7             Mrs. Frances Windham Johnson

26           Mr. Tommie L. Little

36           Dr. J. Edward Martin

10           Mrs. Barbara Raymond Murray

19           Mrs. Jean Singer Satterwhite

50           Mrs. Barbara Grimmie Setzer

9             Mr. William C. Sliney

43           Mr. Ned A. Storey

42           Mr. William H. Swan

17           Mr. Charles E. Wilhelm

Sustaining Donor

25           Mr. Leonard C. Campagna

6             Mrs. Savonne Hemphill Childress

27           Mrs. Barbara Seiwell Cunningham

16           Mrs. Annie Hudson Seaford


Guarantor - Cum Laude

51           Mrs. Martha Seiwell Dayvault

Sponsors Society

49           Ms. Beverly L. Corelle

50           Mrs. Emily Hoke Roberts

Newton Society

48           Mr. Donald S. Frank

48           Mrs. Neita Stout Frank

39           Rev. C. Philip Laucks (d)

31           Dr. Glenda Deal Poole

Heritage Circle

26           Dr. Carolyn Barnhardt Beaver

26           Mr. J. Thomas Beaver

37           Mr. John S. Eshbach

52*        Mr. William L. Holland

30           Mrs. Martha Threadgill Stewart

2             Mrs. Barbara Cole White

Century Circle

37           Mrs. Mary Carswell Anderson

21           Mr. Larry W. Brown

32           Rev. Charles Doll, Jr.

18           Mrs. Judith McConnell Richwine

27           Mr. Thomas G. Sexton, Jr.

33           Mrs. Brenda Goodson Sigmon

52*        Rev. Walter S. Snowa

9             Mr. Larry L. Stambaugh

27           Mrs. Patricia Dees Wright

Sustaining Donor

9             Mr. Wade H. Dyson, Jr.

35           Mrs. Evelyn Campbell Morgan

37           Mrs. Brenda Monteith Plant

10           Mrs. Priscilla Pinkston Shoemaker

40           Mr. Garry N. Watkins


Guarantor - Summa Cum Laude

44           Mr. Tom E. Smith

Guarantor - Cum Laude

51           Mr. James C. Dayvault

Founders Society

43           Mr. John A. Frantz

Sponsors Society

18           Rev. Dr. Larry W. Bost

1851 Society

40           Mrs. Linda Kelly Cline

40           Mr. Ned A. Cline

Newton Society

52*        Mr. Thomas C. Childress

39           Mr. Dwight L. Hedrick, Jr.

38           Mrs. Eugenia McCachren Holste

38           Rev. Harold W. Holste

52*        CAPT George M. Moss, Jr.

42           Mr. Robert F. Wiseman

Patrons Circle

49           Mrs. Alice Hedrick Foltz

37           Mr. Leland R. Moore, Jr.

30           Mr. Marvin L. Teer

44           Mr. C. Mack Washam

43           Mr. James M. White

42           Mrs. Anna Peeler Zapotoczny

42           Mr. Joseph E. Zapotoczny

Heritage Circle

26           Mr. Charles E. Belcher

51           Ms. Dorothy A. Donaldson

25           Mr. James H. Erwin, Jr.

26           Mr. John H. Hartpence, Jr.

33           Dr. John M. Karriker

31           Mr. J. Richard Kirk, Jr.

34           Mrs. Rachel Bostian Morrison

48           Mrs. Sarah Lanier Warnecke

39           Mr. James V. Witmer

Century Circle

34           Mr. Michael M. Amick

33           Rev. J. Thomas Bashore

14           Mr. Danny H. Bost

44           Mr. Terry G. Chandler

33           Mr. Ronald L. Crouse

38           Mrs. Norma London Dermota

38           Mr. Ralph E. Dermota

32           Mrs. Judith Noss Doll

45           Mrs. Susan Hunter Elkins

46           Mrs. Linda Fenstermacher Engroff

34           Mrs. Julia Jones Evans

37           Mrs. Susan McDowell Foulk

40           Mr. Steven E. Kiger

41           Mrs. Nancy H. Jarrett Long

46           Mrs. Sarah F. Mumma-Robbins

40           Mr. Arthur W. Pinkston, Jr.

35           Mrs. Linda Miller Price

30           Mr. Barry L. Ritchie

33           Mrs. Rebekah Dayvault Safriet

39           Mrs. Frances Schreyer Simko

33           Mrs. Nancy Rosevear Taylor

28           Mr. Ronald W. Venable

17           Mrs. Linda V. Wegscheider

Sustaining Donor

16           Mrs. Sue Boger Archer

26           Mrs. Jewell Shinn Ballard

28           Mr. John C. Kirk, Jr.

44           Ms. Eleanor Donaldson Lenz

42           Ms. Linda S. Litaker

39           Mrs. Jan Shive McCombs

41           Mrs. Sallie Sheek Yena

               Reverend Philip C. Zampino


Guarantor - Cum Laude

36           Mr. Barry D. Leonard

Founders Society

50           Mr. J. Michael Thompson

Sponsors Society

29           Mrs. Janet Smith Wolf

30           Mr. Terrence L. Wolf

1851 Society

40           Mrs. Betty Burner Diehl

Newton Society

52*        Mrs. Judy Hollar Childress

38           Mrs. Sara DuBose Cook

22           Mr. Joseph J. Georgiana

48           Mr. Vincent F. Mizeras

34           Mr. Thomas L. Overcash

31           Mr. Jerry W. Poole

42           Mrs. Carolyn McCarn Wiseman

Patrons Circle

45           Mr. Thomas C. Clark

49           Rev. Dr. Jerrold L. Foltz

47           Mr. Preston J. Garrison

28           Mrs. Jane Graham Graves

28           Mr. Richard D. Graves

44           Mr. W. James Sessoms, Jr.

44           Mrs. Sue Fink Washam

Heritage Circle

34           Mrs. Toni Holshouser Dew

27           Ms. L. Juanita McInnis

38           Mrs. Elaine Gentry Medlin

               Mr. David T. Melcher

21           Mr. J. Edward Rhodes

47           Mr. Chal R. Sherrill

51           Ms. Mary Ann Sowers

30           Mrs. Cynthia Lake Wild

Century Circle

27           Colonel Carlton L. Beland

27           Mrs. Jeanne Elgin Beland

40           Mrs. Margaret Jane Spatz Bitner

12           Dr. John E. Boyd, Jr.

37           Mrs. Diane Powl Brownell

34           Mr. John R. Carson

47           Mr. Thomas R. Doub

32           Mr. Brooks S. Doyle, Jr.

34           Dr. Richard B. Evans

37           Mrs. Julia McCoy Goodnight

26           Mr. William O. Herrington

37           Mr. Thomas M. Joyner

35           Mr. Daniel L. Leonard

15           Mr. Barrett W. Lutz

9             Mrs. Jane Crunkleton Matthews (d)

28           Mr. Jerry L. Maye

45           Mr. E. Wiley Ruth

23           Mr. Ronald G. Scronce

40           Dr. William H. Sites

33           Mrs. Kaye Hawkins Tesh

34           Mrs. Trina Holt Tyson

Sustaining Donor

23           Mrs. Mary Roderick Arthur

25           Mrs. Linda Lesslie Campagna

8             Mr. Robert S. Davis

15           Mrs. Ann Brown Deal

15           Dr. Edmond G. Deal

34           Mr. E. Wayne Finney

49           Mrs. Marsha Deal Gillerlain

40           Mr. Thomas G. Goodrum

41           Mr. David M. McCoy

41           Mrs. Linda Linville McCoy

25           Mrs. C. Maxine Powell McDaniel

14           Mr. Richard A. Minnich

49           Dr. Eric D. Olandt

37           Mr. Wayne R. Schwartz

23           Mr. W. Tony Threadgill

22           Rev. J. Wayne Trexler

31           Mrs. Sharon Shepherd Youngkin


Founders Society

28           Mr. Marshall D. Murphy

Sponsors Society

37           Mr. Samuel C. Boyd

40           Mr. J. William Hall, Jr.

1851 Society

37           Mr. William W. Heim

52*        Mrs. Anne Skiles Humphrey (d)

Newton Society

48           Mrs. Dorathea Dillon Coblentz

48           Mrs. Carole Stokes Mizeras

Patrons Circle

34           Mrs. Norma Petrea Bradshaw

23           Mrs. Ann Carleton Gregory

23           Mr. William J. Gregory

47           Mrs. Margaret Hoke Krow

48           Mr. Stephen R. Talbert

Heritage Circle

43           Rev. Lary G. Diehl

41           Mrs. Treva Wingo McLaughlin

32           Mrs. Jane Grogan Smith-Steinberg

38           Mrs. Jane Osgood Teunon

Century Circle

34           Mr. Dennis L. Barger

21           Mr. Johnny S. Beck

5             Mr. Arnold L. Bivens

25           Mr. Charles M. Call, Jr.

26           Mr. Bobby L. Childress

13           Mrs. Bette Sue Myers Coulter

35           Ms. Susan K. Crouse

46           Mr. Gary M. Diehl

51           Dr. Loraine Hartmann Duke

37           Mrs. Linda Leinbach Ferguson

28           Rev. Tiffany Mauk Freeman

22           Mrs. Jane Webber Golden

15           Mrs. Susan Hunter Gussman

9             Mr. Stephen D. Havnaer

33           Mr. C. David Robbins

44           Mrs. Mary Anne Reedy Tyson

35           Mr. Cecil L. Whitley

Sustaining Donor

4             Mrs. Inez Kennedy Carter

8             Mrs. Ellen Fairchild Dyson

32           Mr. Horace E. Foil, Jr.

45           Mr. Robert S. Garrett

22           Mrs. Carolyn Brown Hicks

4             Mrs. Brenda Alexander McSwain

30           Mr. Colon M. Putnam, Jr.

35           Mrs. Brenda Smith Seamon

4             Mrs. Linda Craven Sharpe

21           Mrs. Karen Moyer Smith


Guarantor - Cum Laude

51*        Mr. Richard J. Seiwell

Sponsors Society

41           Rev. N. Fred Jordan, Jr.

48           Mr. Phillip J. Kirk, Jr.

45           Mr. Ronald J. Maccaroni

1851 Society

52*        Mr. William A. Humphrey

30           Dr. Bruce E. Stuck

Newton Society

38           Mrs. Judith Wigginton Bowen

34           Mr. D. Jeffrey Landreth

Patrons Circle

34           Mr. J. Reid Bradshaw

47           Mrs. Susan Bast Garrison

24           Major Thomas J. Halpin

44           Mrs. Donna Foard Knorr

44           Mrs. Frances Ashburn Sessoms

Heritage Circle

33           The Rev. Melody S. Herr Bruen

37           Mr. John D. Isenberg

21           Mr. Charles W. Stafford

40           Mr. Kenneth A. Teunon

Century Circle

29           Mrs. Martha Kann Arthur

13           Mr. Paul D. Boger, Jr.

32           Dr. Donna Lynn Breitenstein

28           Mr. Troy D. Davis

31           Mrs. Ann Green Fearrington

15           Mrs. Sue Nance Lentz

12           Mrs. Georgia Peele McCorkle

35           Mr. Edward F. Nester

33           Ms. Olivia J. O'Neal

34           Mrs. Ann Thore Propst

16           Mr. H. Allan Rouzer, III

34           Mr. Chester G. Schultz

24           Mrs. Judith Laucks Tim

24           Mr. Barry L. White

Sustaining Donor

33           Ms. Peggy A. Crunkilton

22           Mr. William E. Evans

30           Mr. Roddey R. Fisher

23           Mrs. Karen Tomlin Haas

18           Reverend Johnnie W. Lengel

23           Mrs. Madelyn Emerson London

30           Mrs. Dianne McKinney Putnam

5             Mr. Rondal J. Sharpe


Founders Society

50*        Dr. Charles T. Muse, Sr.

Newton Society

36           Mr. Edward L. Koontz

Patrons Circle

16           Mr. Michael R. Cady

20           Mr. Steven V. Sigmon

Heritage Circle

50*        Mr. H. Wayne Hinshaw

33           Ms. Beth Klukoske

12           Ms. Tessa S. Lesley

42           Mrs. Carolyn E. Peeler

Century Circle

33           Mr. Daniel W. Arthur

25           Mrs. Joyce Madara Bambrick

12           Dr. James E. Cutcliffe, III

35           Mr. R. Bruce Ebersole

28           Mr. Jerry T. Freeman

15           Ms. Noreen Anstine Fulton

10           Mr. Jim L. Graham

44           Mrs. Linda Hutchinson Gulledge

27           Mr. Kilbourne A. Henry, Jr.

8             Mr. John D. Hodges

39           Mrs. Vickie Goddard Kutz

42           Ms. Nancy Leinbach Laimbeer

15           Mrs. Martha Parker Moore

38           Mrs. Katharine Wright Osborne

18           Mr. David T. Snyder

9             Mr. Ned L. Story, Jr.

25           Mrs. Helen Boal Zimmerman

Sustaining Donor

28           Mrs. Barbara Kann Beard

10           Mrs. Julia Bland Blankinship

27           Mrs. Susan Miller Joiner

18           Mrs. M. Claire Wilson Linker

38           Mrs. Donna Rabenhorst Nifong

46           Mrs. Cynthia Workman Sfanos

31           Mr. Terry F. Shive

48           Mr. William A. Shockley

46           Mrs. Marguerita Hanley Wissinger


Guarantor - Cum Laude

27           Mrs. Anne Esterline Fogg

1851 Society

25           Mr. Edwin Stuart Powell, Jr.

Newton Society

35           Mr. L. Drew Buie

49*        Ms. Jenna Ray Clayton

39           Dr. Philip A. May

Patrons Circle

24           Mr. Robert H. Hunt, Jr.

14           Mr. James B. Mills

27           Mr. G. Darrel Parks (d)

32           Mrs. Cynthia McGinnis Smith

33           Rev. Clarence L. Stumb

40           Mr. Larry W. Taylor

38           Mr. Steve A. Van Pelt

14           Mrs. Gail Garber Wood

Heritage Circle

23           Mr. George M. Fouts, Sr.

27           Mr. Michael W. Hillard

34           Mr. Richard R. Kluttz

35           Dr. Philip G. Koehler

40           Mr. Ronald E. Markle

45           Mrs. Deborah Wiley Wales

45           Mr. Harold S. Wales, Jr.

47           Mr. John J. Whittington, III

Century Circle

26           Ms. Wendy A. Brown

42           Mrs. Ruth Groman Cain

41           Mrs. Martha Stout Francis

46           Mr. Norman B. Hedrick, Jr.

27           Mr. Roger J. Leab

39           Ms. Harriett A. Leithiser

4             Mrs. Donna Poloff Lewis

30           Mr. Robert G. Lohr, Jr.

15           Mr. Mitchell W. Matthews

10           Mr. Howard M. Paynter, Jr.

43           Mrs. Joanne Deitch Popovich

32           Mr. Jack A. Ramsey, Jr.

25           Mr. James C. Zimmerman

Sustaining Donor

27           Mr. Lee E. Bartels

34           Mrs. Susan Bitner Bottini

11           Mr. Alvin B. Brandon, C.P.A.

29           Ms. Cathie I. Brettschneider

19           Mrs. Phyllis Chatlos Kelly

32           Mrs. Myra Sechrest McLellan

11           Mrs. Cathy Gingrich Oakes

49*        Mrs. Molly Spooner Olandt

2             Mrs. Judith Horner Snider

39           Mr. Mark E. Straub

26           Mr. Harrison B. Swander, Jr.


Guarantor - Summa Cum Laude

24           Mr. Chester A. Michael, III

Guarantor - Cum Laude

52*        Ms. Mary Anne Laningham (d)

19           Mr. Richard A. Meyer

Founders Society

30           Mrs. Blanche Greene Glover

Sponsors Society

22           Mr. Benjamin H. Bridges, III

1851 Society

24           Rev. Christine Bohr Anderson

38           Dr. Edith M. Bolick

38           Rev. Lawrence R. Bolick

Newton Society

46           Dr. John D. Balls

29           Mr. Michael S. Garrison

34           Mr. Dean J. Leech

14           Mr. Thomas S. Whitaker

14           Mrs. Vickie Greeson Whitaker

Patrons Circle

44           Mr. Gordon A. Kirkland

18           Mr. Gary S. Kochman

14           Mr. Robert C. Wood

Heritage Circle

21           Mrs. Lynda Fairbanks Atkins

40           Dr. Frances Faust Barger

43           Mrs. Janet Hagerman Buskirk

24           Mr. Kirby R. Foley, Sr.

29           Mr. Edward B. Higgins, Jr.

17           Mr. Michael E. Reynolds

14           Mr. William L. Salvatore

47           Mrs. Sharon Wagoner Whittington

40           Dr. Glenn S. Wolfgang

Century Circle

18           Mr. Henry A. Adams

33           Mrs. Katharine Hood Barker

33           Mr. Stephen R. Beall

28           Mr. Ronald W. Christman

49*        Rev. Dr. Kenneth W. Clapp

32           Mr. Robert C. Davis

26           Mrs. Diane Miller Emerick

25           Mr. Thomas W. Emerick

34           Reverend Gerald D. Fuss

37           Mr. Thomas W. Harper

27           Mr. Talmadge Ike Hill

2             Mrs. Susan Glover Lippard

21           Mr. James I. Lopp

14           Dr. John H. Maydak

13           Mrs. Nancy Eagle Parrish

6             Mr. Jerry W. Pickett

25           Mr. Gregory V. Poff

25           Mrs. Sallye Howard Poff

18           Mrs. Mary Childrey Rakestraw

37           Mrs. Dianne Thomas Setzer

16           Mr. Roger C. Shafer

24           Ms. Norma Hyman Sullivan

23           Mrs. Rebecca Lackey Withers

22           Dr. Rebecca Alston Zimberg

Sustaining Donor

32           Mr. Robert E. Dunham, Jr.

29           Mrs. Marjory Levan Ewald

2             Mr. Richard T. Feimster

14           Reverend Gary C. Hauze

14           Mrs. Linda Young Hauze

11           Mrs. Margaret Russell Lopatka

11           Mr. Darrell K. Oakes

28           Mr. Joseph E. Organtini, Jr.

29           Mr. Wayne D. Robeson

38           Mrs. Nancy Schmidt Romeo

32           Mrs. Martha Stirewalt Safrit

31           Mrs. Louann Deyton Shive


Guarantor - Cum Laude

19           Mrs. Nancy Yundt Meyer

Founders Society

15           Mr. Michael L. Webb

Sponsors Society

6             Mr. F. William Griffin, Jr.

41           Dr. Dolan Hubbard

Newton Society

32           Mr. Robert B. Arnold, Jr.

32           Mrs. Susan Moss Arnold

45           Mr. Daniel T. Bross

29           Mrs. Lorraine Lippincott Garrison

26           Mr. Philip T. Marshall

24           Mr. Michael F. Strejc

Patrons Circle

29           Mr. Steven C. Morgan

26           Mrs. Debra Book Shelton

32           Dr. William V. Stevens

31           Mrs. Margaret Snyder Stumb

Heritage Circle

37           Mr. Lynn P. Andrews

42           Mr. Thomas E. Atkins

16           Mr. William N. Bartlett

36           Mr. Thomas W. Bay

47*        Mr. Douglas B. Gardner

37           Mrs. Betsy Taylor Hollis

37           Dr. Thomas G. Hollis

26           Dr. Carol Lee Houghton

8             Mr. Donald W. Moose

34           Rev. Dr. George K. Mummert

Century Circle

34           Mr. Chester A. Abee

26           Mrs. Jacquelyn James Adams

               Mrs. Charlotte Miller Baity

16           Mrs. Jonna Turner Barber

20           Mr. D. Elliott Bayer

20           Mrs. Kenna Barnes Bayer

33           Mr. Samuel W. Berkheiser, Jr.

36           Mrs. Pamela Lokey Bowman

31           Mrs. Marie Felts Carmichael

24           Mr. Douglas A. Corriher

3             Mr. Thomas E. Dunlop

34           Mr. Dennis E. Franklin

33           Mrs. Sharon McCrabb Franklin

31           Mrs. Susan Earnhardt Gifford

13           Ms. Christina Bost Hall

32           Mrs. Candace Nolan Hallett

38           Mr. J. Edward Hampton

10           Mr. Michael McConchie

11           Dr. Harry Monokian

35           Mr. J. Eric Norris

35           Mrs. Kathy Weaver Norris

44           Mrs. Cindy Anderson Schoonmaker

9             Mrs. Nancy Turner Story

31           Mrs. Marcia P. Summers

38           Mr. Frank H. Truluck, Jr.

11           Mr. Daniel Weber

24           Dr. Artie L. Wilding

Sustaining Donor

26           Mrs. Susan Wilson Ferris

15           Mrs. Rebecca Forcum Laws

24           Mrs. Polly Raab McFate

35           Mr. Thomas G. Mohler, Jr.

36           Mrs. Virginia Marlin Mohler

29           Mr. William G. Ryburn

39           Mrs. Nancy Loving Straub

36           Mrs. Jennifer Baskin Taylor


Guarantor - Cum Laude

43           Ms. Barbara L. Marshall

Founders Society

44           Mr. David D. Blalock, Jr.

44           Mrs. Nancy Roakes Blalock

16           Mrs. Susan Antrim Webb (d)

1851 Society

40           Dr. G. Edward Hughes

46*        Mr. David R. Patterson

Newton Society

38           Mr. Al W. Huffman, III

38           Ms. Abigail Hastings Kerr

6             Mr. Marty P. Mundy

32           Mr. Harold K. Roberts, Jr.

Patrons Circle

39           Mrs. Karen Bean Costie

27           Ms. Marsha E. Kessler

32           Mr. Beng Lim

26           Mr. W. Ronald Shelton

40           Mrs. Penny Wagner Taylor

               Mrs. Mary Johnson Tidrick (d)

               Mr. Jeffrey B. Tidrick

37           Mr. Charles H. Vaughan

Heritage Circle

42           Mrs. Bonnie Finlaw Atkins

37           Mrs. Julia Taylor Ebel

22           Mr. Lewis W. Moore, Jr.

4             Mr. Larry Tootoo

37           Mr. Woodrow T. Washam, Jr.

Century Circle

26           Mr. David A. Adams

20           Mr. J. Timothy Baer

6             Mr. William S. Baker

5             Dr. Jacalyn Book

31           Mrs. Susan Trimble Brunner

               Mrs. Julia Storie Cline

4             Mr. Charles M. Dahlgren

13           Mr. Gary Earnhardt

26           Mr. J. Mark Golding

45           Mrs. Anna Berrier Kepley

37           Mrs. Helen Williams Moran

40           Mrs. Susan Moreau

40           Dr. Bradley M. Roof

26           Mrs. Joyce Derting Summers

29           Mrs. Freida Deese Tarlton

2             Mrs. Barbara Smith Tedford

2             Ms. Sally M. Watters

24           Mrs. Mary Lynn Bland Wilding

Sustaining Donor

24           Ms. Carol Davis Ashley

31           Ms. Carlisle Holeman

41           Mr. James E. Neikirk

21           Mrs. Marcia Manon Rahn

26           Ms. Joanne Reger

27           Mrs. Nancy Culp Sajeski

41           Mr. M. Richard Trexler

21           Ms. Sallie A. Vick


Guarantor - Cum Laude

43           Mr. Thomas E. Burdette

Sponsors Society

35           Mr. Robert S. Setzer

1851 Society

31           Mr. James F. Burch, Jr.

Newton Society

37           Mr. Kirby R. Willis

Patrons Circle

3             Mr. David M. Taylor

30           Dr. John S. Tutterow

Heritage Circle

26           Mrs. Lee Lagakis Boswell

30           Ms. Alison Derse

25           Mr. David L. Linker

31           Mr. G. Stephen Roeder

48*        Mr. Richard E. Shields, Jr.

40           Mr. Boyd K. Simerson, Jr.

Century Circle

5             Mrs. Cynthia Gudger Baldwin

28           Mrs. Barbara Myers Christman

15           Mrs. Susan Lowman Crosby

34           Mr. William J. Deaton, Jr.

35           Mrs. Jill Rowe DiZio

6             Ms. Patricia C. Domer

21           Ms. Melinda Alexander Eidson

               Dr. Neil S. Hamilton

38           Mrs. Karen Wagner Jerolamon

21           Mr. Robert M. Jolley

43           Mr. Jack S. Kepley, Jr.

30           Mr. Dale R. King

11           Mr. Roachel J. Laney

35           Mr. Joseph W. Layton

37           Ms. Deborah Wilson Lesley

31           Mrs. Mary Maxine Lewis

12           Mr. Ralph D. Naylor

43           Dr. Cynthia B. Osterhus

23           Mrs. Crystal Rambo Price

28           Mr. Kermit L. Racey, II

25           Ms. Nancy Q. Raum

47*        Mrs. Jessica Briggs Sechriest

28           Mr. B. Scott Shuford

5             Mr. Stephen M. Tucker

33           Mr. Randall R. White

Sustaining Donor

20           Mr. Randal H. Breininger

27           Mrs. Linda Gamble Fairley

4             Mrs. Faye Grose Hollar

31           Mrs. Becky Lipe Morris

16           Mrs. Ann Gwathmey Porter


Guarantor - Summa Cum Laude

37           Mrs. Deborah Williams Messinger

Guarantor - Magna Cum Laude

26           Mr. Larry T. Cloninger, Jr.

Guarantor - Cum Laude

37           Mr. Joseph R. Gorman

Sponsors Society

35           Mrs. Pamela Gilkerson Setzer

24           Mr. J. Randy Southard

Newton Society

38           Mr. J. Clarke Davis

19           Mrs. Lindsay Lambert Dietrich

19           Mr. Richard B. Gilliam

17           Rev. Dr. H. William Green

34           Mr. Alan R. Hines

Patrons Circle

38           Mr. D. Glenn Elzey

29           Mr. H. James Moore

29           Mrs. Lynn Jones Moore

25           Mr. W. Hamp Shuford, III

36           Mrs. Susan Mensinger Stewart

Heritage Circle

22           Mr. Glenn G. Deibert

13           Rev. Dr. Pamela Parker Eliason

35           Mrs. Peggy Injaychock Henderson

7             Mr. Sterling L. Keesee

43           Mr. James E. Laubach

44*        Mr. Charles F. Lindler

41           Dr. Carl P. Starnes

Century Circle

27           Mr. William W. Brooks

3             Ms. Ortell Diane Cromer

35           Mr. Thomas X. DiZio

20           Mrs. Carolyn Ingling Giovacchini

19           Ms. Margaret Daniel Harris

27           Mrs. Diane Dillon Hooper

20           Mrs. Miriam Sigler Koon

5             Mr. Stanley T. Link

13           Mrs. Cynthia Williams Monokian

24           Ms. Gail E. Rodger

47*        Mr. Stephen L. Sechriest

8             Mrs. Katrina Lee Townsend

33           Ms. Kim Whitener

35           Mrs. Nanette S. Whitley

Sustaining Donor

4             Mr. William K. Bache

38           Mrs. Barbara Inman Bailey

15           Mrs. Sarah Earnhardt Baker

30           Mrs. Debra Gross Brauner

30           Mrs. Cynthia Shaw Brock

6             Dr. John D. Kuentzel

21           Mr. Larry J. Land

37           Mrs. Cynthia Johnston Meranda

33           Ms. Elizabeth S. Pappas

26           Ms. Peggie K. York


Guarantor - Cum Laude

37           Dr. Randall S. Crumpler

Sponsors Society

22           Mr. Nickolas W. Catanzariti, Jr.

39           Mr. S. Gary Elkins

31           Mrs. Patricia Smythe Nase

32           Mr. Robert S. Nase

Newton Society

19           Mr. Richard L. Dietrich

25           Mr. Charles P. Farthing, III

Patrons Circle

28           Mr. Mario S. Contarino

27           Mrs. Mary Jo Rutledge Dennard

44*        Mrs. Gail Stauffer Dovalovsky

39           Mrs. Pamela Lee Smith

13           Reverend Susan Harris White

Heritage Circle

22           Mr. Edward C. Ashby, III

35           Mr. Thomas R. Bonebrake, II

20           Mrs. Stephanie Hopkins Fields

40           Mrs. Ellen Anderson Overbeck

9             Ms. Rita Dale Snyder

24           Ms. Elizabeth Vogler Sparks

10           Ms. Jane Moody Stone

Century Circle

34           Mrs. Carolyn Coble Cline

33           Mrs. Dinah Feimster Daniels

27           Mr. Raymond S. Dombrowski, Jr.

4             Mr. Joseph S. Himes

28           Mr. Kevin D. Kirk

21           Ms. Cynthia J. Krejci

26           Mr. Alan Lentz

25           Mr. Lester P. Martin, III

26           Mr. W. Larry Nixon

23           Mr. Michael J. Olson

8             Mr. Michael A. Ponticello

14           Dr. William E. Schnuit, Jr.

Sustaining Donor

27           Mrs. Gayle Morse Faath

36           Mrs. Donna McGinnis Markey

11           Mrs. Carol Kluttz Moffitt

32           Ms. Rosanne Luongo O'Mahony

               Mr. Jerry Price

11           Mrs. Sharon Sloop Ritchie

37           Ms. Kim A. Roberto


Guarantor - Cum Laude

32           Ms. Janet Murphy

5             Mr. W. Gerald Smith, Jr.

Sponsors Society

16           Mr. Robert F. Wagner

1851 Society

39           Mr. William V. Godley, Jr.

Newton Society

24           Mr. Edward J. Daly

41           Ms. Nancy S. Marshall

28           Mr. L. Kent Rabon

Patrons Circle

33           Mr. Ronald H. Adams

29           Mr. Stephen C. Bona

13           Mr. R. Carlton White, Jr.

Heritage Circle

35           Ms. Jan Miller Dineen

13           Ms. Mathy Milling Downing

37           Mr. Mark E. Hollis

43*        Mrs. Anne Saunders Laubach

40           Mr. John S. Overbeck

29           Mrs. Sharrie Haines Ross

5             Mrs. Robyn Henry Smith

5             Mr. S. Kim Smith

9             Mr. James L. Taylor, Jr.

Century Circle

12           Colonel David L. Aycoth

41           Mr. Benjamin R. Case

5             Mrs. Janice Pinchuk Czarniecki

13           Mrs. Beverly Power Gobble

40           Mr. Donald E. Gray

37           Mr. Ronald P. Hinebaugh

4             Mr. John L. Hutton

36           Mr. Robert H. Keck, Jr.

42*        Mrs. Pamela Ramseur McDaniel

16           Ms. Johanna Inman O'Kelley

9             Mr. Kevin O'Neill

32           Mrs. Rose Harris Ogburn

18           Mrs. Elizabeth Floyd Painter

18           Chap. Mack R. Painter

41           Mrs. Jean Bain Quist

21           Capt. John H. Rapp

31           Mrs. Anne Cleveland Renkes

13           Dr. Lisa Zimmerman Schnuit

15           Mr. John M. Thompson

35           Mrs. Nancy Cheek Wagoner

Sustaining Donor

               Mr. John C. Bell

21           Mr. Forry Buckingham

20           Mrs. Teresa Waugh Hewitt

25           Mr. David S. Holloway

31           Ms. Ruth M. Hurst

20           Mr. Joseph L. Lebherz, Jr.

19           Mrs. Rosanne Webster Pate

18           Mrs. Dori Thompson Pomponio

               Mrs. Willie Mae Beatty Reddick

16           Mrs. Anne Patterson Slater

16           Mr. Michael S. Slater

28           Mr. Jay Weemhoff

28           Mrs. Rebecca Gabriel Weemhoff

19           Mr. Richard C. Whitt


Guarantor - Cum Laude

37           Mrs. Sharon Cochran Gorman

25           Ms. S. Sally Whitney

Founders Society

34           Mr. Steve P. Harkins

Sponsors Society

36           Mr. Joseph C. Popp

1851 Society

39           Mrs. Margaret Kivett Godley

33           Mr. Rikki L. Spencer

Newton Society

24           Mrs. Constance Kirkpatrick Daly

36           Mr. Barry D. Fisher, Sr.

36           Mrs. Cary Harwood Koontz

10           Mrs. Susan Linn Norvell

7             Mr. Allen C. Simmons

Patrons Circle

36           Mrs. Barbara Ward Bist

36           Mr. Michael P. Bist

27           Mr. Thomas S. Dennard

2             Mr. Lewis N. Fader

25           Mrs. Beth Straight Jackson

7             Mr. Randy Y. Link

39           Mr. Stuart B. Smith

Heritage Circle

25           Mr. James M. Hillegass

27           Mrs. Linda Sane Stamper

Century Circle

27           Mrs. Paula Barnhardt Baldwin

40           Mr. James M. Barco

38           Ms. Janet L. Bowers

14           Mrs. Karen Perrell Campbell

31           Mr. Donald A. Gale

41*        Mr. Michael G. Galy

11           Mr. Vernon B. Haynes

5             Mr. Bobby B. House, Jr.

23           Mr. David J. Jupiter

13           Mrs. Karen Thornton Michael

39           Mr. David A. Miles

7             Mr. Terry E. Osborne

31           Mr. David J. Renkes

40           Mrs. Laura Hoch Shriver

35           Mr. Johnny R. Wagoner

34           Mrs. Janice Shields White

36           Mrs. Lyn McAllister Wilson

Sustaining Donor

               Mrs. Cynthia Richards Bell

27           Mr. William Berl, IV

36           Mrs. Catherine Hyde Frey

36           Rev. Dr. Tyson L. Frey

41*        Dr. M. Katherine Grimes

7             Mr. Jeri L. Jones

23           Mr. Jonathan E. Parham

28           Mrs. Glenda White Tomlin


Sponsors Society

38           Mrs. Dorothy McLendon Haynes

38           Mr. Robert G. Haynes

1851 Society

34           Mrs. Pamela Troutman Heissenbuttel

Newton Society

25           Mr. James A. Davis

38           Mrs. Sandy Shelley Shoemaker

35           Honorable Joe A. Wild

Patrons Circle

13           Mr. T. Michael Casey

Heritage Circle

22           Mr. Christopher F. Bowles

23           Mr. C. Harper Holland, Jr.

26           Mr. John D. Munday

15           Ms. Alison Rowe

37           Mrs. Ann Coble Shaughnessy

16           Mr. Frank W. Snider, Jr.

Century Circle

24           Colonel Carl Bryant, USA

               Mr. Lonnie A. Carpenter, Jr.

26           Mr. Norman C. Chadwick (d)

6             Dr. Carol Gallik-Karlson

30           Ms. Sherry C. Garner

38           Mr. Richard D. Locklear

7             Mr. Jerry L. Moore

40*        Mr. James M. Shriver, III

14           Mr. Thomas W. Sink

19           Mr. Phillip L. Teague

34           Mrs. Donna Allred Yarbrough

Sustaining Donor

17           Mr. Edward J. Contarino

29           Mr. Russell W. Duncan, III

20           Rev. Carl M. Haynes

33           Mr. Robert J. Jones


Guarantor - Summa Cum Laude

31           Mr. Michael S. Bauk

Guarantor - Cum Laude

39*        Mr. Gregory M. Alcorn

Newton Society

25           Mr. James C. Moore

Patrons Circle

22           Mrs. Cathy Quackenbush Sexton

22           Mr. Thomas S. Sexton

Heritage Circle

35           Mr. Marvin A. Francis, Jr.

2             Ms. Virginia Diane Patton

29           Mrs. Penny M. Rice

Century Circle

31           Mr. John S. Arrowood

25           Mrs. Deborah Titus Callahan

19           Ms. Robin L. Getzendanner

27           Mr. William F. Haggerty

18           Mrs. Judith E. Hurder

               Mr. William R. Inscore, Jr.

32           Mrs. Theresa Wallace Matthews

25           Dr. Timothy S. McDaniel

6             Mr. Daniel O. McFarland

13           Mr. D. Craig Michael

31           Mr. J. Allan Turner

Sustaining Donor

31           Mr. Robert P. Burchard

8             Mrs. Vanessa Smith Carter

22           Mr. Mark W. Eagle

34           Mrs. Rebecca Grimes Mais

14           Mrs. Ann Preslar Riley

21           Mr. Alan B. Simmerson


Founders Society

28           Mrs. Nancy Foster Councill

38*        Rev. Dr. Barbara Kershner Daniel

Sponsors Society

13           Mr. Kendall L. Dobler

Newton Society

12           Mrs. Dianne Bradley Boduszek

Patrons Circle

25           Dr. Kenneth B. Batts

20           Mr. Stephen Smingler

Heritage Circle

36           Mr. Sean T. Mulholland

5             Ms. Madlynn Tschopp Zurawski

Century Circle

23           Mr. James E. Bernatzky

10           Mr. Wilson Lopez

26           Mr. Alfred F. Manning

26           Mrs. Jodi Wild Manning

29           Mr. Gordon Morrison

20           Mrs. Kathy Stockman Nichols

36           Mr. Mark E. Strickland

11           Mrs. Desi Taylor Weber-Neal

Sustaining Donor

14           Mr. David W. Collins

18           Mrs. Betty Edwards Echerd

21           Ms. Cathy L. Fry

25           Mr. Joseph E. Stine


Guarantor - Summa Cum Laude

31           Mrs. Elizabeth Peeler Bauk

Founders Society

35           Mr. Mark G. Alexander

36           Mr. Richard W. Waggoner, Jr.

Newton Society

21           Ms. Clare Arthur Bass

37*        Mr. Jeffrey D. Schaeberle

Patrons Circle

34           Mrs. Katherine Leinbach Frye

20           Mrs. Vannessa Grigdesby Smingler

30           Mr. Lowell M. Sprague

Heritage Circle

25           Mrs. Nancy Hart Almond

10           Mrs. Monica Morison Farrington

20           Mrs. Judith Gooch Newman

35           Mrs. Ketti Weaver Overcash

Century Circle

41*        Mrs. Angela Furr Case

36           Mrs. Marcy Hook Derby

3             Mrs. Susan Snider Hayes

29           Dr. Mark R. Hess

26           Mrs. Roxane Jackson Mills

20           Mrs. Cynthia Hander Poole

Sustaining Donor

7             Mr. R. Thomas Disseler

               Mr. Jay M. Temple


Newton Society

2             Mrs. Karen A. McCurry

Heritage Circle

36*        Mr. Edgar F. Breese

               Mr. J. William Butts

24           Mr. William C. Happer

36*         Mrs. Beverly Cooksey Mulholland

14           Ms. Frances C. Pearson

Century Circle

32           Mr. Kenneth D. Carrick, Jr.

21           Ms. Debra A. Gilley

2             Ms. Monda Steele Griggs

3             Mr. C. Kyle Hayes

23           Ms. Ann Moore Kirkman

32           Mrs. Lisa Riley Kraft

30           Mrs. Mary Battista Laux

Sustaining Donor

3             Mrs. Tanya Blocksom Dyson

22           Mrs. Elaine Koontz Snow

29           Mr. Richard L. Ungemach

23           Mrs. Jacqueline Smith Watson


Guarantor - Summa Cum Laude

22           Mrs. Shari Marshall Graham

22           Mr. William M. Graham

Newton Society

31           Mrs. Kimberlie Kroh Carrick

Patrons Circle

32           Mr. Douglas W. Northcutt

32           Mrs. Sandy Wilson Robinson

Heritage Circle

2             Mrs. Andrea Reitzel Baucom

24           Mrs. Kimberly Vazzana Happer

16           Mr. Steven J. Shuping

Century Circle

15           Ms. Rose Mary Cox

12           Mr. David L. Fawcett

4             Mr. Rickey D. Holt

19           Mr. Kevin D. Keiger

25           Mrs. Linda F. Kesler

32           Mr. Louis E. Kraft, IV

22           Mr. Patrick S. Price

35*        Mrs. Teresa Brady Thomas

Sustaining Donor

24           Mr. Calvin J. Cary

27           Ms. Kim Cropper Czajkowski

27           Mrs. Jean Basham Kwiatkowski

25           Mrs. Teresa Kellam Lowe


Guarantor - Cum Laude

34*         Mr. D. Bryan Jordan

1851 Society

24           Mr. James L. Crumel, Sr.

 Newton Society

32           Mr. M. Allen Carrick

34*        Mrs. Jane Brown Shumate

23           Mr. David L. Wood

Patrons Circle

15           Mr. Branson A. Pethel

32           Colonel (Retired) T. Scott Robinson, USA

Heritage Circle

34*        Mr. Paul P. Dziomba

7             Mrs. Tanya Huffines Muehlbauer

Century Circle

20           Mrs. Loraine McDaniel Blackwood

34*        Mr. Johnny C. Bruce

28          The Honorable J. Lynn Shuping Gullett

33           Mrs. Julie Ramseur Lewis

15           Mr. William M. Lippard

2             Mrs. Angela C. Morton

4             Mrs. Melanie Kiser Paul

Sustaining Donor

4             Mrs. Anne Kesler Blume

5             Mrs. Sandra Wright Heil

               Mr. A. Craig Johnson

28           Mrs. Kimberly Charrot Richards


Founders Society

34*        Mr. Kevin D. Carlton

Sponsors Society

20           Lt. Col. Joseph A. Giunta, Jr.

1851 Society

14           Mr. Stephen P. Flood

Heritage Circle

20           Mr. Brent H. Parks

23           Mr. Joseph M. Trainor

Century Circle

25           Reverend Lori Anne Bowen

13           Mr. T. Keith Earnhardt, II

26           Mrs. Christina Daugherty Fowler

26           Dr. W. Edward Fowler

25           Mr. P. Wayne Kimbrell, Jr.

22           Mrs. Maria Proctor Price

Sustaining Donor

25           Mrs. Diana Deweese Stine

10           Mr. Samuel A. Towne, III

24           Mr. Alan E. Whitley


Founders Society

5             Dr. Bradley J. Hamm

Sponsors Society

33*        Mr. Phillip O. Stillman

Newton Society

11           Mr. R. Ken Wall, Jr.

Patrons Circle

14           Mr. Terence B. Ward

Heritage Circle

25           COL (ret) Chester C. Buckenmaier, III, MD

33*        Mr. Benjamin R. Hamm

               Mr. Paul M. Hoben

Century Circle

7             Mrs. Glenda Parrish Dellinger

13           Mr. J. Anthony Klubert

Sustaining Donor

5             Mr. Mark A. Canady

               Mrs. Ann Lombard Goodman

24           Mrs. Malea Thompson Whitley


Patrons Circle

26           Mr. Stephen A. Foye

Heritage Circle

32*        Mr. Joseph Crapster

27           Mr. Mark Domske

32*        Ms. Julie Frock

Century Circle

8             Ms. Piper Starrette Cline

17           Mr. Peter P. Kelly

5             Mr. Barry A. Mitchem

13           Mrs. Kathleen C. Thompson

Sustaining Donor

9             Ms. Paulette Locklear Davis

7             Mr. J. Cullen Jordan


Heritage Circle

27           Mrs. Paula Graffius Domske

Century Circle

24           Mr. John C. Bullins

5             Mrs. Sandra Cope Mitchem

3             Mr. Thomas H. Roemer


Patrons Circle

30*        Mr. James D. Lewis

23           Ms. Deborah A. Stillman

Heritage Circle

11           Mr. Keith Donnell Henry

Century Circle

11           Mr. J. Weidner Abernethy

14           Mrs. Tracy Hill Abernethy

18           Mr. Gregory H. Granger

8             Mrs. Kyna Snider Grubb

22           Ms. Shelia R. Hilliard

23           Ms. Kelly Brown Lineberry

15           Mr. Benjamin L. Pratt

4             Mr. Derrick M. Tharpe

24           Mr. Christopher J. Walters

Sustaining Donor

8             Mr. Chris Etheridge

24           Mr. Jim Gantt


Newton Society

2             Ms. Leslie Bradway Poteat

Heritage Circle

27           Mrs. Ann Stoner Bostian

11           Mrs. Illyse Silverman Sheaffer

Century Circle

15           Mr. Bradley A. Bost

23           Mr. Charles L. Graeber, II

Sustaining Donor

               Mr. Richard K. Luther

4             Mr. C. Timothy Norton


1851 Society

27*        Mrs. Helen Jones Brown

Newton Society

               Mr. Raymond A. Daniels

Heritage Circle

4             Mr. Eric D. Brady

27*        Mr. John D. Frock

13           Mr. Thomas G. Sheaffer

14           Mr. Douglas W. Sokolowski

Century Circle

4             Mrs. Sherry Flynn Brence

12           Mr. Brian S. Freeze

18           Mr. Rodney L. Goodine

Sustaining Donor

6             Mr. Alan T. Hood

15           Mr. Mitchell L. Kepley

27*        Mr. William B. Ludwig


Newton Society

4             Mr. Steven R. Downs

Patrons Circle

15           Mr. Peter J. Farrell

Heritage Circle

25           Mrs. Karen Bell Gaskill

Century Circle

5             Mr. A. Eddie Chamberlain

18           Mrs. Lisa Newton Granger

24           Mrs. Jackie George Walters

Sustaining Donor

24           Mrs. Beth Ann Sweigart Huxtable Pierce

8             Ms. Andrea Emerine Shepherd


Patrons Circle

21           Ms. Elizabeth Brandon Hervey

16           Mr. Wesley D. Lockfaw

Heritage Circle

23           Mr. Andrew E. Allvine

10           Mr. Curtis J. Walker

Century Circle

13           Mr. Brian J. Middleswarth

24           Mrs. Donna Grubbs Rymer

18           Mrs. Christina Brodt Sledd

Sustaining Donor

               Mr. William L. Gardner


Heritage Circle

25*        Mr. Scott A. Gaskill

3             Mr. F. Douglas Shifflett, Jr.

23           Mr. Thad E. Tucker

Century Circle

               Mr. Kenneth G. Avent, Jr.

10           Mr. E. Cameron Cridlebaugh, III

27*        Mrs. Carolyn N. Haggerty

4             Mrs. Kristin Cox Jones

24*        Mrs. Deanna Taylor Luna

14           Mrs. Dena Fraley Najarian

               Mr. Brad G. Strauss


Founders Society

9             Mr. Joseph H. Boley

13           Mr. N. Trent Bradshaw

1851 Society

24*        Mrs. Alison Horner Klopp

Newton Society

20           Mr. Hunter R. Boyd

3             Mrs. Pamela Huffman Falls

Patrons Circle

3             Mrs. Denise Laughlin Stewart

Century Circle

21           Ms. Lisa C. Brown

17           Mrs. Janet D. Fink

               Ms. Tammy Jo Jones

Sustaining Donor

7             Mr. Joseph P. Dunphy

2             Mr. D. Robert Elliott

2             Mrs. Margaret Ravenel Elliott


Patrons Circle

18           Mrs. Amy M. Hrinsin

19           Mr. Nathan A. Hrinsin

Heritage Circle

20           Mrs. Meredith Knowles Abramson

13           Mrs. Karen Witkop Hopkins

2             Mr. Bradley M. Wylde

Century Circle

3             Mr. Chad F. Clayton

9             Mr. Brian R. Hightower

14           Mr. Thomas B. Keady

19           Mr. Kyle T. Snyder

3             Ms. Ann Mary Warms

15           Ms. Kimberley Myrick Webster

Sustaining Donor

17           Ms. Tammy L. DeCesare

               Mr. Brian E. Perry


1851 Society

11           Mr. Keith E. Knight

Newton Society

13           Mr. Jason L. Wilson

Heritage Circle

5             Mr. Brad D. Brady

15           Mrs. Audrey Reitz Channell

               Mr. Bryan W. Evans

3             Mr. Christopher G. Juergens

18           Mrs. Hillery Sacco Nicholas

22*        Mrs. Julie Moore Ricker

               Mr. C. Michael White

Century Circle

11           Mr. A. Heath Bost

8             Mrs. Kristen Leatherman Brace

5             Ms. Shena E. Burgess

               Mr. Gerald A. Capraro, Jr.

               Mr. George Faustino

18           Mr. David H. Najarian

6             Mr. John M. Sawka

5             Mr. Derrick J. Summers

               Mr. Robert W. Sweet


Newton Society

21*        Mrs. Amanda Deal Lyall

Heritage Circle

21*        Mr. J. Trenton Newell

Century Circle

20*        Mrs. Vicki C. Allen

21*        Ms. Jill M. Andrews

4             Mr. Mark L. Brady

17           Ms. Brandy L. Cook

5             Mr. Michael P. Jacobs

21*        Ms. Marley B. Knowles

4             Ms. Beth Ann Meadows (d)

               Mrs. Mandi Berry Sweet

Sustaining Donor

6             Mr. John E. Bromels

24*         Mrs. Adrian W. Gantt

               Mr. Michael J. Murphy


Newton Society

3             Mr. Reginald W. Lewis

Patrons Circle

20*        Mr. J. Chad Swicegood

Century Circle

               Ms. Bronwynne B. Adcock

19*        Mrs. Kristen Carter Barber

17           Mrs. Jennifer O'Donnell Dwiggins

17           Mr. William L. Dwiggins, Jr.

4             Ms. Elizabeth Frank

4             Mr. Adrian R. Parker

13           Reverend Kristin Gerner Vaughn

Sustaining Donor

5             Ms. Elmira E. House

17           Mr. J. Tyson Stumpf


Newton Society

13           Mrs. Christina Tarlton Wilson

Patrons Circle

8             Mr. John A. Basinger

8             Mr. Timothy M. Hawley

Heritage Circle

19*        Mr. Paul E. Goodnight

Century Circle

4             Mr. Adrian K. Marbry

3             Mr. Peter J. Tolentino

2             Mr. David B. Trexler

Sustaining Donor

5             Mrs. Laurie Reynolds Bowles

15           Mrs. Sara Gilliam Crater

11           Ms. Lynne Huneycutt Fogner

19*        Dr. Jonathan L. Slaughter

17           Mrs. Bianka Rebecca Rhodes Stumpf


Newton Society

2             Mr. Adam B. White

Patrons Circle

13           Mrs. Angela McCullough Schuller

Heritage Circle

5             Mr. E. Miles Gurley

16           Mr. Troy A. Smith

13           Mrs. Amber R. Stanley

Century Circle

12           Mr. Michael A. Cabana

17*        Mr. Paul W. Fulk

2             Mr. Chad A. Secrest

Sustaining Donor

2             Mrs. Allison Dupree Adams

3             Mr. Kevin Michael Allingham

3             Mrs. Lisa Burris Holley


Newton Society

5             Ms. Jasika Nicole Pruitt

Patrons Circle

15           Ms. Sarah E. Drinkard

13           Mrs. Kim Baumgarner Head

Heritage Circle

16*        Mr. Aaron C. Isaac

16*        Mr. Robert E. Kincaid

               Mr. Marc Sira

Century Circle

4             Mrs. Leigh Anne Lawson Ellington

5             Ms. Lorelei S. Misenheimer

6             Mrs. Keli P. Robbins

10           Mr. Michael J. Robbins

4             Mrs. Amanda L. Tolentino

Sustaining Donor

4             Mr. Benjamin N. Foti

11           Rev. William M. Sowers


Patrons Circle

               Mrs. Jennifer Davis Hammond

Heritage Circle

15*        Mr. Douglas J. Carroll

15*        Mrs. Mandy Adcock Isaac

Century Circle

9             Mrs. Meredith Jones Cabana

5             Mrs. Brittin Stevens Cox

13           Mr. Jerry S. Hancock

6             Mr. Nicholas A. Means

Sustaining Donor

4             Ms. Renee Harris Bradshaw

4             Mrs. Wanda Bailey Grubb

12           Mrs. Kathy Morrow Haynes

               Mr. Shawn McBride


Heritage Circle

               Mrs. Noel Shieds Adams

5             Mrs. Laura Beth Hartis Barnhart

9             Mrs. Rebecca Kesler Clement

6             Mr. Matthew L. Cross

13           Mr. Douglas A. Stanley

Century Circle

7             Mrs. Caitlin Koukal Howes

11           Mr. Jesse D. Howes

11           Mr. Christopher S. Slaughter

Sustaining Donor

10           Ms. Debra J. Cook

               Miss Lindsay J. Gower

7             Mr. Anthony D. Grillo

17*        Mrs. Kelly Young Johnson

               Ms Danyel Luv Jolicoeur


Heritage Circle

3             Mr. Michael David Caskey, Jr.

10           Mr. Alexander O. Lopez

11           Ms. Kendall C. Prescott

Century Circle

11           Mr. Sean M. Bloom

6             Mr. Dustin S. Cox

4             Mr. James Edward Ellington, Jr.

9             Ms. Melanie C. Goergmaier

12           Ms. Cristyn N. Harrison

3             Mr. Bradley E. Kluttz

10           Mrs. Elizabeth Hewitt McKinnon

9             Mr. J. Luke Samples

8             Mrs. Erin Elizabeth Stringer

10           Mr. Kevin S. Trexler

13*        Dr. Katharine Phelps Walsh

Sustaining Donor

5             Mr. Thomas J. Giles

5             Mrs. Marja Hatfield Grillo

4             Mrs. Ashley McMillan Wall

8             Mr. Eddie F. Wall, Jr.


Newton Society

8             Mrs. Kristan Higgins Hernandez

Patrons Circle

4             Mr. Stewart McIntyre Adams

Heritage Circle

6             Mr. Brian A. Carter

Century Circle

3             Mr. Glen Demaul Lloyd

12*        Ms. Andrea C. Overbeck

3             Ms. Starla Allen Rogers

               Mrs. Paige Haverty Stalcup

Sustaining Donor

7             Ms. Eva J. Manney


Patrons Circle

3             Ms. Meredith Katherine Fox

5             Mr. Thomas J. Wydner

Heritage Circle

11*        Mrs. Elisa Antonia Alfieri Lopez

5             Mr. Matthew Taylor Sheets

Century Circle

8             Mrs. Camille Gardner Bass

7             Mrs. Amanda Moore Bloom

5             Ms. Leigh Ann Marcischak

11*        Ms. Nicki S. Vaughn

Sustaining Donor

2             Mrs. Lauren Fluegge Deters

11*        Mr. Donald A. Gullett

7             Mr. Kelly Wagner Little

8             Mr. R. Casey Swicegood


1851 Associates Society

7             Mr. Jonathan Lee Jordan

Patrons Circle

2             Mrs. Christine Ofslager Halpaus

Heritage Circle

6             Mr. Joseph C. Elmore

               Mrs. Lauren Wicker Hoben

3             Ms. Julia Caroline McKinzie

Century Circle

5             Mr. Allan R. Autry

7             Mrs. Kathleen Ann Blake

6             Mr. Ryan Gregory Dayvault

5             Dr. Meagan Kittle-Autry

4             Mr. Brad Davis Roach

6             Mr. Timothy Lewis Smith

3             Mr. Adam Gregory Taylor

6             Rev. Alexander S. Will


Century Circle

               Ms. Kelly Alise Munday


Sponsors Society

2             Mr. Mark Messier

1851 Associates Society

4             Mr. Thomas Alan Readling

Patrons Circle

8*           Mr. John Eugene Setliff, Jr.

Century Circle

8*           Mr. Nicholas Angelo Alfieri

               Mrs. Daphne Snider Atwood

5             Ms. Lauren E. Graham

               Mr. James Kyle Thortsen

4             Ms. Ashley Brooke Whitley

Sustaining Donor

3             Mrs. Kathryn Alexander Scott


1851 Associates Society

               Mr. Benjamin Patrick Miller

Heritage Circle

               Mr. Eric Warren West

               Mrs. Steffanie Jimenez West

Century Circle

4             Ms. Katie Leeanne Huff

5             Mr. William Reece Huneycutt

2             Mr. James Russell Pruitt

4             Mr. Stephen P. Stringer

Sustaining Donor

               Ms. Elizabeth Foye Owuamanam

7*           Mrs. Cari Adams Price

               Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Szep

7*           Ms. Kathleen Michelle Zielinski


1851 Associates Society

4             Mrs. Hope Lambeth Swicegood

Century Circle

2             Mr. James Walker Abbott

2             Ms. Stephanie Wyatt Cook

               Ms. Ana Kryloff Everwine

Sustaining Donor

5             Mr. Olivion Alexander Brown

5             Ms. Kimberly Marie Renspie

4             Mrs. Sarah Devlin Walker

5             Mrs. Melanie Hudson Watson


Heritage Circle

3             Ms. Emily Hope Pearson

Century Circle

3             Mr. Christian Anthony Crifasi

2             Mr. Lee Norman Martin

2             Mr. Benjamin John Veshi

Sustaining Donor

5*           Ms. Ellen Rene Eudy Baker

3             Mr. Garrett Paul McAuliffe

3             Mr. Spencer Davis Preston

2             Mr. Michael James Jose Trombino

3             Mr. Justin Matthew Wagoner


Heritage Circle

7*           Mr. Joel Porter Baker

Century Circle

               Ms. Melissa L. Barnette

4*           Mr. Jonathan Matthew Buffkin

3             Mr. Matthew A. Nicholson

Sustaining Donor

3             Mr. Dylan James Colson

4*           Mr. David James Crescenzo

4*           Mr. James Morgan Everidge

3             Ms. Jill Moore Hamilton

4*           Mr. Evan Thomas Harvey

               Mr. Steven Kelly Knapp

3             Mr. Otis Tisdale

               Ms. Kimberly Alyce Weemhoff


Century Circle

               Mr. Emiziah John Ronald Everwine

               Ms. Sloan Evelyn Kessler

Sustaining Donor

3*           Ms. Devan Louise Purvis

4*           Mr. Theodore Shepard

2             Ms. Paige Nicole Smart


1851 Associates Society

2*           Ms. Morgan Lane King

               Ms. Kimberly Renee Newton

Sustaining Donor

               Mr. Alex Thomas Lee

               Mr. Jack Ronald Stewart Mordey

               Ms. Kersten Denise Nagy


1851 Associates Society

               Mr. William Edward Albertson

               Mr. Avery Matthew Bowles

2*           Mr. Blake Douglas Brewer

               Mr. Andrew Philip Chambers

Sustaining Donor

               Mr. Nicholas A. Frotten

               Ms. Margaret Caroline Graham

               Mr. Michael Lawrence Sheehan

               Mr. Santiago Israel Suarez


1851 Associates Society

            Mr. Jeb Derring Bennett

            Mr. Micah Shapiro

Sustaining Donor

                Mr. Joshua Duncan Beaman

               Ms. Clarissa S. Davis Best

               Mr. Michelle Holsey Bost

               Mr. Ethan Michael Chirico

               Ms. Victoria Alexis Layton

               Mr. Duane Eric Leatherberry

               Ms. Madalyn Carol Liefert

               Mr. Chase Lucas Loudin

               Mr. Elliott Alan Miller

               Ms. Catherine Tordoff Sexton

               Ms. Kacie Roase Stamey

               Ms. Lisa Katherine Strupe

               Ms. Lance Brandon Swearingen

               Ms. Jordan Ramsay Van Landingham

               Mr. Perry Eugene Williams


Alumni Participation by Decades



Office of Development

  • Jeff Childress
    Associate Athletic Director / Director of Athletic Development

  • Meg Dees
    Interim Vice President of Development

  • Mike Huneycutt
    Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Jennifer Longwell
    Administrative Assistant

  • Mindy Miller
    Director of Annual Giving

  • Carolyn E. Peeler '68
    Director of Development

  • J. Randy Southard '74
    Senior Development Associate

  • Erin E. Stringer '05
    Director of Alumni and Parent Relations

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Office of Development
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(Levels of giving)
Summa Cum Laude
($50,000 and above)
Magna Cum Laude
($25,000 to $49,999)
Cum Laude
($10,000 to $24,999)
($5,000 to $9,999)
($2,500 to $4,999)
($1,851 to $2,499)
($750 to $1850)
($500 to $749)
($250 to $499)
($100 to $249)
($1 to $99)
Current Student - $100
1 Year past graduation - $100
2 Years past graduation - $200
3 Years past graduation - $300
4 Years past graduation - $400
5 Years past graduation - $500
6 Years past graduation - $600
7 Years past graduation - $700
8 Years past graduation - $800
9 Years past graduation - $900
10 Years past graduation - $1,000