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Minors Policy Training

Minors in Catawba College Programs Policy Training

Section 1: Introduction

In today's world, it is not uncommon to see a report of sexual abuse of minors in the news. Places that were once considered safe, such as elementary schools, sports camps and even churches have been associated with potential abuse. To protect minor children (under the age of eighteen) who participate in activities and programs on college land and facilities, or under the authority and direction of the college, Catawba College has implemented a Policy for Minors in Catawba College Programs.



Who Must Comply With The Policy?
The Policy for Minors in Catawba College Programs affects all units of the college, such as athletic camps, academic camps, other programs, and similar activities intended for minors. Specifically the policy applies to all adults who:

  • Interact with minors or work in programs that take place on college land or facilities
  • Work under the authority and direction of Catawba College at other locations
  • Work as Catawba employees and who interact with minor children.

For the purposes of the training and this document, the adults (either internal or external to Catawba) who will interact with minor children as part of an activity or program as defined by the policy will be referred to as "program staff member." A program staff member can be Catawba faculty, Catawba employees, employees of the program that sponsor the activity at Catawba, or a volunteer.

Who Is Exempted from This Policy?
Enrolled Catawba students who are minors.

What Do I Have To Do?

To meet the requirements of the policy, the program staff member (you) must complete this workbook as your training and pass an annual assessment with at least seventy percent accuracy before working with minors.

This workbook will provide information about the policy, information about potential abuse, possible scenarios and situations, and Check Your Understanding questions with a key. These Check Your Understanding questions and answers will be very similar to the assessment questions.

Screening Program Staff Members

The Policy for Minors in Catawba College Programs requires that a criminal background check is performed for all program staff members before the individual works with minors. This check must be conducted each year for all program staff members. The program director works with Catawba Human Resources to request the criminal background check on all adults, including but not limited to, faculty, staff, students, and volunteers, who work with, instruct or otherwise come into contact with minors. If the check reveals a criminal record, the program director will refer the program staff member's application to Catawba Human Resources for evaluation.

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