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Delivery & Packages

mail1.jpgDelivery Times & Packages
Mail is distributed Monday-Friday in student boxes daily. Students who have received a package will be notified via an e-mail from Packages arrive throughout the day and may be picked up at the campus post office window Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Students must present their Student ID when picking up a package. Your mail/packages will not be released to anyone unless you send an e-mail to giving us permission.

Internal Mail and Delivery
Administrative offices receive mail delivery once a day.  At this time, the outgoing mail will also be picked up. For speedy processing of your mail that is picked up, we ask that it be prepared as follows:

  • Please have all mail facing the same direction.
  • For all mail that is to be metered, please separate the envelopes that are already sealed from the envelopes that need to be sealed. Any department mail coming to the campus post office to be metered must be accompanied by a Meter Slip and must be (clearly) signed by the person submitting the mail to be metered.  
  • Separate your outgoing meter mail as follows:          
    • Domestic
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • All other foreign mail
  • Please keep inter-campus and outgoing stamped mail separate from mail that needs to be metered.
  • Please separate all mail requiring special services such as Certified, Insured, Registered, Delivery Confirmation.
  • Please make sure that your department name is on the envelope (in case it needs to be returned to you for some reason).
  • Letters to faculty or staff need the recipient's department name included with the name of the person.
  • Letters to students need the student box number. Please remember to put them in numerical order for speedy delivery to the students' box.
  • If your department uses more than one account number, please be sure to include the appropriate number and account name with all the outgoing mail to be metered.
  • If you bring something from home that you plan to 'Return to Sender' (like CD's or books) please don't put these things in with the mail to be picked up in the morning. You are welcome to bring these things to Mail Services to be added in with the outgoing mail.
  • Please bring personal items (from your home) to Mail Services that have a UPS, Fed Ex pick-up label or even a U.S.P.S. postage paid label. These items should not be included with the mail to be picked up.
  • If you are returning a cartridge for recycling, please have the box taped with the address leabel (that is inlcuded in the box) affixed to the outside of the box.
  • If any group or department is collecting empty cartridges, please call that department to pick the cartridge(s) up from you or your department.  Space is very limited in the Mail Services department.