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Website & Domain Policies

Mission Statement
Catawba's website ( and any information that is presented directly from that site or its affiliated sites is for the purpose of promoting Catawba College and providing up-to-date information about the College.

The role of the webmaster (, who resides in the Office of Public Relations, is to maintain a positive image of the college via the website while providing current and accurate information in a timely manner to visitors outside the college community. Content from various campus departments is provided to the webmaster to post to the site and this method of keeping content updated within a centralized and consistent presentation works well in providing a unified product.

The primary function of websites maintained and hosted by Public Relations, therefore, is marketing for the global internet audience, the public sector. The functions of our websites are to provide information about Catawba, its programs, facilities, events, faculty and staff to a multi-faceted audience: prospective students and parents, alumni and the general public at large. Aside from that purpose, the Catawba website serves as a portal site to detailed academic and educational material for the campus community itself within the boundaries of our available resources.

Updates to the Website
Updates to the website must be submitted via the online PR Request system.


External Websites & Domains
It is our policy and preference that all web content be hosted within the domain. In the rare cases where an external website and domain name is needed, the respective department should contact Public Relations so that the domains may be registered with the other official domains owned by the College. Departments should not acquire domains and web hosting for external websites on their own. To ensure that College standards, branding and procedures are followed, these need to be coordinated through the Office of Public Relations.


The office of Public Relations agrees that faculty should have access to a webserver or website to freely post course supplements, syllabi, and other educational materials. This is a service of Information Technology, who maintains a Blackboard Course Info server expressly for this purpose. It is the mission of the Information Technology department to provide the Catawba Community academic services using various means of technology.

Faculty Websites
However, there is server space available through the webmaster for free faculty use at If you are a member of the Catawba Faculty and your needs are not met by the structure of Blackboard, please contact the webmaster to have an account established. Material posted here would be any course materials that do not fit within the structure of Blackboard, or personal faculty webpages. Links can be made from the official Catawba website to faculty sites on this server. Faculty websites must be maintained and administrated by the owner.

T Drive
In addition to this, all faculty members have space on the T:/ drive on the Catawba network to post course-related information that students on campus can access. The directories are divided up according to academic departments, then by faculty name. If you are a faculty member and no directory is listed under your departmental folder, please contact Information Technology at 4666 to have one established.

Student Organizations 
Student organizations and clubs would fall under the category and structure of intranet services. However, if student organizations desire to have a website, they can request the webmaster to make a link to their off-site page from an area — designated by the College — on the official college website.

At this time, Catawba cannot provide student organizations with the server space to host their websites.

Catawba College and the Office of Public Relations reserve the right to deny URL posting based on what may be viewed as offensive or inappropriate material therein. Links to these homepages are provided as a service to the students of Catawba College. These homepages are not part of the Catawba College website, but are the work of the individual people represented. Inclusion of such pages does not represent the college's endorsement nor the endorsement of the College. Catawba College claims no responsibility for their content, nor are the opinions expressed therein necessarily the opinions of Catawba College. Views and opinions expressed are those of the authors. Comments on the content of these pages should be addressed to the individual authors.

Updated 7/17/18