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About the Website
The responsibility of the Catawba College website design, maintenance and continued development is housed in the Office of Public Relations. As an integral marketing tool, the website serves many of the college's constituents in relaying information. However, the responsibility of making sure the information relayed via the Catawba College falls to each and every department on campus.

Using a standardized design, the college site is structured from template-based pages that allows campus content managers to easily update their departmental websites. This allows for shared ownership and authorship across campus while keeping a cohesive and manageable site, ensuring all information is correct and updated.


The responsibility of keeping segments of the website updated which is shared among multiple content managers across campus. Each content manager is responsible for their respective departmental pages, lending to the accuracy and population of the college website as a whole.

Content Manager
A college employee who has been appointed as the person responsible for keeping their respective department's site updated with current and accurate content.

Each content manager authors a departmental homepage, which can also be defined as subsites or micro-sites of the College website.

A pre-designed "master" with both locked and editable regions that a content manager works within while editing their web pages.

Website Style Guide
The visual design of the Catawba website shall be governed by the Office of Public Relations and will reflect printed marketing pieces in similarity for a unified representation of the college. For more details of standards in place, please read the Graphics Standards Manual (PDF).

Visual design, site navigation, application development, and advanced features on the Catawba College website can transform as our visual identity, development technology and website services change. The Office of Public Relations reserves the right to lead the college in this task.

Website Policies
The Office of Public Relations makes great efforts to ensure the content made available through the Catawba College website is accurate, up-to-date and serves as an overall first-rate representation of the College. By sharing site authorship, it is our aspiration that the campus community as a whole, can assist us in this overwhelmingly large task.

The site maintenance performed by content managers is subject to review and constructive suggestion. All content submitted is subject to review and improvement where possible before it is published to the live site. This is a safe-guard against technical problems with the page (links, forms, etc.) as well as a quality-control measure.

Content Managers
It is strongly encouraged that all departments and offices take responsibility and ownership over keeping their web pages updated.

Requests, comments or suggestions regarding inaccurate site content or misinformation received by Public Relations via the Website contact form are to be forwarded to the appropriate departments to be made aware of and to submit corrections for their web pages.

Requesting Access
Campus departments wishing to maintain/access their department pages can request access for specific individual(s) to be content managers. To request access, please contact the webmaster.

Content managers agree to regularly review and update their department web pages. Content managers should not share their website access with anyone else, including coworkers or work studies. Should a department need new or additional content managers, please contact the webmaster immediately for access permissions.

Faculty Websites
The Office of Public Relations offers 100MB of server space for any faculty member to be hosted at Please be aware that the Information Technology department offers BlackBoard as a solution for supplementary course information and shared classroom resources and communication. To request a Blackboard account, contact Information Technology at 4666 or using the IT Help Desk system.

Faculty members who request an account on the domain are responsible for their own site creation, maintenance and uploading to the server. Beyond account creation and technical support related to FTP access, the Office of Public Relations cannot support faculty websites. FTP instructions will be e-mailed to faculty members upon request.

To request an account at, faculty members need to contact the webmaster.