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Residence Halls

All residence halls are air-conditioned and have XL twin mattresses. Some halls are co-ed by floor or wing.

Important Dates

View the calendar of important dates for residence hall opening/closing dates and times.


Abernethy Village

Abernethy Village consists of five new residence halls (Goodman East, Goodman West, Fuller, Graham, Purcell Halls) constructed in 2007 and designed to accommodate up to 124 upper class students, as determined by credit hours completed. Each of the residence halls is three-stories tall with a brick façade, is fully sprinkled, and is handicapped accessible on the first floor. Each building has one Resident Assistant.

Two of the five halls (Goodman East and Goodman West) feature suite-style living spaces which share common study areas on the second and third floors, as well as two kitchens to be shared by residents on all three floors. Three of the buildings (Fuller, Graham, and Purcell Halls) feature apartment-style living spaces and have a kitchen per apartment.

Goodman East (male students) and Goodman West (female students) share a courtyard of brick pavers, while common landscaping and walkways between all the buildings tie the halls together. 


Woodson Hall
Margaret Cunningham Woodson Hall

Renovated in 2012, Woodson Hall is the largest of 14 residence halls and houses 187 students. It houses both male and female freshmen students, separated by floors (changes each year).

The lobby is located on the second floor, and laundry facilities are found on the first, third, and fourth floors.

The rooms in Woodson are designed for two students with common bathroom areas on each floor. Woodson Hall is home to seven Resident Assistants. 



Salisbury-Rowan Hall
Salisbury and Rowan County Hall

Renovated in 2013, Salisbury-Rowan Hall houses 126 students and is designed to house two students per room. It is a freshmen residence hall built in five sections with each section having a combination of rooms in suite arrangements.

Male and female students are separated by different sections of the building. Located on the ground floor are a TV lobby, concession machines, and laundry facilities.

S-R Hall is an alcohol-free building and home to five Resident Assistants.



Barger-Zartman Hall
Zeda Peeler Barger & Elizabeth Conrad Zartman Hall

Barger-Zartman Hall is an upperclassmen residence hall.

It has a traditional lobby on the first floor, and a lobby on the second floor. Laundry facilities are found in the basement.

The 64-student residence hall is arranged in suites of two rooms, with two students each, sharing a bath.

The oldest residence hall on campus, Barger-Zartman Hall was recently renovated and is home to two Resident Assistants. 




Stanback Hall
Elizabeth C. Stanback Hall

Stanback Hall houses 131 upperclass students. Most rooms house two students, and two rooms share a bathroom.

There are six single rooms located on the first floor, with these rooms sharing a bathroom.

Concession machines are located on the first and second floor lobbies; laundry facilities are on the second floor.

Stanback Hall is home to four Resident Assistants. 




Hollifield Hall
Forrest H. Hollifield Hall

Hollifield Hall is a substance-free residence hall for upperclass students. It houses 40 students and is arranged in suites of two rooms, with two students in each room, sharing a bathroom.

A TV lobby and laundry facilities are located on the first floor.

Hollifield Hall is home to two Resident Assistants. 




Pine Knot Hall

Pine Knot Hall houses 32 male students in suites of three rooms and a bath, with four students per room.

Laundry facilities and concession machines are located in the basement.

Pine Knot is a former faculty apartment building which has been renovated into premium housing for upperclass students.

Pine Knot Hall is home to one Resident Assistant. 





Foil House

Renovated in 2011, Foil House houses 24 upperclass students, two students per room.

The building is arranged into three suites of four bedrooms, each with its own sitting area. Each suite has its own restroom.

Foil House is home to one Resident Assistant. 





Hurley Hall

Hurley Hall is an honors residence hall and is a recently renovated facility that originally served as faculty housing.

Students must have a 3.0 GPA to be housed here. It has apartment-style units and houses 18 students.

Hurley Hall is home to one Resident Assistant.







ruthrichards.pngRuth Richards House

Ruth Richards House is a non-traditional housing venue that provides housing for upper class male students who have at least a 3.0 GPA.

Ruth Richards House is alcohol-free and home to one Resident Assistant.