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Student Government Academic Scholarship Application

A Special Message from SGA

students1.jpgThank you for taking the time to complete the application process for the Student Government Academic Scholarship.

About the Scholarship
The SGA Academic Travel Scholarship is designed to provide aid to students attending an academic conference. We encourage students to represent Catawba College as they learn from and share their research at various academic conferences. Each year, the SGA designates a portion of their budget to award scholarship to students. Each student is eligible to receive a maximum of $250 per annum.

Scholarships are awarded based upon the student's GPA, graduation year, and whether they are presenting at or attending a conference. Each applicant is required to hold a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA—with no less than a 2.5 GPA in their major. Students who are presenting at conferences are given preferential status in award considerations.

Please contact Justin Potter if you have any further questions.

Required Forms
If your scholarship application is approved, you will be required to submit the following forms to Justin Potter and SGA Advisor Ken Clapp:

Your Faculty Sponsor
It is necessary for you to have a faculty sponsor to complete your application and verify your attendance. This does not mean the faculty member must attend, but they will need to see proof of participation. You are responsible for making sure the faculty sponsor has filled out the Attendance Verification Form, whereas you are responsible for the student portion below. 

Multiple Conferences
If you are attending multiple conferences and looking for compensation, please fill out multiple applications. You may use the same answers given for questions one and two on each application. You will not be required to find multiple faculty sponsors, but you may feel it necessary.

Application Deadline
The deadline to apply is February 1st. 

We wish you the best of luck!

Apply for the Student Government Academic Scholarship:

Contact Information

Academic Information

Conference Information

Essay Questions

Please answer all questions completely. If you will be attending more than one conference, please submit multiple applications.
List your expenses below (include description and cost):

NOTE: If awarded this scholarship, you will be required to submit a short reflection of the conference. This will be helpful for your faculty sponsor to assess the conference, and for the committee in future decisions. You will also be responsible for providing Justin Potter with your receipts, if the costs cannot be covered for ahead of time.
* = Required Field