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Student Life & Activities at Catawba College

Life as a Catawba College Student


Catawba College students have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy many diverse events and activities across campus. With 40+ student clubs and organizations, Division II & intramural athletics, as well as countless theatre and musical performances, there is something for every student at Catawba!

Catawba students have a vast network of services and resources at their disposal across campus. Below are some facts and details about student life at Catawba College.


parking.jpgAll students are permitted the privilege of operating a vehicle on campus as long as campus traffic, parking regulations and applicable city and state laws are observed. Campus regulations require all faculty and staff and students, both resident and commuting, to declare whether or not they will or will not operate a vehicle on campus, and adjacent areas. Those who operate a vehicle on campus and adjacent areas must register their vehicle and display a valid registration sticker on the vehicle at all times. There is a significant fine for failure to register. Students are expected to park their vehicles in the authorized areas only. Violators of parking regulations will be assessed fines and/or have their cars towed for multiple offenses. Persistent failure to observe the traffic regulations will result in having one's parking privilege revoked. See the student handbook and/or the parking brochure for detailed parking regulations.


As a church-related institution, Catawba takes seriously its commitment to the spiritual growth of each individual at the same time that the college recognizes the varied expressions of religious belief that are present in a college community. Students are encouraged to maintain a relationship with a local congregation of the denomination with which they are affiliated. Weekly worship is held in the Chapel and is open to all students regardless of denominational background. Seasonal celebrations are held also for the entire Catawba community. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes maintains an active presence on campus and welcomes athletes and non-athletes of all denominations.

chapel.jpgCampus ministry at Catawba is a ministry of caring through which students are enabled and encouraged in their spiritual growth journeys. The Campus Minister serves as spiritual leader, counselor, and representative of the church on campus as well as coordinator of the religious life of the campus. He works closely with the students' spiritual needs and responding to those needs with meaningful programs and activities that will facilitate the students' growth in their relationship with God and with one another. Among the primary functions of the Campus Minister is to provide counseling for students regarding personal and spiritual concerns.


Careers Services offers the opportunity to students and alumni to develop a career plan that will be a lifetime experience. Due to constant change in the job market, career planning can no longer be delayed until the senior year. It must be developed and fine-tuned over the student's years at Catawba College. Career Services cares about students and alumni. Our office provides the following services for all students and alumni; individual counseling; full and part-time job vacancies; internships; graduate school information including GRE, MCAT, GMAT, and LSAT applications and materials; workshops in Job Searches, Interviewing Skills, Etiquette Skills, Dress to Succeed and Resume Writing; networking with alumni and colleges and universities across the state; Career Expo in the Fall.

Career Services offers an extensive Career Library. Special services for seniors include a resume service, individual counseling for cover letters and resumes, a Student Resume Book, Alumni Networks, two major Career Fairs (one in the Spring and one in the Fall), a Teacher Education Fair and a Non-Profit Career Fair. We also offer a Real World Event, held in the Spring. This event includes guest speakers discussing finances, credit, and interviewing skills.


Catawba offers the following academic support services to students:

  • Retention and Academic Support Services helps you realize all of the opportunities that Catawba has to offer you. We are here to:
    • Prepare you for life and your career
    • Help you reach your future goals
    • Coordinate counseling for you in order to help resolve any issues that you might have (personal or academic)
    • Offer tips and advice for staying on track academically
    • Provide academic support
    • Arrange any needed tutoring
    • Help to bridge communication between you and your faculty/coach
  • Study Skills Coaching is available to students who are interested in improving their study skills or learning more about their own learning styles. The counseling staff offers brief, individual sessions on topics such as test-taking skills, handling test anxiety, reading a textbook, taking notes, outlining, time management, and college survival skills. Group coaching sessions are also provided as requested.
  • The Tutoring Program provides peer tutors for fellow day students. Students may take advantage of free departmental or group tutorials. Individual tutors may be provided when group sessions are not available. For more information, contact the Tutoring Coordinator in the Student Affairs Office or call (704) 637-4410.
  • Testing Facilities serve as an alternate test site to the classroom and are available in the office for students receiving accommodations or for other students with the permission of their professors.


The College reserves the right to suspend, expel, or enforce the withdrawal of any student whose academic standing is unsatisfactory, who violates the Honor Code, who persistently violates College regulations, or whose influence, by word or deed, is determined to be injurious to the best interest of the student body or the institution. The College, upon the advice of its professional staff, may require a student to withdraw temporarily from the College for medical or psychological reasons. In these cases, the student will be encouraged to seek professional care. Such action is not taken for punitive reasons but because the welfare of the individual and the community mandates this procedure.

The College cannot be viewed or used as an instrument of political, social, or military policy, but will continue to be an institution of intellectual freedom for all in the search for the truth and its dissemination. Any person, or group, which interferes with or disrupts any college function, activity or operation, occupies or damages any facility or property of the College, or infringes upon the rights of others, will be dealt with fairly and promptly and will be subject to serious penalty, to include civil action and dismissal. Students do have the right and responsibility to dissent, discuss, and engage in peaceful rallies and demonstrations when not participating in regular classroom activity. Students are referred to the Catawba student handbook for a delineation of College regulations in the various areas of campus life.

Judicial and Conduct Administration »


Counseling Services provides services to students in the areas of mental health and academic assistance. These services include: personal counseling, psychological testing, disabilities services, and a self-help library. The Center is located in the Cannon Student Center, in the Student Affairs suite.

Personal Counseling services are available for day students, free of charge. Counseling is confidential and operates under the ethical standards of the American Counseling Association. Psychological Testing is available at no charge or at a nominal charge for day students. Such testing covers the areas of cognitive abilities, achievement, psychological disorders, career interests, attention-deficit /hyperactivity disorder, some learning disabilities, and personality testing.

Disabilities Services are provided for those students with physical, psychological, or learning disabilities. Study Skills Coaching is available to all students who are interested in improving their study skills or learning more about their own learning styles. The counseling staff offers brief, individual sessions on topics such as test-taking skills, handling test anxiety, reading a textbook, taking notes, outlining, time management, and college survival skills.


One of the aims of Catawba is to furnish means for the cultural development of its students. To accomplish this goal, the College provides several avenues which include the organized work of the classroom where consideration is given to outstanding achievements in the arts and sciences; the daily personal contact of students with teachers; lectures, theatre performances, concerts and recitals by members of the faculty and students; dramatic presentations, lectures and programs by representative men and women in the fields of literature, science and art. The Robertson College-Community Center not only provides performance space for college performing arts productions, but also houses the performances of the Salisbury Symphony, the Rowan Community Concert Association, and other community sponsored performances. The Omwake-Dearborn Chapel, in addition to religious services, provides excellent facilities for choral and other musical performances and community activities.


ath01.jpgAll students are encouraged to participate in intramural sport activities. The program offers extensive team and individual involvement using the many athletic facilities. All students are encouraged to explore intercollegiate athletic participation. Team selection is based on skill abilities.

Catawba is a member of the South Atlantic Conference. Teams are fielded in baseball, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's cross country, football, men's and women's golf, men's and women's lacrosse, softball, men's and women's soccer, men's and women's swimming, men's and women's tennis, and volleyball. National competition is available for qualifying teams through the National Collegiate Athletic Association (Division II).


healthcenter.jpgTwo registered nurses are employed by Catawba, which also maintains a modern, efficient Proctor Student Health Center on the campus. In addition, the services of the many competent physicians and surgeons practicing in the city of Salisbury, and the facilities of a well-equipped hospital, Rowan Regional Medical Center, are available to students.
All new students are required to file completed Health History and Physical Examination forms prior to first registration. All candidates for intercollegiate athletics teams must have annual physical examinations no more than three (3) months prior to their arrival on campus.
All students may receive assistance in the Health Center. Although you will not be charged a copay, your insurance will be filed by Salisbury Pediatric Associates. When it is necessary to charge a student for services in the Health Center, every effort is made to keep charges to a minimum.


A personal record for each student is maintained by the Office of the Dean of Students. Information obtained and maintained in this record is used for counseling and advising the student while he or she is enrolled. Catawba College administration, faculty and staff only may have access to student records or information from student records and only for professional college-related purposes with the approval of the Dean of Students.

Each student attending Catawba College may inspect personal official records. Requests to inspect personal official records should be made in the Office of the Dean of Students. The appropriate record will be made available for inspection within 45 days of the request. After inspecting a personal official record, the student may request a hearing to determine and correct, if applicable, inaccurate, misleading or inappropriate data contained in the record. Catawba College will attempt to settle a dispute with the student regarding the accuracy of educational records through informal meetings with the student. If the dispute is not settled, a hearing will be held at the request of the student.

While it has always been the practice of Catawba College to protect confidential information contained in student files from improper disclosure, Catawba College, however, may release information from its records to appropriate persons in connection with an emergency if the knowledge of such information is necessary to protect the health or safety of a student or other persons.

Information held by the College in any of the offices (e.g., transcripts, confidential student personal records, financial aid data, grade data) is released for off-campus use, such as to graduate schools, potential employers and others, only with the student's knowledge and consent or upon subpoena. Information classified as public which may be released by the College upon request includes the student's name, date and place of birth, home, school and e-mail address, local and permanent telephone number, dates of attendance, classification, major/minor fields of study, award of degree, academic honors such as Dean's List and other scholastic awards, parents' names, students' class schedule, photographs and religious preference. Athletic information about student's participation in sports and data such as height and weight will be released to the news media and will be published by appropriate College publications.

Currently enrolled students may withhold disclosure of directory information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. To withhold disclosure, written notification must be received in the Registrar's Office at Catawba College on or before the last day to add a class. Catawba College assumes that failure on the part of any student to specifically request the withholding of "Directory Information" EACH SEMESTER he or she is enrolled indicates individual approval for disclosure.


res01.jpgLiving in a College residence hall is considered to be an integral part of a student's development and important to the college experience. Professional and paraprofessional staff persons are committed to providing an environment conducive to a student's academic, social, and personal growth. Appropriate programs, services, and guidelines are provided to promote a positive residence life program. Catawba requires all full-time students, (enrolled for 12 or more semester hours), who are not 21 years of age and who do not room and board at the home of their parents, guardians, or spouse to live in one of the College's residence halls. Students carrying less than a full-time load may pursue the option to live on campus if they choose. If interested they must request permission from the Director for Housing & Residence Life.

All students 21 years of age or older are permitted to reside off-campus beginning with the semester in which the student turns 21 years of age. Such students must notify the Office of Housing and Residential Life by May 1 for Fall semester and November 1 for spring semester of such intent via request to live off campus online.

Although there are certain requirements for living on campus, it is nevertheless considered to be a privilege. Accordingly, it is expected that students act in a responsible manner, and adjust their life styles, if necessary, to a manner which will contribute to their own personal development and that of their peers. Students are assigned to campus housing facilities through the Office of Housing & Residence Life, under the supervision of the Director for Housing and Residential Life. Established room reservation procedures are followed for all students. Students are furnished with a desk, bed, mattress, chair, and dresser or closet. Students must furnish their own linens. All residence halls provide laundry facilities for student use. The College reserves the right for its appropriate personnel to enter residence halls and rooms by the use of pass keys or otherwise, to inspect rooms for purposes of housekeeping, maintenance, and management, and to insure that Catawba's residence life policies are being observed. Health and safety inspections are made on a regular basis. Upon individual student's approval, Catawba may request to show consenting students' rooms to prospective students.

When a Catawba student accepts a room key and moves into a room, the student agrees to abide by all policies and guidelines as outlined in the student handbook. Catawba College does not carry insurance on the possessions of those students living in the residence halls. It is suggested that those wishing to insure their goods against loss should provide coverage through their parents' homeowners policy or another private vendor. The College is not able to compensate students for losses incurred as a result of theft or damage.


All registered full-time students are assigned a numbered post office box, which they will keep for their entire stay at Catawba. Mailboxes should be checked regularly. Students can view their mailbox number and combination by logging into Catlink (Home tab > User Information > Mailbox information).

Catawba's Post Office provides mailing services to the Catawba College campus, which includes receipt and delivery of U.S. mail, FedEx, UPS, FedEx ground, Fed Ex Express, Fed Ex home & DHL. We also provide help with addressing and shipping packages. Supplies are also available in the Post Office for a variety of mailing needs.

When a package is received, it is scanned and an e-mail will be sent to the student. This is a "Do Not Reply" e-mail that may go to the "clutter" mail. Once the e-mail is received, the package may be picked up in the Post Office with campus ID for identification. Hours are 9:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday (closed weekends and holidays).


publicsafety.jpgCatawba College is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all members of the campus community and guests of the College. The College provides public safety services 24 hours a day, every day of the year, through the Office of Public Safety, located in the Office of Public Safety. The Office is staffed by professional public safety officers who are specifically responsible for patrolling the campus, securing buildings and property, enforcing federal, state, and local laws as well as college regulations, providing escort services, assisting with traffic and crowd-control at college-sponsored events, responding to calls for emergency and motorist assistance, and providing campus-wide crime prevention education. Public Safety officers are not certified to make arrests, but maintain an excellent working relationship with the Salisbury Police Department.

Ensuring a safe environment is the responsibility of all members of the Catawba community. Members of the campus community are encouraged to report emergencies or suspicious activities to the Office of Public Safety by dialing 4000 from any campus phone. Emergency telephones are also available in the West Campus Parking Lot, the parking lot behind the Library, the College Community Center, and five outside residence halls that automatically connect the caller to the officer on duty. If circumstances warrant, crime alerts are prepared and posted either selectively or campus wide. Catawba's history indicates the College exists in a relatively safe environment; however, when accidents or crimes occur, the College is prepared to respond with trained and qualified individuals. In accordance with the Jeanne Clery Act, Safety and Crime Statistics Report, the College maintains an annual security report on its website. For further information, contact the Office of Public Safety.


csc02.jpgCatawba students possess several definite characteristics. While they are interested in study and the pursuit of an educational goal, they are part of a cosmopolitan group, living and learning with students from varying sections of the country with different backgrounds and ideas. All of this provides yet another aspect of the total educational environment at Catawba College. Catawba students are involved with and able to participate in any number of special activities outside the classroom. Extracurricular clubs and organizations are an important facet of campus life.

The College administration believes that diversified collegiate activities are necessary to a complete and well-rounded education. The spirit of the administration, therefore, is one of encouragement, with a view to making each activity contribute its utmost toward the growth of the complete individual. In general, all students at Catawba are looked upon as having the integrity, concern, interest and responsibility to conduct themselves as mature adults, with due regard for the feelings and rights of others. The Catawba student handbook contains a detailed listing of the regulations concerning student activity and behavior.