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International Study.

Inspiring Catawba College students to
connect with the diverse cultures of
the world.

International Study at Catawba College

Our Mission
The Glenn & Addie Ketner Center for International Studies at Catawba College seeks to provide an international opportunity for every student. These learning opportunities are academically rigorous, professionally relevant and personally enriching. This is accomplished by short-term faculty led trips, intensive foreign language instruction and semester-long programs at international universities.  International education connects Catawba College students to diverse world cultures and prepares our students for work and service in this increasingly interdependent world. This mission aligns with the College's mission to provide an education rich in personal attention, blending liberal studies with career preparation. 


The Center for International Studies at Catawba College offers students foreign study opportunities that are academically challenging and relevant to their fields of study.

Students at Catawba who experience study abroad are often transformed and inspired by the connections they make to the diverse world cultures they are exposed to. These opportunities help prepare majors from different academic programs for work and service in an ever-growing, symbiotic planet. 

Our international study programs are led by inspiring faculty and include short-term travel, intensive foreign language instruction, and summer/semester-long programs at international universities.  

Current Programs

Catawba College International Study in Israel




Catawba College study abroad in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



Catawba College International Study in Canada

Canada (Honors)

Catawba College International Study in Madagascar


Catawba College International Study in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Programs & Resources

Catawba College in Cuba
Short-Term International Study.

The short-term international study programs are led by faculty members and associated with a Catawba course. These programs typically last from a few days to several weeks. They ordinarily take place during the summer or during one of the extended breaks in the academic year. Recent programs have included travel to Bonaire, Cuba, France, Israel, Italy, Madagascar and Peru. 

Study abroad in France
Semester/Summer-Long International Programs.

Catawba College students have access to semester- or summer-long international programs offered through our consortium partner, USAC. Over 40 programs in 27 countries are available and cover all areas of study. Catawba College financial aid can be used for fall and spring semester programs. For more information, please contact the Center for International Studies. 

The Center for International Studies at Catawba College offers scholarships to promote study abroad. The scholarships are funded by a number of donors and are awarded based on financial need.  

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Catawba College students who travel for international study will need to complete forms for our study abroad programs, including waiver and emergency notification forms.

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