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co-students3.jpgBackground and purpose of the scheduler plan:

Here at Catawba College we view advising as the cornerstone of your academic experience. To that end, we work hard to match both your interests and academic abilities and select courses for you that will insure your success. That is why doing an accurate and complete scheduler plan is so important.  

Faculty, who specialize in students' first-year of college, will work together to build your first-semester class schedule. How do they do it? Faculty review your schedule plan, consider your academic background, and consult faculty in your intended major. Faculty will match your interests with our academic offerings and create a personalized schedule that will take into account your extra- and co-curricular activities like athletics, music, dance, and more! Don't worry if you're undecided! We balance your schedule as best as possible with classes that will pique your interests and provide the foundations for your future coursework.

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How to prepare for your  scheduler plan: 

First, take a look at a preview of the form so that you know what information you'll need to provide.

Find a quiet place. Sit down. Get focused. You'll need 30 minutes to complete your scheduler plan. You'll want to have nearby information about your academic background, including your SAT, ACT, and high school GPA. And, if available, your AP scores. Once you hit submit, you can't go back and change it. Don't worry! If you change your mind, you'll have the opportunity to change your schedule during Welcome Weekend in August (more on that later).

One other thing: If you're interested in the performing arts, you'll audition during our Welcome Weekend. Performing arts professors will then round out your schedule with appropriate courses.

Schedule Peek and Tweak:

Over the summer, faculty will build your personalized schedule. When can you peek? 

  1. June 10: If you deposit prior to May 23 and if you complete your scheduler plan, you can log-in to CatLink by June 10 to see your schedule.
  2. July 10:  If you deposit after May 23 but before June 10 and if you complete your scheduler plan, you can log-in to CatLink by July 10 to see your schedule.

  3. August 10:  If you deposit after June 23 and if you complete your scheduler plan, you can see your schedule on August 10.   

By the way: You will need to use CatLink not just for scheduling but also to accept your financial aid package and receive essential communications from the College, so you'll get used to CatLink. Read more about the CatLink first-time login.

When can I tweak?

In August, you'll arrive on campus for Welcome Weekend. We've scheduled time for you — with the help of your faculty advisor — to potentially add or replace classes. Please remember that changes aren't guaranteed. Usually, you'll make a change based on a writing sample you'll compose for the English department. Or, to change a lab for your science class if you change your mind about your major. And, if you're a music or dance major, you'll get even more classes based on your auditions.

Two important things:

    1. you will not be able to make schedule changes until Welcome Weekend; and,
    2. your first-year seminar section will never change once assigned.

Schedule Planner:

READY?  Are you in a quiet place?  Do you have your relevant academic background information?  Do you have 30 minutes? If so, get started on your schedule planner. Remember, once you hit submit, you will not be able to go back. Please be careful with your selections. Have fun!

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If you have any questions, please view our Frequently Asked Questions