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Student Profiles

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riley.jpgAlex Riley

"Some of my FYS class helped out Volunteer Catawba & Habitat for Humanity by helping build a house for a family.  The family was very grateful were very kind hearted."

gerone.jpgGina Gerone

"Taking an FYS course has shown me that there are other people like me, other people who are dedicated and determined to achieve some of the highest goals in life."

tori2.jpgTori Roseman

"FYS has helped me learn how to take notes, annotate, and use articles for discussion the right way."

money.jpgChris Money

"My FYS was a diverse group of students that showed me we all have something in common that makes us stand out—in my case being a first generation college student."

Taylor Lee

"Something positive about my FYS experience was the people I got to meet.  It made meeting new people a little less awkward.  Also, it made it easier to focus more on the learning aspect of college and less on the social aspect."

pantone.jpgMaura Pantone

"One positive experience I had from my FYS was that I was able to learn exactly what a discussion based class was like."

acken.jpgAshley Acken

"My FYS experience was extremely positive because it allowed me to learn how to deal with all things college in a comfortable environment where learning was encouraged."

king.jpgLindsay King

"FYS helped me learn how to write college level papers.  It helped me learn how to incorporate resources better.  I have used the techniques that I learned in every class."

beard.jpgCam Beard

"FYS is especially good for laying a solid foundation early on in college (i.e. study skills, note taking)."

williams.jpgSuzy Williams

"My FYS encouraged me to think critically about the daily topics.  Our class was focused around the gender roles in society.  After completing the class there are still times that I currently think about gender dynamics.  I liked the way that Dr. Homan encouraged discussion in class."

glass.jpgBristol Glass

"Being in a first seminar class built a community of students learning along with the first feeling of belonging I felt at college. We studied values and vocation. Because of this focus on the end of my college career, the entire experience of studying my future made the class so meaningful."

Maegan Livengood

"FYS was a positive thing for me because we talked about student activism and it made me realize how important it is to take a stand for what you feel is right!"

cockerham.jpgBrandi Cockerham

"One positive experience I had during my FYS was forming relationships!"

regensberger.jpgJacob Regensburger

"FYS helped me learn essential bookmarking and paper writing skills that I have used in every class since then."

ritchie.jpgCristin Ritchie

"FYS provided a good environment to learn the “basics” of college as well as engaging in good and thoughtful discussion."