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Part of the Family

A Special Program for
Employees of Catawba College

In 2019, Catawba College was awarded a NetVue grant which enabled the Lilly Center for Vocation & Values to offer the "A Part of the Family" Program.

This program is designed with intentions of helping new employees, as well as those of longer tenure at the College, learn more about the mission and culture of the institution. Each institution is unique and has its own values, mission, and history,  which guide the daily work of its employees.

Through this program offering, we hope new employees will form a deeper understanding of the institution, the family of individuals who make up its vibrant community, and the emphasis of vocational discernment which has long sense been a part of the culture here at Catawba College.

Program Goals

Sustain Catawba’s emphasis upon the understanding of and approach to vocational discernment

Encourage new faculty and staff to embrace the values and the concept of vocation

Expand participants understanding of Catawba’s Mission, Values, and History

Connect employees with individuals from other in different departments

Encourage employees to collaboration with others in different departments

Identify sources of support and collegiality

Contribute to the development of pro-staff leadership who can provide leadership for the college’s signature “Freshman Retreat Program”

What Others Have Said about the Program

“Great opportunity to discover your “why” of your day to day work and get exposed to the community and unique charm of Catawba College.”

“This is an opportunity not to be missed. You'll learn a lot about the Catawba community from people who are passionate about what they do and become more connected to your colleagues.”


“Attend and get involved!”

“It’s a must do, very important”

“DO IT!”


“This was really fun! I enjoyed the sessions I attended and was happy to have the chance to meet people from around campus that hadn't yet been able to."

“It really helped provide context to things I only heard of superficially. Be involved!”


“It is more than worth your time and energy. A gift to yourself, your department and the Catawba community as a whole!”


“It was an enriching experience.”

“It is really helpful for thinking about the mission and how we all support it. Also nice to learn more about the history of the college and where the mission came from.”

“It's helped me to be more aware of opportunities on campus and to want to be more involved.”

“It's a fantastic opportunity to get to know others better and to feel more invested in Catawba.”

Video Sessions

Representatives from different areas of Catawba College share their thoughts and insights for new employees.

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