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The Lilly Center's programs can be divided into two categories:


Curricular Programs

In keeping with its purpose and goals, the Lilly Center subsidized the development of new courses at Catawba College, especially those that explored the concept of vocation as it applied to the various academic disciplines available at the college.

Courses were added within the Department of Religion and Philosophy to fulfill this original goal. These courses included: PHIL 2170:Ethics and REL 3000: Faith Development.

The Lilly Center also offers faculty stipends to aid in developing vocational components which can be integrated into existing courses. In this way students in as many disciplines as possible will be encouraged to consider seriously the idea of vocation as it applies to their particular area of interest.

Summer Internships

Specially selected students may conduct a not for profit internship. We believe that this experience will help students identify their personal sense of vocation.


Co-Curricular Programs

The Lilly Center creates abundant opportunities for exploring vocation and values outside the classroom as well. The following represents a partial selection of the activities the Center makes available to students:

The Lilly Colloquium
Consists of a guest speaker on topics related to the theological, educational, or self exploration of vocation. Colloquiums are open to the entire Salisbury/Rowan community and normally take place in the spring. View Past Colloquiums »

Led by theRetreat Leadership Corps, these overnight events provide a relaxed setting for approximately 30 participants to pursue guided reflection and/or self introspection by contemplating their relationships with their faith and how it impacts themselves and others in their lives. Participants are welcome to share their personal faith journeys and engage with their peers to learn each others' stories. Certain retreats available through sponsoring campus organizations follow particular themes, e.g. leadership.

Two-hour sessions conducted several times at the College during the academic year. They provide guided meditation and reflection on the types of vocation that participants would find most suited to their personal interests and abilities and thus most likely to provide a fulfilling and purposeful life.


Year of Inquiry Program
Open to any student who thinks he/she might be experiencing a "call to ministry" whether teaching, music, counseling, youth, missionary, outdoor, vocational, or even taking seriously one's work in the business, legal, medical worlds among others.


Vocation and Values Dinners
Limited to about 30 participants. Four selected individuals speak on what has shaped their values and how those values contribute to their sense of vocation. Participants receive a free meal in return for which they are asked to limit their table conversation to discussion of the presentations.


Scholars of the Chapel
A group that employs contemporary music to enrich the campus worship experience, while they themselves gain experience in worship leadership.


Retreat Leadership Corps
A student-led organization that leads their peers in retreats in an attempt to foster spiritual growth, leadership, and service in their daily lives.