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WHY the Freshman Retreat?

What others have said about the Freshman Retreat experience...


co-blacklake4.png"The staff treated me like family and that makes me feel great about going to Catawba.” 


“Going to college is terrifying, but with the retreat, getting connections, I don’t feel that bad anymore.”


“For me, the personal attention, students, staff, leaders talking to me helped me feel more comfortable.”


“The most helpful component was the faculty and student workers.  They inspired me to do things I never thought about.”


“I really appreciate all of the adult leaders and student leaders and their advice and sharing some of their stories.  I’ve been inspired and this retreat made me confident that I made the right choice.”


“The student leaders on retreat brought a special perspective on Catawba that I haven’t heard before. I am so much more excited to start school now that I have heard how campus works and the type of people on campus.”


"These retreats are something I personally believe to be central in helping incoming students assimilate into the Catawba community and is a strong foundation for the journey each of them are about to embark on. On these retreats students are pushed out of their comfort zones and are away from the distractions of the outside world, helping to foster relationships and grow both personally and spiritually."


"What an adventurous and fun experience I had on the Freshman Retreat. Absolutely love Catawba already!"


"I met some awesome people and was taken out of my comfort zone."


"The Freshman Retreat was amazing! I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and befriend so many wonderful people. I can’t wait to start school this fall."


"It was so much fun!! Met some awesome new friends!!!"co-blacklake3.png


"It's a really good experience and every freshman should go."


"It is a tremendous experience!"


"You may be nervous because you don't know anyone, but you'll love everyone and Catawba by the time you leave."


"It's the best time of your life. You will meet great people and life-time friends, so do it!"


"The retreat was a life-changing experience."


"Go on it because it is awesome!"


"This has been an amazing experience ... I feel so much more ready to begin college."


"I no longer am worried about being able to navigate the orientation process and get involved."co-blacklake2.png


"I feel that I have gotten to know faculty and staff who will be there for me if I need them, and that is so comforting."


"Thank you so much for making this experience possible."


"Definitely go. It is worthwhile and you make a lot of good friends for the start of the year. Prepare for a great-, life-changing experience and keep your mind open."


"I never have had the honor of being part of something that seems as special as Catawba is. I can't wait until fall."


"I would advise every freshman to attend. It opens up possibilities and minds to the aspect of beginning your adventure and experience in college."

“Go for it! You will have a blast and meet many new people.”co-blacklake5.png


“The retreat has meant so much to me and my friends. We all feel blessed that the foundation for our tight relationships and essential skills to adjusting to college life were built on the retreat”


“It was really cool – I’m really glad I came. I met people I will be good friends with in college. It’s a great way to begin such a scary experience. Thanks!”


“The retreat was a great part of my summer. The sessions gave me a lot to think about and the outdoor things were a blast!”


“Don’t miss it for the world!”


"My six closest friends on campus and I had an amazing experience on the Freshman Retreat and all found it to be a great way to start our Freshman year of college. The retreat has meant so much to each of us and we all feel blessed that the foundation for our tight relationships and essential skills to adjusting to college life were built on the retreat. You might find it helpful to know that we are all extremely involved on campus."


"By the time you leave you’ll be greatly relieved that you went. You’ll go to college more open-minded and willing."