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  1. Why should I come to the Writing Center when I've always done fine on papers in the past?

    If you have, that’s great! As tutors, though, we aren’t professors and we don’t grade things. We are students who love writing and want to help others achieve their writing-oriented goals in a friendly and constructive environment. Catawba’s Writing Center strives to assist students at every stage in the writing process, whether that involves discussing ideas to form an outline or offering suggestions to strengthen a finished piece. Regardless of skill level, we aim to make the writing process a little less stressful.

  2. Do the Writing Center tutors proofread papers?
    Not exactly. Tutors probably won’t do line-by-line revisions for you because, at the Writing Center, our goal is to help strengthen your writing skills. We want to work with you. This joint effort involves going through an assignment together and discussing any areas in need of improvement. We also work with individuals on how to recognize and correct the grammatical errors that often appear in their work.

  3. Does the Writing Center only help students with papers?
    We offer assistance with all writing tasks. For instance, we work with students on resumes, job letters, project proposals, take-home exam essays (with the professor's permission), outlines, and lab reports. As tutors, we look forward to helping students improve their writing skills in any context.

  4. How do I sign up for an appointment?
    The easiest way to make an appointment is to go online to: Once you are there, select “Make an Appointment,” register for an account, and search the availability. You can also come by the center, located in the Library Mezzanine, for a walk-in appointment, and we will see you if we are available. 

  5. What should I bring to my appointment?
    Please bring along a printed copy of the assignment you're working on, plus any drafts and/or notes you have.

  6. If I signed up for an appointment but then can't come, what should I do?
    You can cancel an appointment by going to the Writing Center website, selecting your designated time and “Cancel Appointment.” Students who often make appointments and then fail to show up for them without canceling will lose their Writing Center privileges.

  7. How many appointments can I have each week?
    We generally limit students to two hours of appointments per week and two appointments per assignment (apart from cases in which the assignment is very long, such as a project that is being worked on for several weeks). However, at times when we're not busy, we let students come as often as needed.

  8. When you e-mail my professor about the tutoring session, what do you say and why?
    If you request it, we send your professor a note saying that you came, but we don't release specific details unless your professor asks for them and you have permitted us to provide them. Professors are always happy to see that you have made an extra effort to produce a strong piece of writing.