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Student Profiles

What Students Who Have Used the Writing Center Have Said

boyle.jpgNicole Boyle '14
Hometown: Parkersburg, W. Va.

"In our First Year Seminar, we had to go to the Writing Center at least once. I thought they were extremely helpful. I just really liked it so I kept going."

"I typically work on organizing my paper. I would go three times for each paper. I took a rough draft and revisions. They give you ideas to work on and then I came back. It worked out."

"At first, it's just nerve-racking. I am taking two English classes this semester so I'm going to keep going."


strickland.jpgAmber Strickland '14
Hometown: China Grove
Major: Education with a concentration in Math, and a minor in Psychology

"I'm not very competent in my writing. I really liked the Writing Center. The tutors were really helpful and I made good grades on my papers. I went more and more and now it's a habit."

"I'm not an English person, I'm a math person. I've seen a variety of tutors. They are understanding and they know the professors' expectations."

"I've seen a difference in my writing from last semester to now. They ask for your areas of improvement, and now I start looking in my paper."

What Tutors Have Said about the Writing Center

chaffee.jpgMichelle Chaffee '13
Hometown: Holly Springs
Major: Vocal Performance and English
Years at Writing Center: 3

"I did peer editing in high school and it was just something I really enjoyed doing. I'm getting to meet fellow students and we're talking about writing and topics. You learn a lot of interesting things."

"You make sure the paper has a clear thesis statement and you make sure the whole paper relates back to the thesis statement."

"My favorite sessions are taking students through prompts and brainstorming. Those are always really great sessions. They're productive and interactive."


davis.jpgLizzle Davis '13
Hometown: East Bend
Year: Sophomore
Major: English with a concentration in Literature, Secondary Education and Creative Writing
Years in Writing Center: 3

"The biggest thing I see is at the organizational level. There is a disjuncture between the argument and the paragraph topic. Sometimes you have an introduction and then the paragraphs are not relevant to the thesis."

"It's like puzzle pieces — you're trying to make it fit. Writing is creative. It is not cut and dry."

"Sometimes, I feel like I really do help these students out. Figuring stuff out together is what's so fun. Other subject areas are OK. It's actually refreshing to get a completely different subject. I'm a fresh set of eyes. I'm unbiased."

"We try not to focus on a grade. It's all about progress. Every paper can be better. We don't focus on making the paper better. We want to focus on making the writer better."


juliegilley.jpgJulie Gilley '11
Hometown: Dobson
Majored: History, with Secondary Education and English minor

"I just really wanted to be involved with the Writing Center because I loved helping people with their writing and editing, and shaping their arguments."

"I like working with writers who don't know they're good writers. I find this really exciting. There's no such thing as cookie-cutter writing."

"When students would first come in, they viewed tutors as the authority. But I would say, this is your work. Let's talk about what you want to do with it."


starr.jpgChelsea Starr '13
Hometown: Weston, Fla.
Major: Elementary Education
Years in Writing Center: 3

"I was thrilled Dr. Stahr asked me to be a tutor. I'd gone a few times to the Writing Center. It's interesting to be a tutor and it looks good on your resume. I wanted to be more involved with Catawba and the Writing Center was perfect for me."

"Students say they come in for proofreading, but it's always a lot more than what they come in for."

"People come for lab reports and BFA papers."

"The beginning was a struggle for me because I thought I was underqualified. As I kept tutoring, I felt a lot more prepared and I feel like I did make a difference."