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Catawba College is closely monitoring the outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and will provide ongoing updates at
UPDATED: 4/3/20 - 1:00 p.m.

Weather Policy

Updated January 27, 2017

In the event of inclement weather, the College Administration will determine if classes will be cancelled or delayed. Information will be posted immediately on the College Website ( and the Catawba main phone lines (704-637-4111 or 1-800-CATAWBA). If classes are cancelled but the college remains open, the School of Evening and Graduate Studies Office will remain open for calls as well (704-637-4772); however, if you do NOT get an answer in School of Evening and Graduate Studies, call the main college line (704-637-4111). We also will call the information into area TV and radio stations, although there may be a delay in their posting the announcement due to the volume of calls they receive. The best way to check is the website or whatever device you connected to CatawbAlerts.

If a face-to-face class is cancelled in School of Evening and Graduate Studies, the class will be made up on a Saturday (8:00am-11:45am) before the block ends. Make-up days are announced through Blackboard and e-mail.

If weather becomes severely inclement during class, the instructor may dismiss class at his/her discretion. If the College Administration decides all classes should cease, Public Safety officers will notify each class and all classes must be dismissed no later than the time designated by the officers. Make-up will be based on the number of hours missed, and such information will be posted on the website.

When classes are being held, students who are unable to travel to campus due to hazardous conditions in their particular area may call the School of Evening and Graduate Studies and a message to that effect will be placed in the faculty member's mailbox.

Hopefully, we will be spared any weather-related interruptions.