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Master of Business Administration.

M.B.A. Program in General Management.

Online Business Degree – Master of Business Administration Degree Program in General Management

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The graduate education in the Ralph W. Ketner School of Business at Catawba College develops successful students who embrace challenges, develop new ideas, and positively influence the world.

Students will be prepared for successful personal and professional careers through a strong foundation in the liberal arts blended with the highest quality graduate business education

Catawba's environment is characterized by personal attention and experiential learning using innovative teaching techniques with the latest technology.  Our students become business and professional leaders with a unique combination of academic excellence, individual creativity, and moral character. 

The mission and vision of the MBA degree at Catawba College follow the lessons of our namesake, Ralph W. Ketner, the co-founder, President, and CEO of Food Lion (Food Town, est. 1957).  The Ketner MBA program helps students to explore the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the American economy and was embodied by the work and teachings of Mr. Ketner. Read More about the Ketner MBA.


program highlights

The Ralph W. Ketner School of Business offers an undergraduate business degrees that are accredited by the Accreditation Committee for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).  Catawba College is currently pursuing Department of Education (DOE) and ACBSP accreditation for this graduate program.

MBA Faculty

Our faculty members have multiple decades of experience teaching and administering graduate level programs and
look forward to offering students a rigorous and relevant graduate education.

Karen B. Gaskill, MS, CPA, CGMA

Office: ADM 224A
Phone: (704) 637-4257

Stephen R. (Steve) Hiatt, Ph.D.

Office: ADM 214
Phone: (704) 637-4103

Dr. Renee A. Just

Office: Admin. Offices B
Phone: (704)637-4291

James Wesley (Jamie) Slate, Ph.D.

Office: MUS 210
Phone: (704) 637-4407

Pamela L. (Pam) Thompson, Ph.D.

Office: Admin. Offices B
Phone: (704) 637-4323 

Dr. Jennifer Yurchisin

Office: Admin. Offices B
Phone: (704) 637-4186

Questions? For more information about details of this degree, please contact the Graduate Advisor Dr. Eric R. Hake at 704-637-4293 or  


Required Courses for M.B.A. in General Management
Required Courses for M.B.A. in General Management

Ketner MBA Course Sequence:
Students may start the degree in the summer semester or finish their degree in the summer following their regular academic year.  It is a one year, 33 Credit hour degree, with a 21 credit hour core and 12 credit hour specialization in General Management.

These courses will be offered in an 8 week online block format.

SUMMER:  Preceding or Trailing Summer


MBA 5501 Motivation and Leadership 

Block 3, eight week block

MBA 5201 Management Information Systems 

Block 3, eight week block



MBA 5101 Managerial Economics

Block 7, first eight week block

MBA 5301 Financial Accounting and Reporting 

Block 7, first eight week block

MBA 5401 Marketing Management 

Block 7, first eight week block

ENT 5510 Creativity and Innovation 

Block 8, second eight week block

IS 5510 Introduction to Databases  

Block 8, second eight week block



MBA 5302 Managerial Accounting 

Block 7, first eight week block

MBA 5502 Conflict and Negotiation

Block 7, first eight week block

MGT 5990 Strategic Management  

  Block 8, second eight week block

DATA 5100 Applied Statistics for Analytics                  

  Block 8, second eight week block

Course Descriptions
Course Descriptions

MBA 5101 (3 hours) Managerial Economics
This course develops the theory and tools of economic analysis to facilitate the identification and analysis of business problems at the level of the firm, industry, and economy level. 

MBA 5201 (3 hours) Management Information Systems
Use of information systems technology to improve organizational performance, data based decision making, group work, and personal productivity. Decision support software and database query systems are used to support a case-based approach to learning.

MBA 5301 (3 hours) Financial Accounting and Reporting
A study of the theoretical and technical facets of financial accounting for professionals with an emphasis on financial reporting, financial literacy, reporting compliance, preparation of financial statements, interpretation of financial statements, and analysis of financial statements. Students will evaluate financial accounting information in relation to the capital markets and societal implications of the financial performance of firms with a focus on ethical behavior.

MBA 5302 (3 hours) Managerial Accounting
A study of the theoretical and technical facets of managerial accounting and how accounting information is derived and how business managers us that information in making decision sand evaluating the activities with a focus on information management uses operating decisions, strategic management, cost management, and internal controls. Prerequisite: MBA 5301 Financial Accounting and Reporting.

MBA 5401 (3 hours) Marketing Management
This comprehensive introduction to marketing management will improve marketing decision-making including assessing market opportunities, developing marketing strategies, and establishing a strategic marketing plan.

MBA 5501 (3 hours) Motivation and Leadership
This course examines the interaction between leadership and organizational culture, with an emphasis on their relationship in the corporate setting.   

MBA 5502 (3 hours) Conflict and Negotiation
This course focuses on developing the art and science of negotiation – improving the ability to secure agreement between independent parties. This course will develop skills for negotiation and conflict management to develop a systematic and positive approach for negotiating with multiple stakeholders. Case studies, readings, and simulations will be used. 

ENT 5510 (3 hours) Creativity and Innovation
A study of creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship utilizing tools drawn from the arts, sciences, and social sciences with a focus on the methods and practices used by innovative and creative individuals to solve complex managerial and organizational problems. 

IS 5510 (3 hours) Introduction to Databases
This course covers database design, development and the use of database management systems for applications. Data mining and data warehousing topics are developed.

MGT 5990 (3 hours) Strategic Management
An integrative course examining the setting of strategic objectives, developing corporate strategies, and translating objectives and strategies into current operational plans.

ACC 5201 (3 hours) Advanced Managerial Accounting
A study of advanced theoretical and technical facets of managerial accounting with a focus on managerial behavior in response to internal accounting information.

DATA 5100 (3 hours) Applied Statistics for Analytics
This course is designed to give students a solid understanding of probability and inferential statistics. The course provides a foundational understanding of statistical concepts and tools required for data analysis and decision making in a data science setting. The course uses case studies and extensive use of statistical software. 

FIN 5402 (3 hours) Capital Markets
Topics covered will include security markets, types of investment vehicles, and the environment in which investments are made. As part of the review of investment vehicles, you will be introduced to principles of asset valuation in efficient markets.