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research.jpgFaculty members serve as mentors for student researchers.

A fully equipped student research lab is available for senior research projects and Catawba College Biology Students regularly present their research at state, regional and national meetings. Catawba College Biology majors have received grants from the North Carolina Academy of Science and Beta Beta Beta.

Past presentations include:


  • Elizabeth Bickenbach, Madison Moore, Mickey Wilson and Slavko Komarnytsky. Mobile Discovery: In Search of New Antibiotics in Classroom and Field.  
  • Lee Brackman, Steve Coggin and Carmony Hartwig. Taming of the Brew: Developing Techniques to Streamline Isolation and Genetic Identification of Wild Yeast Strains from Rowan County, North Carolina.  2nd place βββ Brooks Award
  • Elizabeth George and Carmony Hartwig. Molecular Barcoding of the Anopheles crucians Complex in the Fred Stanback Jr. Ecological Preserve at Catawba College, Salisbury, North Carolina.
  • Madison Moore, Elizabeth Bickenbach, Mickey Wilson and Slavko Komarnytsky. Biogeographic Distribution of Spotted Wintergreen (Chimaphila maculata) and Its Application to Human Skin Health (Paper presentation).  
  • Dina Reyes and Joseph Poston. Environmental Mercury in Domestic Cats (Paper presentation).  
  • Morgan Elder, Kara Cline, and Jay F. Bolin. An Assessment of a Glacial Relict Population of Pinus strobus (Eastern white pine) in the Uwharrie Mountains of North Carolina.
  • Belony Joseph and Jay Bolin. A Survey of Plant Genome Sizes in the Fred Stanback Jr. Ecological Preserve Located in the Piedmont of North Carolina.
  • Jay Minter, Lee Brackman and Carmony Hartwig. Wild Brew: Barcoding and Culturing Natural Yeast Strains from Rowan County, North Carolina.
  • Karina Noyola-Alonso, Viridiana Mandujano, Carmony Hartwig, Slavko Komarnytsky and Jay Bolin. New Genome Size Estimates for Quillworts (Isoetes) and their Application in Species Delimitation.
  • Wyatt Zander and Carmony Hartwig. Exploring the Effects of Artificial Sweeteners on Gut-Associated Bacterial Growth and Metabolism.


  • Audrey Hoffman & Jay Bolin. VOC interference limits host detection of the parasitic plant Cuscuta gronovii - Honorable Mention βββ Brooks Award
  • Viridiana Mandujano, Karina Noyola-Alonso, and Jay Bolin. A molecular and microscopic investigation of arbuscular mycorrhizae in quillworts (Isoetes: Isoeteaceae)
  • Taylor Parker, Carmony Hartwig, Richard Macri, and Jay Bolin. Citrus extracts as natural larvicides against Culex mosquitoes –  1st Place βββ Brooks Award
  • Joel Schlaudt, Katherine Shumaker, Audrey Hoffman, and Joe Poston. Foraging choices of the American beaver (Castor candadensis): effect of tree species, diameter, and distance from water
  • Enrique Garcia, Taylor Parker, Lee Brackman, Andy Maben, and Carmony Hartwig. Wild Brew: Isolation and genetic identification of wild yeast strains from Rowan County, North Carolina
  • Shannon Garrick, Chrystal Swinger, and Carmony Hartwig. Comparative study of mosquito biodiversity in Rowan and Cabarrus counties, North Carolina