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Chemistry laboratories in Catawba’s Shuford Science building provide areas for General Chemistry, introductory chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, with a wide range of instrumentation, including infrared, fluorescence and ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometers, liquid chromatographs, an auto-titrator, and automated data collection through CBL and LabPro systems.

Chemical Instrumentation at Catawba College

  • Anasazi 60 MHz FT-NMR with Proton, Carbon-13 and Multielement Capability
  • Agilent Technologies 1220 Infinity LC
  • Agilent Technologies GC/MS (6890 GC with 5973N MSD)
  • Unicam 929 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • Perkin-Elmer Optima 2000 ICP
  • Thermo-Nicolet Avatar 360 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotomieter with Diamond ATR Accessory
  • Two Perkin-Elmer Lambda 35 Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometers
  • Perkin-Elmer LS55 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
  • Hitachi D7000 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph with a UV/Vis Detector
  • Hewlett-Packard 1050 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph with a UV/Vis Detector
  • Brinkman Titrino 751 Auto-Titrator
  • Automated Data Collection Through CBL and LabPro Systems
  • Eight Milton Roy Spectronic 20D Spectrometers