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Intensive Theatrical Training Combined with Progressive Liberal Studies


Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate the growth of well-rounded artist/scholars who are accomplished leaders and theatre-makers, who value creativity and collaboration as a way of understanding and connecting with the world.

Our Philosophy: Liberal Arts and the Adaptive Expert
Routine experts know all of the practices of a discipline or profession. Adaptive experts, “know all of the (practical) routines, but they also have the attitude and aptitude to recognize and even relish both the opportunity and necessity for invention. They enjoy exploring the unknown and thinking in different kinds of ways. They appreciate their own knowledge, but they also realize how little they know in comparison to all there is to know" (Bain, 2004). Traditional conservatory training primarily involves routine expertise; intensive theatre training in a liberal arts setting like Catawba’s, on the other hand, is designed specifically to cultivate adaptive experts.  

Outrageous Dance Project

Catawba College Theatre Arts has the structure in place to teach you all of the necessary routines but we do not stop there: Our students are trained to adapt and be flexible in the face of a rapidly-shifting theatrical landscape. This is why theatre companies snatch our graduates up in such great numbers.

Our graduates get work, but that's not enough. We fully expect them to make the theatre profession a better place for all participants (audience and artists) and to always give back to the community. We expect them to change the face of the American theatre.