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Alumni Highlights

thurow.jpgKyra Thurow '13
Environmental Education Graduate

"I chose Catawba because of the many opportunities that are available to the students, particularly in the science field. The ecological preserve that is available to the students is a great resource for scientific study as well as fun days out in the woods. I also feel that the professors at Catawba will do anything to help further the learning of the students. I chose this major because I have always loved the outdoors and teaching others about the wonders around them. In the future, I hope to use what I learn at Catawba for environmental education focused on ornithology (the study of birds), hopefully in a ministry-based setting."

snyder.jpgJacob Snyder '13
Environmental Studies Graduate; Politics Minor; Biology Minor

"I love everything Catawba has to offer. I chose Catawba for both athletic and academic reasons. Academics because I fell in love with the Center for the Environment and the environmental department and athletics because I wanted to swim for Catawba. After graduation, I plan to go to graduate school for Environmental Law or Policy. I chose this major because I want to change the way in which our government treats the environment."

moore.jpgSarah Moore '12
Environmental Education Graduate; Biology Minor; Secondary Education Minor

"I grew up in agriculture, living close with the land. This love for the land had grown over the years and I knew that I wanted to do something with my life that would have me outside everyday. Coming into college, I held a job that required me to work with the public and I learned that I loved teaching people and meeting new people. Catawba's Environmental Education degree allowed me to put together my love for the outdoors and my passion for working with the public. The small student to faculty ratio, the Center for the Environment, the ecological preserve, and a wonderful liberal arts institution allowed me to cultivate (pardon the agriculture pun) my education into my vocation. Catawba prepared me for graduate school and future work in the environmental field."

robinson.jpgSarah Robinson '12
Environmental Science Graduate; Biology Minor

"I always knew that I wanted to major in an area where I could be outside as much as I wanted. I found that in Catawba's Environmental Science program. The ecological preserve was a big draw for me, and it was my favorite place on campus. I not only spent lots of lab time there for class, but I explored on my own whenever I got a chance. Catawba is big enough to allow you to pursue your own interests, and small enough to have faculty that know you by name. On top of my environmental coursework, I also got to pursue my second love, music by playing in the Wind Ensemble and PRIDE Marching Band."

parker.jpgBrittany Parker '11
Environmental Education Graduate; N.C. State FFA Vice President at the Secretary Station

"I grew up on a dairy farm and we just had it certified organic. That opened up new ways of doing our business that were more environmentally friendly. I would love to eventually take over our family business and open up a local agri-tourism site. I look forward to teaching at a local high school. I want to use my environmental education major to teach students about the connection between agriculture and the environment, and why that's important to their lives.

Earth Science is a core requirement in our state and I foresee that over the next few years, there's going to be a strong environmental push from our government which will really open up more opportunities for me to educate others. The interest is there; students just need to know not only how to be involved, but how to take action and be leaders in this area."

hoover.jpgKacey Hoover '10
Environmental Science Graduate

Hoover graduated from Catawba College with a B.S. in Environmental Science and received a Masters of Science in Technology with a concentration of Appropriate Technology from Appalachian State University. She is currently working as a regulatory and policy analyst and monitors regulatory developments in renewable energy to identify policy progress and impacts.

"Attending a small private college helped me build close relationships with professors and students that have proved to be advantageous in my career. At Catawba, my professors took personal interest in me and my studies. I interned as a research assistant in Washington, DC and studied Spanish abroad in Costa Rica. I wouldn't be where I am today without Catawba!"

freeborn.jpgJoshua Freeborn '10
Environmental Science Graduate; Aspires to be a Wildlife Officer

"I chose Catawba because it is close to home and has a excellent science program. I like the ability to have one-on-one conferences with professors and the small school environment."

While at Catawba, Joshua's activities included participating in science conferences and attending other science lectures on campus.

sweat.jpgAlana Sweatt '10
Environmental Science Graduate; Attending Graduate School to become a Coastal/Wildlife Conservationist

"I actually chose Catawba on a whim when I decided to transfer, because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. A friend who graduated from Catawba in 2007 actually suggested I try Environmental Science and I still thank her every day. This major opened my eyes because I realized that I have always been an environmentalist. Now I could move forward with becoming a conservationist."

Derek Rogers '07
Environmental Science Graduate

"I came to Catawba thinking I would major in Psychology, but I had always had an interest in the outdoors and conservation, so my sophomore year I declared Environmental Science as my major. Since then, I have fallen in love with the program. It has taught me to think in a more logical, holistic way. The guided senior research is also important. I spend a lot of time on the campus’ ecological preserve doing my research, and I have really come to appreciate it and the Center for the Environment, two things that most schools don’t have. I would recommend Catawba’s program over any other school."

alfieri.jpgElisa Alfieri '07
Political Science Graduate with Minor in Environmental Studies

"As a Political Science major and Environmental Studies minor, I had the opportunity to merge the study of the environment and policy, which would help me in the future. I benefited from the Environmental Studies Program both inside and outside the classroom — from helping with Earth Day events to landing an internship in municipal land management through the Center for the Environment. It’s important to students to have access to those connections. The faculty are phenomenal, and the building itself is a great strength. Being able to study in an environment where you actually are practicing what you preach is amazing. You are surrounded by nature’s beauty. It teaches you how important our connection to the earth is."

hooker.jpgAmanda Hooker '07
Environmental Science Graduate

"The Environmental Science Program at Catawba brought out in me a true passion for the environment. The professors are dedicated to preparing you and making you confident about what you know. They are passionate about creating a sustainable future; through their example, they instill in you that this is a worthwhile cause. One of the great strengths of the program is the small student-teacher ratio. You’re not lost in a sea of people. If you don’t understand something in class, there’s always someone there to explain it to you. And those in the program are like family. They celebrate together; they struggle together; they're a big support system for each other. If you have a passion for the environment, this is definitely the place to be."

alum_coleman.jpgConnor Coleman '05
National Co-President of SAFE for 2009; Stewardship and Land Conservation Coordinator with the LandTrust for Central North Carolina; currently pursuing master's of environmental management in ecosystem science and master's of forestry degrees

"I was provided so many opportunities at Catawba to stand out and shine, it was almost hard not to. I found something I was passionate about and I wanted to do whatever I could to help the cause. The leadership skills I developed at Catawba have carried over into my career and were a great asset when it came time to find a job." What Connor likes most about his job is "being outside and interacting with landowners."

Connor is currently attending the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Duke University. He is pursuing a master's of environmental management in ecosystem science and management degree and a master's of forestry degree.



David Burman '04
Park Ranger, Anne Arundel County

"I chose Environmental Science and have never regretted making that decision. Don't look past today for tomorrow. Enjoy your time at Catawba. It will go fast and years down the road you will sit back with friends from Catawba and talk about these times that you are experiencing today. Money doesnt bring true happiness. Use that first year or two while taking your Gen Ed classes to find what you love. Find what you love to do and find a way to get paid to do it. GET INVOLVED ... it's great to get A's in the classroom, but it is the experience that will get you the job of your choice. The well-rounded education and experience that I received at Catawba prepared for 'true' life after college. Thank you Catawba!!"

Danielle Mora '04
Wetland Delineator, MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc.

"My education has contributed to the person I am today because I was taught to look at the world we live in and realize that every action done to the ecological world will leave an impact for centuries to come. I was able to bond with a variety of students from different backgrounds but with the same idea in mind = save the environment!"


Krista Yantis '04

"Coming to Catawba allowed me to realize that I have the potential to become a leader in the environmental field. The professors guided us, but also allowed us to become leaders."

alum_sands.jpgOshen Sands '03
A soil conservationist with the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

"Catawba helped me grow as a person and professional. I loved the family atmosphere between the students and faculty/staff. Catawba was definitely my home away from home. Compared to my co-workers, I feel that I had a more 'hands-on' learning experience and a more close relationship with my peers and professors, which really is helpful with my career."

What Oshen likes about her job is "the flexibility and being outdoors."

alum_weinberge.jpgDanielle Thomas Winebarger '03
Soil Conservationist, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

"My experience at Catawba was like none other. It truly was a home away from home. Catawba College’s professors make the difference between an ordinary college and an extraordinary one. I think it says something for a college when the professors take time out of their personal lives to sit with you and get to know you while teaching you things you will need to know for a life of success."


Karen Shepherd Hupp '03
Graduate Student, University of Florida

"It was wonderful to attend a small school and receive one-on-one attention from professors."

Ben Prater '02
Ecologist; M.S., Duke University

"At Catawba I obtained the knowledge, skills, and 'hands on' experience that prepared me for a career in environmental science. Catawba taught me how to be passionate about what I believe in and gave me the courage to make a difference. My education at Catawba went far beyond just the academics. For me Catawba embodied a family spirit."

John B. Gust '02
M.S., Duke University

"Catawba helped me to do several things in my career. I learned leadership from my many extracurricular activities and I developed as a public speaker from the many presentations and speaking opportunities I had while in school."

Amanda (Moore) Bloom '01
Staff Scientist/Project Staff, Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

"At Catawba, I was surrounded by faculty who are passionate about what they teach and found a family environment that I wouldn't have been able to find at large state university. I also formed a great network of friends and mentors that helped me at my time at catawba and beyond. My time at Catawba not only made me a more well-rounded person but allowed me to make my passion for the environment into a career. The holistic and hands-on approach of the Environmental Science program and the leadership opportunities I was afforded made me well-prepared for the work force."

alum_knapp.jpgWesley Knapp '01
Botanist, Maryland Department of Natural Resources; M.S., Delaware State University

"Catawba offers a wide diversity of science based courses that are highly competitive with larger institutions. The field-based courses offered at Catawba, which have largely been abandoned by larger institutions, are excellent and when combined with traditional coursework yield a well-rounded and highly desirable employee. The education I received at Catawba equipped me exceptionally for the graduate and professional environments. Without having attended Catawba, I seriously doubt I ever would have discovered my keen interest in botany, my area of expertise."


William Boston '00
Project Civil Engineer, ColeJenest & Stone, PA

"I'm able to use my background in Environmental Science with every land development project I'm involved with. Every project is unique and requires due diligence, especially relating to environmental concerns with both local and federal design requirements. With the designs I create, I'm able to implement the fundamentals I learned at Catawba into our plans which ultimately get built in the field."

Kathryn Ballew Clifton '97
GIS Coordinator with the City of Salisbury; M.S., Clemson University

"Catawba professors and staff provided encouragement, advice and most of all their time both while at Catawba and after graduation."