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Catawba College Mathematics Profiles

Chase Cummins ’19
Double major in Computer Science and Mathematics


"Catawba College has challenged me intellectually since day one, and I am grateful every chance I get to do something new. 

"Whether I’m writing 500 lines of code for numerical analysis, developing an app, or just programming in my spare time, Catawba College has opened a world of possibilities. The small school environment has also led to various conversations and opportunities outside of the class, like being inducted into Kappa Mu Epsilon and working as a tutor at the Math Center."

Dagur Ebenezersson '18
Double Major in Computer Science and Mathematical Finance;
Minored in Information Systems and Mathematics

"I was very satisfied with my experience in the computer
science department at Catawba. All the professors were great
and the different classes we took covered the many different
concentrations within the computer science department. We were
also taught hands-on in some of the classes taught by faculty
from the IT department at Catawba which was great."

Dagur is currently working at his local country club programming a new website, managing tournaments, technology, and coaching, among other responsibilities. He is considering pursuing a masters program in Iceland in the fall.


Branden Davis '20
Mathematics Major and Secondary Education Minor

"I thoroughly enjoy being a Mathematics major and working with the phenomenal professors in the Mathematics Department. I have learned many valuable lessons from time spent with my professors both in and out of the classroom. I plan to become qualified to teach Mathematics at both the high school and college level."


Morgan Hester '20
Mathematical Finance Major and Member of the Volleyball Team 

"My major is Mathematical Finance with a minor in Computer Science and Accounting. I find the fact that there are not many girls in my major to be extremely motivating when it comes to striving for the goals I have set for myself in the future.

"I enjoy the challenge of learning what most people never even consider when it comes to technology and the mathematical steps behind everyday activities that people in our society undergo. Whether this comes from financial decisions we make, or just the simple task of watching a movie, there is so much more than what meets the eye, and what I have been studying gives me a magnified view. It also gives me the background knowledge I need to make everyone else's live easier."


Marcia-Mariel Erhart '19
Double Major in Mathematics and Psychology

"I chose Mathematics as my major because it gives me so many future career possibilities and I enjoy abstract problem solving. I plan to attend an international school in Europe to pursue a Master's degree in either Mathematics or Engineering. I enjoyed studying Math in this personal environment and professors are always open and available for questions."


Katia Kruglov '15
Mathematics Major and Member of the Swimming Team

"Through the Catawba swim team, I was offered a great opportunity to study abroad and develop my knowledge in mathematics which is an essential part for understanding fields like physics, computer science and finance. By having small classes, where the student and teacher can interact on a whole another level compared to big universities, I believe it is the perfect step on my way of pursuing my goals."


Brinsley Stewart '16
Mathematics Major and Member of the Volleyball Team

"I chose Catawba because of the small atmosphere that reminded me of home. I like the class size as this allows me to interact with my professors. Math is a difficult subject for many people, but professors are willing to help you and they want to see the students succeed. Catawba's Math program is growing and recently added the new Math Center that offers peer tutoring. A degree in Math can lead to a variety of job opportunities. My graduation plans are to become a secondary mathematics teacher with the possibility of attending Graduate school."


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