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Nursing Facilities at Catawba College

Nursing Simulation Lab

  • simlab.jpgState-of-the-art nursing simulation lab programmed to teach nursing students how to properly assess and monitor patient vital signs

  • Includes Laerdal's SimMan® 3G and five other real-life long-term care patients who need constant monitoring and proper nursing intervention

  • Includes Laerdal's SimNewB® infant with lifelike skin and features, capable of crying and realistic movements 

  • Includes Laerdal's SimMom™ advanced full-body birthing simulator with accurate anatomy and functionality which can be programmed to simulate a manual or automated delivery. Simulation options include breech presentation, assisted deliveries with forceps or vacuum or other critical care delivery scenarios such as maternal collapse, a uterine inversion, or a postpartum hemorrhage.

  • Simulators are diverse in ethnicity in order to prepare students to be skilled in caring for diverse populations.

  • SimPad® technology allows nursing instructors to create different nursing scenarios in the simulated patients

  • Includes a task-trainer mannequin who manifests gerontological features such as removable teeth, openings where stomas can be applied, and areas where bedsores may manifest or an intramuscular injection can be given.

  • Includes a CartRx that uses the latest technology in medication administration