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About the Major

psych_group01.jpgThe intent of our Psychology major degree program is to give you:

(1) a basic background in Psychology and

(2) a focus for later job placement and career development.

Our program has every Psychology major to complete a set of required courses, the Psychology CORE. You will have options about some of the courses you can choose within the core. Our reasons for a core of courses are several:

  1. First, the core gives you an opportunity to see what various areas of Psychology are about.  We find that many students are interested in Psychology but do not know "what can be done" with Psychology.  Indeed, graduate training usually is not necessary for jobs in Psychology-related areas. 
  2. Second, all Psychology faculty have an occasion to know you through their classes.  This can become important when it is time to write recommendations for you. 
  3. Finally, the core ensures the integrity of a Psychology major: ALL students graduating from our department have common sets of experiences and backgrounds in Psychology even though they have different personal interests and career plans.

The Psychology Core (24 semester hours):

PSYCH 2221 Data Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences


PSYCH 2222 Experimental Psychology


PSYCH 2500 Studies in Developmental Theory


PSYCH 3380 Psychology of Personality


PSYCH 3480 Abnormal Psychology


PSYCH 3420 or 3530 Fund. of Neuroscience or Cognitive Processes


PSYCH 3560 Social Psychology


PSYCH 0999 Integrative Experience 


As you can see, our CORE presents you with several basic areas to Psychology.  You should note that some courses of the core do require prior courses: Experimental must precede Social Psychology as well as either Learning or Cognitive Processes. 

PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR  (30 semester hours):               
Psychology Core (7 courses)..............  24 sh
Psychology Electives (2 courses)........    6 sh

If you plan to enter the JOB MARKET immediately upon graduation, your electives can be used to increase the attractiveness of your application, such as with Practicum (i.e., an on-the-job experience). You may find our major combined with an academic, job-oriented minor (such as Business Administration) is attractive. You also may wish to combine two programs of major study, i.e., a double-major. We find that Psychology-Sociology, Psychology-English, and Psychology-Recreation are common combinations. Our Psychology major is flexible enough to satisfy your interests in Psychology and accommodate your career goals as they may now exist, or as they are likely to develop.