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Catawba College Psychology Profiles

Kira Harwood '21
Psychology Major and Sociology Minor

"After graduating in 2021, I plan on continuing my education to later become a therapist, primarily focusing on children and adolescents with mental illness."


Emily Avalos '21
Psychology and Vocal Music Performance Double Major

" I am First-Generation college student and originally from Salisbury, North Carolina. I have a passion for music and have had the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City. I hope to work with children as a Clinical Psychologist or a Music Therapist."


Bailee Hepler ‘23
Psychology and Sociology Double Major and future Counseling Minor

"I have been interested in psychology classes for as long as I can remember and have always loved being someone people can talk to when they have a problem. Outside of classes, you can catch me at football, basketball, and baseball games. I am also in the Alpha program. After Catawba I plan on attending graduate school with a focus on Social Work"


Brandon Reid ‘23
Psychology and Sociology Double Major with a minor in Theater

"Psychology terrifies me which is precisely why I wanted to study it in college. I’m a double major in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Theater, you can’t miss me around campus because I’m the tall individual that laughs too loud for others but not loud enough for myself. I have an unhealthy obsession with ducks and any yellow. When I graduate my main to help people as much as possible. Don’t be shy - say Hey"


Chase Taylor ‘23
Psychology and History Double Major.

"My name is Chase! I like being a member of the book club and spending time with my dog Finley. I live here on campus and have enjoyed becoming a part of the Catawba community. I am a native of Cleveland, North Carolina and graduated from South Iredell High School. I plan to get my master’s and continue my education in order to become a college professor."


Camantha-Rea Lyerly ‘22
Psychology Major

"I transferred to Catawba in the middle of my freshman year because I heard the Psychology department was amazing! I chose Psychology as my major because knowing why people are the way they are intrigues me. I am planning on pursuing a career in speech pathology, which was inspired by my nephew who has autism"


Delaney Portka ‘21
Psychology Major

"I originally came to Catawba as a business administration major with no idea of what I wanted to do. After taking a psychology class, I decided that I wanted to change my major and pursue a career in Human Resources. I really enjoy being able to help others with their needs and provide guidance if need be."


Destiny Porter ‘23
Psychology Major and future Counseling Minor

"Helping other people has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Through numerous volunteering within my community and the start of an inclusive peer counseling group, I’ve realized that there is no better fit for me than to learn about the human mind and behavior. Post-graduation, I plan to further my education at a graduate school to eventually receive a Masters’ degree in psychotherapy. With that degree, I intend to start my practice as a psychotherapist, specializing in teens and their mental health."


Jade Williams ‘22
Psychology and Sports Management Double Major

"At Catawba I am on the Women’s Lacrosse Team and I am the president of the Black Student Union. After graduating I would like to work with sports teams."


Margie Villalobos ‘21
Psychology Major

"I’ve always had an interest in watching the interactions between children and trying to understand why they behave the way they do. Getting to observe your own child makes it even more fun! I chose psychology to pursue a career as an occupational therapist for school-age children. I hope to be able to help these kids live a fulfilling and meaningful life."


Maria Martinez ‘23
Psychology and Administration of Justice Major

"I found psychology interesting during high school when I was taking AP psychology because of how complex the brain is. I immediately decided to major in psychology because I wanted to try and understand more about the brain and people. After graduating Catawba, I would like to go to graduate school and become a criminal psychologist. I would really enjoy trying to understand the thoughts and behavior behind criminals."


MK Boone ‘23
Psychology and Therapeutic Recreation Double Major

"I plan on combining these degrees in hopes of helping those with physical/mental disabilities heal and cope in a more holistic way. I want to incorporate recreation along with counseling for a more long-term solution for patients rather than prescribing medications. I enjoy the psychology aspect because I like learning about how and why people think and act, and how they differ from one another."


Riley Dorman ‘23
Psychology Major

"I'm Riley, and I am on the Women’s Soccer team here at Catawba. I grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina before I got here. I really enjoy psychology because I find it to be always interesting and never boring. When I graduate I want to be in a profession where I use it to help others."


Tori Hunter ‘22
Psychology Major and Sociology Minor

"I’m Tori! When I came to Catawba my freshman year I knew I wanted to major in Psychology! I have always had an interest in why people do what they do, interaction with others, and just how people work in general. I would love to one day be a mental health counselor."


Ryan Buchanan ‘23
Psychology Major with minors in Athletic Coaching, Business Administration and Counseling.

" After graduating I want to be a sports psychologist for a professional sports team. I chose psychology because I have a real interest in it and also because of my family background."


Haleigh Mitchell ‘23
Psychology and Political Science Double Major

"My love for psychology stemmed from an extracurricular class that I took in high school. I love that psychology is forever changing to fit modern times, and more specifically, I love the abnormal aspect of the science. I enjoy studying different abnormalities of the human brain and how they can affect functioning, reasoning, and behavior. I am double majoring in psychology and political science and hope to go to Law School with psychology giving me the understanding of clients, victims, and defendants’ mindsets."


Christina D’Amelio ‘21
Psychology Major with minors in Worship Arts and Sociology

"I want to work with people who have been victims of human trafficking. I am on both the cross-country and track teams and I am also a Unanue Mentor."


Robin Wiggins ‘23
Psychology Major, Undecided on Minor

"I’ve always loved helping or solving people’s problems, even as a little girl. I like to observer situations, do research on different topics that interest me and volunteer my time to the VA medical center. After Catawba I plan on working at the VA medical center in some form of mental health or human services. I hope to be able to bring a new perspective to the field of psychology and give fellow veterans new hope for the future. "


Madison Lineberger ‘22
Psychology Major and future Counseling Minor

"I have always been intrigued by mental health and learning about different mental health disorders. My goal is to maybe one day own my own practice and be a Psychiatrist while also providing Counseling meetings with my clients."


Andrea Griffin ‘22
Psychology Major

"I really like Psychology because it shows the real reasons behind the actions of people and why they do the things they do. What I like about myself is that I will always try to find the answers. When I graduate I would like to do counseling of some sort and help people find their answers!"


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