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Alumni Highlights

Ashley Freeze '13
Medical Technology

"I transferred to Catawba to continue my medical education after obtaining an Associate degree. I chose Catawba because I love the campus and small class sizes. This allowed my professors and me to interact one-on-one. They took personal interest in my goals and were always willing to help. I chose Medical Technology because I have a special interest in chemistry, microbiology and working in the lab. I know my education at Catawba prepared me well for a career in the lab. The relationships that I had with my mentors at Catawba will always be a great asset to me."


Angela Bailey '08
Pre-Pharmacy; Was Pre-Health Club President

"I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with my fellow peers and the faculty, especially in the Chemistry Department. The fact that students are able to obtain help from the professors at any point in time truly enables them to do better in their studies. The proximity of the classes really allows students to have more one-on-one attention when it comes to class work and homework. I am greatly appreciative for all that Catawba did for me during my four years there and would encourage others to keep Catawba in mind when choosing a college to make their second home."


Lauren Flynn '08
Biology Graduate; Former Vice President of Pre-Health Club

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Catawba. I loved the small intimate classes and grew to love all the faculty, especially those in the science department. They are always there for you, friendly and willing to help."


Mikel Ann Fesperman '08
Physical Therapy

"When I came to Catawba I didn't know what I wanted to become. The faculty in the Biology Department went beyond teaching me cell biology and genetics. I have learned through my program that health care is where I belong — not in the lab, but at the patient's side. My four years as a work study student in the Financial Aid Office gave me the poise and social skills I'll need and an extended family I can always count on."


Lilia Repnikova-Hale '05
Physician's Assistant Student, Wake Forest University

"Catawba's professors provided me with the confidence to undertake and succeed in my desired goals. Personal attention gave me insight I would never have received at a larger college."


Steven Newton '04
Medical Student, Wake Forest University

"I definitely learned a lot at Catawba. The education I received there has allowed me to be very competitive with students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds. As a word of advice to those aspiring doctors out there — whatever you do ... TAKE ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY if you are thinking of going to med school!!! It will definitely help you."


Elliott Keller '04
Graduate student, New England College of Optometry

"The students in the chemistry department were a big family and always helped each other. Chemistry students need to work together and hang out with each other."

Elizabeth Hewitt McKinnon '05
Graduate Student at UNC-Chapel Hill

"While at Catawba, I learned more about myself and became more independent. The smaller classes and one-on-one instruction from the faculty helped me succeed as well as reach my goal of Physical Therapy school."


Jonathan L. Slaughter '00
M.D., Wake Forest University School of Medicine; Pediatric Resident, Medical University of South Carolina

What Jonathan likes about his job is "working with children and helping sick children get better." He states "Catawba gave me a chance to grow both academically and also to discover my ideals. I received a wonderful undergraduate science (and liberal arts) education in small classes taught by caring professors. Our science lab experiences were perfectly sized for learning the fundamentals of biology and chemistry. Catawba gave me the chance to serve in leadership positions, many club and organizations, and also to play college sports (cross country). Those experiences helped me discover my passions and ideals."

Justin Miller '98
M.D., Albany Medical College; Ear, nose and throat resident, University of Rochester

"I learned how to succeed at Catawba and now I feel I can do it anywhere."

Alex C. Whitley '00
Ph.D., Medical University of South Carolina; 2nd yr. medical student at the University of Alabama @ Birmingham

"Catawba being a small college provided two things for my current success — accountability and unique opportunities in the classroom setting that aren’t feasible at larger schools."

Cybil Dyson Jones '00
P.A., East Carolina University

"The individual educational attention I received at Catawba was a huge key to my success in academics."

Laurie Reynolds Bowles '00
M.S. nursing program at East Carolina University

What Laurie likes about her job is "seeing children come back and visit after being cured of cancer." She states that Catawba has an "excellent biology and chemistry department. The professors get to know you and are willing to help in any possible way. Small class size is wonderful."