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Jose Manjarres, Hispanic Coordinator

To my community,

I am proud to help connect my community to Catawba College. Education is a very important part of the opportunity of the United States, and Catawba welcomes all students, regardless of where you come from or how long you have been here.

My story is one of education and opportunity. First, I would like to thank you for reading my biography. I was born in Colombia but moved to Venezuela at a young age and then to New York. When I left Venezuela in 1989, I did not even speak or write English.

My undergraduate and graduate degrees both are from C.W. Post Long Island University. Also I am a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) candidate at Columbia Southern University. I have experience teaching business classes for Garner Webb University and Cleveland Community College. I am a former International Financial Advisor on Wall Street and a former Relationship Banker at BB&T Bank. I have solid experience in monthly production driven business and more than 10 years in banking, sales and customer services.

In 2011, I was able to compete in the CNBC Portfolio challenge and out of the 674,700 portfolios that participated worldwide; my rank percentile was 99.84% and my position was 1110th, resulting in a 32.01% portfolio increase in less than 10 weeks.

hispanicstudent.jpgMariella Hernandez '14

In the last eight years I have written more than 20 business article in the US, Venezuela and Peru.  I also appeared on the “Paul Brown Show” March 22, 2012, on Time Warner Cable, ACCESS 21 Channel.

I am a former NCAA track Champion, and I must say that my education, athleticism and work experience has rounded my managing and leadership skills with a wide range of cultures and ages.

As something to think about, there are seven thousand million (which is seven billion) people in the world, but less than 5% of the people live in the US. IBM has 431 thousand people working for the company but less than 25% lives in the US.

We are a world of people who move from country to country and who must learn to work together across countries and cultures, and I am excited about my new role in helping our local community find their future in the U.S.