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For Parents

co-parents109.pngDear Parents,

Welcome to Catawba College! Our Student Success Team is excited to be working with you and your student as they begin this important next chapter in their lives. The Student Success Coaches and I are here to assist you and your student as they begin this transformative life experience. 

Our team values the connections we make with families, and we have prepared some answers to Frequently Asked Questions below. If we can be of any assistance to you, please reach out to your student’s Success Coach or me with any Student Success questions. We look forward to celebrating with you and your student at graduation!


Daryl Bruner
Director of Student Academic Success


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Success Coaching work?
Student Success Coaching is an equal partnership between the student and the coach.  Coaches and students concentrate on specific goals and the commitment to the planned outcomes.  Coaches collaborate with students, their families, advisors, faculty, athletics, and other administrators to develop appropriate academic and transitional support to first-year students applicable to all aspects of the student’s life tasks:  academic, personal, social, and career.  Students will meet with their Success Coach regularly throughout your student’s first year.


Who are the Success Coaches?
Our Success Coaches are full-time professionals with degrees in fields related to Education, Student Affairs, and Leadership.  They are knowledgeable of the many offices and services your student will need to access throughout their college careers, and serve as the point person for families when you have a question about the workings of the college.


What types of academic success services are available for my student?
Catawba College is fully committed to providing your student a supportive learning environment.  The Student Academic Success office offers Supplemental Instruction (SI) for many gateway courses first year students will be taking, as well as tutoring for other courses.  Catawba College also has a dedicated Writing Center and Math Center to assist students on an individual basis.  In addition, the Office of Academic AccessAbility works with students with diagnosed disabilities and learning differences.  Your student’s Success Coach will connect your student with the academic services based on their individual needs. 

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How can I see my student’s grades?
The best way is to ask your student.  This helps the student take responsibility and demonstrates mutual respect.  Information about grades and academic standing are given directly to the student, and cannot be shared by the college with parents unless the student has signed a waiver allowing the college to do so.  Your Student’s Success Coach will have the waiver form available for students at all times. More information can be found in the Parent Handbook:

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My student had an IEP/504 Plan in high school, how do I get that plan in place for his classes at Catawba College?
College is the time when students begin advocating for themselves.  You can help by giving your student a copy of their most recent Psycho-Educational Evaluation.  These reports are usually several pages in length and include the testing results used to determine your student’s diagnosis. While IEP/504 may be helpful, they are not sufficient for meeting the ADA guidelines required for accommodations in college.  You student should contact the Office of Academic AccessAbility as soon as possible to schedule a meeting. 

Academic AccessAbility


What happens if my student gets sick and is not able to go to class?
If your student is sick, they should visit the campus Health Center.  In college, we do not make a distinction between excused and unexcused absences.  An absence for any reason, including for athletic or academic travel, is treated the same.  Our faculty are always willing to work with students who miss class due to illness or college related travel provided the student is pro-active and communicates with their professor.  It is the expectation of the college that the student be responsible for keeping their professors informed.

Health Center


What resources are available for helping students decide upon a major?
When deciding on a major, Success Coaches help students make decisions using data from Focus 2 assessments.  These assessments help students identify work interests, skills, values, and leisure interests to give them a list of best-fit majors and occupations specifically tailored for them.  Studies show that once students are in a major they are excited about, their academic success follows.  Students receive counseling for their career preparation so they can highlight the 8 core competencies employers’ rate as being the most important. 

Career Services